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    FOR SALE: Low mileage Barton v2 Shifter

    Bump. Obo Sent from my SM-G998U using Tapatalk
  2. LDC2335

    FOR SALE: Low mileage Barton v2 Shifter

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    I'm about done with AM.

    Damn, that sucks.. Even out of state? I was pissed when amazon did that shit too. Well what's left? CJ's website is garbage to navigate and selection is lacking... Lethal's prices are too high, and they charge shipping (IIrc). Sometimes I use summit because their warehouse is close and I get...
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    I'm about done with AM.

    They are shipping me a new one. If it's the same story I'll get a refund and go with LMR and Lund. AM usually has a better selection and prices than the competition, sometimes worth the risk. This time it did not pay off. I'm confident Vmp is going to get me a solid tune, but first I need a f'n...
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    I'm about done with AM.

    Been out of the mustang game for a few years, but even when I bought from Americantrucks I never had an issue. I've been reading all the horror stories but other than weird stuff like getting the wrong instructions in my rear diffuser box, I still hadn't had any issues. I held my breath while...
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    What phone mount are you using (giant phones like iphone 10, etc)?

    Pop socket with some 3m tape Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Hey, do you still have the broken set? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Intro Test

    This was a test picture test
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    Sold the car sale! Misc 96-98 parts

    CCRM: $40 shipped JLT catch can, base kit no bracket. $75 shipped firm. 96-98 oem maf. Sensor only, no housing. $30 shipped Brand new Fuel Lab fuel pressure gauge with adapters I was told I needed for the fuel rail. Not positive, I never got around to installing it...
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    Sold the car sale! Misc 96-98 parts

    New edge/Midnight black stock shift boot. $20 shipped Shifter bezels ,bith need to be sanded and repainted : $25 shipped each Black non-oem, very high quality leather shift boot. $20 shipped Dual din bezel. Free with purchase of something else. Fiberglass/mdf subwoofer box with...
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    Farewell fellas

    Well, traded the cobra today. A/C compressor that I just replaced two years ago seized up on the way home friday. That was the final straw. Been eyeballing a truck lately and it really is what I'm needing right now and it fits the whole family. Finished up the paperwork today...
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    FS: 96-98 Vortech S-Trim Supercharger Kit - Intercooled, MAF, BOV, Piping, Injectors

    It is with great regret that I am selling my S/C Kit. I don't have the time for tinkering anymore and am putting my motor back to stock. Previous owner put 10k miles on it, and I put about another 8k. I am trying to sell as a kit, I do not want to part it out as of now. The Idler Pulley...
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    I just can't win....Help Please!

    Supercharger Idler pulley failed on a hour trip the other day, ruined the supercharger bracket. So I Said screw it and Uninstalled the whole thing since I had been contemplating it anyway. Put everything back to stock except walbro 255 pump. Ran fine for a about 10 miles, then once I got on it...
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    Where's the A/C Experts? Need help..... Again.

    Fellas, I replaced every component of my a/c about 2 years ago and had it tested and recharged at a local shop. It has never been quite right though. I think it's just a matter of taking out or putting in some refrigerant to get the pressure just right, but it seems that adding some causes the...
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    FS: Pioneer AVH-X4500BT Dual Din 7" Cd/DVD Receiver/Ipod etc

    FS: Pioneer AVH-X4500BT Dual Din 7" Cd/DVD Receiver/Ipod etc Put it on eBay.
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    FS: MGW T5/T-45 Shifter / Ram Billet steel Flywheel

    - Ram Billet steel Flywheel great shape, needs to be turned, though there is almost no wear on it, see pics. $150 Shipped +Paypal, retails for $315 - MGW t5/T-45 Orange Handle shifter, comes with hardware. Sold!
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    SN95 Cobra OEM / FRP / Motorcraft Part Number Reference List

    MODS PLEASE STICKY!!!! I'd like to put together a part number list for all OEM/Motorcraft/Ford Racing parts that are verified to fit our 96-98 SN95 Cobra's, as they are getting increasing harder to find and reference. With any luck this will get stickied. Please don't just Google part...
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    FS: High quality dual inlet breather/catch can

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    Anyone use this FMS 26 spline clutch?

    I am looking for a organic style clutch with good drivability and grip. Also getting a built trans with a 26 spline. 402hp/348tq. This one is supposed to be a 11" beefed up terminator clutch. Says for tko trannys, any reason it wouldn't work with others? I'll have the frpp billet steel...
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    Aftermarket clutch life?

    Pretty sure my centerforce clutch is on its way out after about 35k, which only a few thousand of that was boosted. Is this about right for aftermarket? Always grabbed like summa bitch and still holds, just seems to slip/almost grind upon take off recently. What are y'all getting for clutch...
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    Tires !!! We need more sizes!!!

    I really want to go through y'all for tires, but you dont offer any 295/35/18's, or any 315/30/18's. Both of these tires are safe on a 10" wide rim and would probably sell well. Can y'all get 295/35/18 Nitto Invos? If so can a just call in and still use my forum code? Thanks! Looking forward...
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    POS SCT Tuner is wiped during update and didnt take, now car is inop. Need Help!

    Followed all instructions for updating device firmware on my Xcal/SF3, which I only did becaue a newer version was required to datalog. When the 4 hour, 2900 hundred file update was finished, it said it failed. So now my device is wiped clean/formatted with NO firmware/serial number etc loaded...
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    [POLL] Best Budget Shocks/Struts?

    I've had the cheaper stock replacement KYB's on my car since 09, with about 40K on them. One of my rear isos split, so since I have to drop it all to replace the iso's, I figure I might as well throw some new ones in there. I don't drag or track. Sadly all i do in my pride and joy is drive 50...
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    [For Reference] SN95 Intercooler piping

    I've had a couple PMs and have seen some questions in various threads about routing intercooler piping on a 96-04 Cobra and Gt. I had the same problem finding info when I did mine. Hopefully a Google search will bring people here for help. Here is my set up with pics. - Cxracing intercooler...