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  1. mnewxcv

    any local dealers?

    I'm looking for an MA used car dealer to act as a broker so I can get a car at auction. Anyone here friendly with someone that would want that kind of a deal? I see some interesting 90s fords go through from time to time that need some love I'd be happy to give, but I don't have a dealer license...
  2. mnewxcv

    WTB: C&L Intake for 96-98 cobra

    Just as the title says, looking for the C&L intake kit for 96-98 cobra.
  3. mnewxcv

    Difference between fuel lines between years?

    I was looking to buy some used stainless fuel lines for a great price locally from a 1994 mustang v6. I did a quick googling, and it looks like sites that sell stainless lines list two different part #s for 94/95 and 96/98 (no mention of v6, gt, or cobra specific, that I've seen). Can anyone...
  4. mnewxcv

    Any interest in 'custom' tinted sn95 tails?

    I know there is a lot of popularity with the export tail lights, but they are a bit too expensive for some people. I decided to go with an aftermarket tail light and tint it to my own liking (in process as we speak) and thought it might be something the community would be interested in. They are...
  5. mnewxcv

    Any locals want to be featured in a youtube series?

    Hey guys, I am working as part of a production company to produce a series of shows that will be distributed on social media, Youtube, and Instagram TV. One of these shows is based around cars, and will focus on unique vehicles, be that antiques, limited production, or modified vehicles with...
  6. mnewxcv

    Who makes these clear corner lenses?

    I am looking for a specific set of clear corner marker lenses. They have the reflector in the factory location, but the front of the lens is clear, not distorted. anyone know who makes them or where to buy?
  7. mnewxcv

    Good exhaust shop in Massachusetts area?

    Hey guys, some of you know I picked up a used SVO exhaust for dirt cheap. Part of the reason is the bottom has a few good size dents on half of the catback. I am trying to find a shop that can pressurize the system and heat the dents out, but everyone I've called has said no. Any suggestions? I...
  8. mnewxcv

    harbor freight tools

    Like some of you who shop here, I got some memorial day coupons, including a 25% and a 20% off coupon. Was curious what tools from harbor freight is in your tool box? I am not a professional mechanic, and find their pittsburgh *pro* line to be of good enough quality for what I do for a lot of...
  9. mnewxcv

    Calling SVO side exhaust owners....

    Hey guys, I just picked up some exhaust parts, including what I think is the SVO/ford racing side exhaust for sn95 mustangs. Can anyone confirm that is what I am looking at? I haven't found very many pictures of the actual kit. ALSO, it terms of installation, it looks like the muffler...
  10. mnewxcv

    are cheap no-name 'racing' seats worth it?

    I've come to find the stock seats in my 96 cobra leave a lot to be desired when it comes to cornering. They're very comfortable, but don't really hold me in place. I can pick up some seats pretty cheap locally, just some no namers from the look of it. Do you think they are worth getting, or...
  11. mnewxcv

    MGW vs STEEDA shifter for 96 cobra

    Hey guys, I know we have a lot of fans of both of these shifters, but can I get some first hand feedback? I have the tri-ax *handle* on the stock shifter at the moment, and my lack of confidence going from 2nd to 3rd is killing the sportiness of the car. I'm looking for something that will...
  12. mnewxcv

    Email tunes, and SCT tuners

    I am looking at getting an email tune (perhaps bama) for my 96 cobra after I finish doing the typical bolt ons. What is the modern consensus on bama? I read they do a pretty good job, particularly on NA cars. Who else is worth considering? Also, I am likely going to try to save a few bucks and...
  13. mnewxcv

    Anyone here doing a KETO diet?

    Curious if anyone here has done or is actively doing a ketogenic/minimum carb eating plan. Please post up what you typically consume and your thoughts on the whole thing. I am trying to shed some weight that accumulated the past several years and this seems like an 'easy' way to do it if you are...
  14. mnewxcv

    WTB: 96-98 Cobra ram air intake

    Looking for an intake with the filter in the engine bay, not through the fender. JLT or C&L preferred, but open to what you have. heatware: mnewxcv zip code: 02919 (RI or MA local)
  15. mnewxcv

    Installing underdrive pulleys: which puller?

    I ordered a set of BBK underdrive pulleys for my 96 cobra, and not having worked with pulleys before, I don't have a pulley puller. Does anyone know what size I need to get the harmonic balancer off? Also, it looks like cheap pullers on amazon are basically the same price as a rental. I'm sure a...
  16. mnewxcv

    Any meet ups upcoming?

    I remember when we did the colt state park meet several years back and it was a great time to get out and meet some of the folks on this forum. Most of the threads in this subforum are older, so are there any meets being planned currently now that the weather is finally breaking? MA or RI area...
  17. mnewxcv

    Back in an SVT

    I joined here way back when, had an SVT contour as my first car right after high school, then got an SVT focus, and sort of left the forum after the new forum software didn't grow on me. Well, I'm back with a new SVT, I picked up this 1996 Cobra last week! So far it is a blast. Has pypes pype...
  18. mnewxcv

    Electric Delorean Gone Wild!

    Saw this video, thought it was worth sharing with you guys. Enjoy!
  19. mnewxcv

    Harbor Freight Polisher Mods that take 15 minutes

    So there have been threads on various forums showing these mods, and I figured I would do a how-to video for them. The mods are power button relocation so they are on top instead of the left side, and regreasing the gear head to make the machine quieter and vibrate less. Here are the links...
  20. mnewxcv

    SVT Focus Projector HID headlights for sale

    Just put them on ebay: but I am open to offers before anyone bids. I was looking for $300. Shipping from 02632, 20lbs, 18x18x28 for shipping quotes.
  21. mnewxcv

    ScanGauge II $120 shipped

    I have for sale a Scangauge II. This plugs into the OBD II port and can monitor an assortment of things, has Trip functions, and scans CEL codes. This was $160 new from amazon. I used it mostly for monitoring MPGs on long trips (gives instant and average for trip) and as a code reader. Its in...
  22. mnewxcv

    maybe repost? BUT CRAZYYYYYYY JUMP! must see, dont miss this!

    when I got the link to this I was NOT expecting it! check this out its an insane video of a jump!
  23. mnewxcv

    need help regarding jeep 4x4 front end

    hi all, have a question regarding the track bar on my jeep. Unfortunately the frame end of it wore, and needs to be replaced. further, the previous owner replaced the track bar end with some ball joint type end, and it has a huge (like 28mm) nut on top thats so big there isnt space between the...
  24. mnewxcv

    hot deals section?

    I did not see a hot deals section of the forum, and I think itd be a good idea. somewhere members can post links to specials (for instance, if fordracing had a closeout on a type of wheel for cheap, a blower was discounted, fuel pumps, etc, anything with a great value) to share it with the...