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  1. venmos1

    Any Cable / Phone Line Installers?

    Had a dishwasher delivered today while at work. Wife was home and it went fine. She went outside later and found one of the lines that connect to the garage hanging down about 5 feet off the ground. There are 2 lines that come from the last telephone pole to the garage from the driveway. The top...
  2. venmos1

    Downloading Music on to Lap Top

    I have an external hard drive that i want to download music and some youtube videos on to and then plug into my truck. From my early days back in 2004 we had napster do get all the music we ever wanted. Now its download XYZ app and get it on our phone. I have not owned a computer or lap top in a...
  3. venmos1

    F150 6.2 a Good Daily Driver?

    Hey guys, starting my search for a new truck. Im starting to like the F150 with the 6.2L. I know little about them. Obviously it would need premium gas, and wouldnt get the best gas mileage. But im fine with that. How reliable are these engines and drivetrains? Any issues to look out for? Any...
  4. venmos1

    Where to buy a boxer in New England

    Hey guys thought i would try this out here and see what i got for replies. Within the next few months i will be looking to get a boxer puppy. There are a few breeders here in maine and some in NH and Mass. Usually by now, any litters are already spoken for and they are also pricey. I have looked...
  5. venmos1

    Seeking advice regarding x-plan pricing

    hey SVTP. Looking to get a little advice from those with experience and or knowledge of the xplan pricing from ford. Ive been considering the idea of leasing a new ford truck. Leasing would work for me because i dont drive a lot (the mileage cap wouldnt be a factor) and am looking at a short...
  6. venmos1

    Question about gas fireplaces

    Im looking to add a heating source to my apartment. It currently has a kerosene monitor heater as well as a wood stove. At first i was hoping the monitor heater would be able to heat the entire apartment, but after a few cold nights ive realized it cant. to be honest, i dont want to mess...
  7. venmos1

    Need advice on heating oil delivery

    about a month ago i called and placed an order for heating oil. I have a kerosene heater so i ordered K-1. My lease at my apt comes up at the end of april so i only wanted to get enough to get by, not extra for the next tenant. So i placed an order for $100 worth of K-1. Since i ordered less...
  8. venmos1

    2 winter wheel/tire sets (8-lug and saab)

    hey guys, i have two sets of winter wheels and tires for sale. the first set is off a 2004 silverado 2500hd. they are 16" 8-lug aluminum wheels with 235/85/16 cooper discoverer m+s studded snow tires. tires were used one winter, practically brand new. tires are E rated and are 10 ply. paid $800...
  9. venmos1

    Anyone from the Attleboro, Ma area?

    hey guys, i know this isnt svt or even ford material, but i figured i would be able to get some info. im looking into possibly purchasing a 90 vw corrado. im looking for a vw specialist or alteast someone with corrado expertise to look over a car. any info i can get would be greatly appreciated. tia
  10. venmos1

    Lets hear some Key West experiences

    im looking into going down to key west after my wedding. im not sure when i would want to go. dont want to go when its extremely crowded. looking to stay at Reflections at Ocean Key House (grandparents have a timeshare). im def going to do some fishing while im down there. lets hear your...
  11. venmos1

    Looking for info on Zurich extended warranties

    hey guys, im looking at picking up an 06 escape xlt. they offer zurich (i believe thats how its spelled) extended warranties and i was hoping to get some feedback regarding them. ive found a few things to look out for regarding extended warranties. hoping there are some on here with personal...
  12. venmos1

    best time to buy now or wait?

    im in the market to trade in the saab for an suv. are we seeing the best prices now or are they still gonna come down? some say wait til the new year and see what the govt does with the auto industry while others say now is a great time to buy. looking at spending under 14k. thanks in advance
  13. venmos1

    Best Used SUV to buy?

    looking to purchase a used suv. curious to hear opinions on the best used one to buy. need reliability, 4wd, fairly economical etc. looking at under $12k. newer the better. also has to be no larger than an xterra. would also like opinions on what to stay away from. thanks in advance.
  14. venmos1

