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    Finally Added A Truck to the Stable

    Been considering a Raptor for a bit and finally bit the bullet. It joins my GT 350 and SHO. Love it so far
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    The SHO must go on (replaced 2010 with 2013)

    After serving me well for the last 3 years I decided to replace my 2010 Atlantis Green with a 2013 White Platinum. The 2013 has the new performance package and I can tell a notable difference with steering feel and braking. Might have to line them up as the 2010 has a Livernois tune and the...
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    Here's your chance to own a rat rod

    1962 International rat rod? :xpl:
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    Atlantis Green Finally Home

    Finally got the call from the dealer that my car was ready. Had a mishap at the dealer which resulted in a new rear bumper cover. Took nearly a month to get the bumper due to supplier issues. :( Car has performance pack and moonroof/heated seats/audio package. Very happy so far, and it...
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    Anyone have pics of Atlantis Green

    I've been watching all of the SHO reviews over the past couple months but have yet to see pics of Atlantis Green. Has anyone seen this color in person or have pics to link to? Mine will hopefully be here at the end of the month, but I'm having trouble waiting. :burnout:
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    Evolution to offer Tunes for SHO

    Hello all, Since the Evolution forum is nested inside the GT-500 forum, I wanted to bring this topic over here. Hopefully we'll see activity picking up in this forum soon. Placing my order this week, Atlantis Green, black/black interior, Performance Package Evo Tune will follow as...
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    Whipple 3300 Install-653 WHP Just posted at Stangsunleashed. I've been waiting for one to be completed. Nice numbers, and he says that's conservatively tuned..
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    Video of Terminator with Van Halen in background

    Can anyone post a link to the vid of the Terminator kicking the **** out of everything where van halen is playing in the background? Thanks, Marc