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    Duralast GT rotors & pads

    Anyone here have experience with these? Looking for rotors that would last a bit longer than the OEM (brembo pkg). It's a daily driver with no track outings. Specs looks good with high carbon content for durability/longevity and made in the USA.
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    Tribotex - Is this real?

    I kept getting this ad for Tribotex on my Instagram feed so I decided to read up on it. Some say it's the real deal while others claim snake oil. Anyone have experience with it? This video shows a guy testing it on a 2016 GT. Dyno shows about 30hp/21 tq gain.
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    E85. Very lean condition!!!

    I just got done installing the Sai Li fuel system. Set the base pressure to 55 psi and kept the vacuum reference port open to atmosphere per tuner commendation. They sent me the base tune which is limited to 5K rpm and I did my idle, Rev (1500, 2500, 3500) and Slow RPM climb logs. It showing...
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    Fathouse Fabrications Budget Fuel Pump Upgrade Anyone have experience with this kit? Says it'll support "over 800whp on E85 in a turbo application and over 725whp in a supercharger application" but there's a warning on the bottom of the page that says "running OEM fuel...
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    Sync Delete

    Ive been having issues with Sync for awhile, mainly the Bluetooth cutting out. It would work on and off and now Bluetooth is completely dead. Would removing Sync completely have any negative effects? If installing a new headunit/nav system, could I still use the factory mic and steering...
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    Anyone have experience with buying wheels from OEWheels? Particularly people with Brembo brakes? All of their wheels for a 2014 GT says it will not fit brembo equipped cars. I called and the rep said it's not that they tried and didn't fit, they just don't guarantee fitment.
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    Rust in Methanol Lines

    Has anyone with a water meth system seen rust form in their lines? I have stainless steel lines and rust is forming on the AN connections. This rust eventually clogged up the nozzle. I thought stainless steel is corrosion resistant.
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    Two BOVs

    I've had the JPC Tial Q BOV kit installed on my V3 setup for awhile. I've been getting complaints from the wife, friends, neighbors so I decided to get a QR to quiet things down. Its much quieter (cannot hear during idle) but Im uncomfortable with the flutter. I was thinking of using both (QR...
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    Engine knock when in "wrong gear"

    Wondering if this is normal. KR on the gauge goes up when I grab a high gear. Lets say Im cruising at 60 mph on 6th gear. If I drop it to 5th and press the pedal quick about halfway the knock starts. It wont happen if I press the pedal slowly. It also wont happen if I drop it to 4th and WOT...
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    WTB: Eibach Sportline Springs - Rears Only

    Looking to get a pair of the Eibach Sportline springs for the rear only. PM or reply here. Thanks.
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    315/30/18 on 18x10

    Couldn't find any pictures or comments on fitting a 315/30/18 on 18x10 wheels so I decided try out the Toyo R888 in that size. There's some bulge but not too bad. The problem is that it's so small it almost looks like a spare tire. Hopefully this post and pictures will help someone down the...
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    N2MB WOT BOX - No Lift Shift - Bucking and clutch smell

    Just installed the WOT Box and set the no lift shift to 175ms. When shifting, the car will buck and I smell burnt clutch. Is any of this normal? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTB: QTP Cutouts for Boss midpipe

    Looking for a set of QTP cutouts for the Boss midpipe. PM me or email me at [email protected] Thanks
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    Methanol in metro Atlanta

    Anyone know of a source for methanol locally in the metro Atlanta area? Some of the places I've found will only sell to businesses and have a minimum purchase of 55 gal drums.
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    WTB: Vortech/Paxton Stock TB Spacer

    Looking for the TB spacer that comes with the Vortech and Paxton kit. I know it's a long shot but if it has a 3/8" NPT tap and/or IAT sensor already installed, that'd be even better
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    Data logging with a Dell Venue 8

    Wondering if there's anyone out there who uses a Dell Venue 8 to datalog with an SCT x4 tuner. If so, id like to know how it's setup. I'm trying to get it work but been unsuccessful. I plug the tuner to the tablet using a microUSB to USB adapter (came with a thumb drive) and it comes up on the...
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    Stock Vortech BPV, Vortech Maxflow BOV, Wastegate Kit (from TBR's Torque Booster Kit)

    Stock Vortech BPV, Vortech Maxflow BOV, Wastegate Kit (from TBR's Torque Boos... - Stock BPV that comes with the Vortech V3 Kit. About 4500 miles on it. Filter has some dents due to trying to remove it without taking off the whole unit but still serviceable. Comes with the ring that goes in...
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    Carbinite pulley on a DD

    Does anyone here use carbinite coated pulleys on their DD? If so, how long does your belt last? I've been fighting belt slip issues ever since I installed a 3.33 pulley on my vortech. Boost won't go past 9.5psi. I've read some members using it on their track-only cars. I think beefcake said he...
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    Torque Booster Kit - only 8 PSI

    I installed the torque booster kit from TBR. Everything went fine but I just noticed that the boost only goes up to 8 PSI. After speaking with Blazer707 and confirming belt slip (dust on back of headunit and on the balancer), I moved over the idler pulley one hole over (middle hole). I'm still...
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    Fuel Pump fuse (JMS BAP)

    Hopefully someone can help me here. My car will not start all of a sudden. The car will crank but won't start. I have a JMS BAP installed. I bypassed the BAP and the car still won't start. I noticed that the BAP itself isn't turning on. I read a thread on here where the same thing happened and...
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    Vortech V3 install on a 2014 GT with Track Pack

    I've finally got my Vortech installed and it's running smoothly. Many thanks to Beefcake, Blazer707, Deerslayer, Gimme11s, UnleashedBeast, and many other community members for their expertise, advice, and write-ups. Gotta thank Jon Lund II as well for an excellent tune and QUICK turnaround. The...
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    Aeroforce 3.5 MAP sensor - 12V Switched

    I'm trying to install the 3.5 MAP sensor for my Aeroforce gauge and getting hung up on the switched power supply. I've read the instructions written by a forum member here and he used a wire off of an extra wire harness (used for automatics) but on my car it's a constant 12V. I guess it's...