    Selling my snowmobile (Arctic Cat)

    up for sale is my 2001 arctic cat zr 800. love this sled (owned for 4 years) but im looking to get into a new one next year. I purchased the sled in 2004 with a fresh rebuild and 2000 miles. since then i have put on 1500 miles. sled was driven in northern nh until this past year, the first...
  15. venmos1

    Looking for Shop or knowledgable mechanic

    ive been trying to get rid of my 3/4 ton for a while and found someone interested. basically its a trade of sorts but i would be buying their car and they would buy my truck. car is a dd and i wanted a fwd for winters here in maine. i found a 95 eclipse gst in good shape. im looking for a shop...
  16. venmos1

    anyone bought a house at an auction?

    ive been following a couple houses that are going to auction here in maine. i know that the auction process varies state to state. im curious how cheap homes can be gotten for. does the bidding start at what the bank is owed? also, there is always a cash down payment/deposit required. is this...
  17. venmos1

    do i have any rights here (recall related)

    hey all, im in quite a perdicament. i have a 2003 saab 9-3 linear (fiances car) which we bought this past october(2007). we have been experiencing some tranny issues. so i went online to a few forums and looked around to see if these symptoms are common, what cause them etc. in my searching, i...
  18. venmos1

    2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD cheap

    selling my truck. need to sell it, willing to deal. great truck. im commuting an hour with new job. looking to get $15k obo. pics and a little more info in link here.
  19. venmos1

    need to sell 2004 2500HD. $15K

    hey guys i need to sell my truck. its a 2004 chevrolet silverado 2500hd LS extended cab. has under 69k miles. aftermarket wheels with street tires, tonneau cover, rhino liner. getting 15mpg. looking to get $15k obo. someone must be looking for a good deal on a 3/4 ton. pics available.
  20. venmos1

    AUDI people in here please

    whats up guys. looking to get some details regarding audi. looking at possibly purchasing a 1996 audi a4 2.8 quattro. has 83k miles asking $5k. good buy or not? ive read that maintenance can be costly (timing belts can be $800?). i know little about audi, seems that they have a good reputation...
  21. venmos1

    2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 4x4 LS

    For sale: 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 4x4 LS EXT cab. has 65,500 miles, PW, PL, dual climate, power drivers seat, 4 door (not CC). recent oil change with mobil1. has true dual magnaflow exhaust, tonneau cover, rhino liner, reese hitch with 2" ball, chrome wheel package, lund visor. truck...
  22. venmos1

    exhaust question: terminator vs fox

    ive sold my 03 cobra and am looking to get into a foxbody. on my cobra i had slp loudmouth 2 with stock h. i loved the sound of that exhaust. i know little about the foxbodies. how do they differ in sound? anyone heard a fox with LM2 mufflers? im looking for deep and not raspy, no drone. will be...
  23. venmos1

    2004 Silverado 2500HD

    dark shadow gray metallic LS 2500hd for sale. has 65500 miles, true dual magnaflow exhaust, tonneau cover, lund visor, reese trailer hitch with 2"ball, full power, dual climate, chrome wheels. great truck. no probs at all. working on pics. im located in central maine. asking $17k.
  24. venmos1

    for sale: 2004 silverado 2500hd

    dont have pics up yet but i will soon. selling my truck to feed my need for a mustang. its a 2004 chevrolet silverado 2500hd. dark shadow gray metallic, has 65000 miles. ls package (power everything, dual climate) has true dual magnaflow exhaust, tonneau cover and the chrome wheels with new...
  25. venmos1

    couple quick Q's regarding turbo foxbodies

    looking into purchasing a turbo fox. car has 450hp to the wheels. should i worry about the t-5 trans and aluminum driveshaft? any input would be greatly appreciated tia :beer: (fyi- i know little about the foxes:bash:)