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    Jay Leno goes on a ride and crashes

    Have not seen it posted here yet - crazy video footage. Really shows how unforgiving speed can be and all it takes is one mistak. Looks like the driver turned in too fast after having the rear end bounce on him - someone smarter than me please embed
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    Snake experts - can you identify this?

    I saw this thing heading from my kitchen to the living room. Not sure how it got in, and not sure what it is... Wondering if anyone could identify it and let me know if it is poisonous.... :??: [/URL]
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    Red White and Blue not good enough in USA anymore?

    This shit is going too far. Wtf is becoming of this country, and when will someone say enough already? I am all about everyone observing their holidays, but if you are in america then how could it's flag offend you and be disrespectful towards your culture? S. Bay Students Wearing U.S...
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    Went to the Dark Side - Bought a boat :)

    ... and I could not be happier with it. Gonna keep it stock for a while and just enjoy it. While it is not nearly as fast as my Cobra used to be, i am def enjoying it much more. :burn:
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    Show off your FORZA 3 video :) Shelby Content Inside

    Sorry about the crappy camera, but the game is nevertheless awesome. If you watch it in full screen it is actually not too bad and sound is decent. Bw - this was my first time racing at this track with this car. It just goes to show how good the physics engine in the game is. Upload...
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    Stock Head Unit Question

    Ok, I need some help figuring out what went wrong here. I purchased a mach 460 head unit a couple of days ago, to replace the aftermarket unit that was in the car. I get the unit in, and I am thinking that it will be just plug and play - being it is original equipment, but I guess not...
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    Garage sale :) stock injectors, lower, and a blower

    Here is a pic of all included. Injectors - $80 + shipping Stock lower with cage $80 + shipping Belt - $30 + shipping Blower and plenum $OLD Blower came off of my car and it has 40k miles on it on it. It has never been pullied or tampered with. I bought another blower that I ported...
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    NEW !!!! KB BAP, 60cc injectors, METCO 4lbs LOWER

    *EDIT* Due to all items being recently purchased, and lowball offers I have decided to just bite the bullet & get it all installed & tuned instead of just loosing out the money. Thanks to all for interest :)
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    Reichard Racing 2.65 UPPER

    SOLD !!! Mods please delete.
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    FS METCO 4lbs lower

    Just purchased it & changed my mind two days later. It is a new, unused pulley. Asking $260 shipped. Firm. :thumbsup:
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    Dyno tune & numbers :)

    List of Mods: 2.8 Pulley K&N FIPK UPR off-road X-pipe Magnaflow catback Predator MAFia 23 degrees of timing (& some other stuff that is irrelevant to this post) You can see that the tune that came with the tuner was just about spot on, but Bob still managed to get a few more ponies...
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    2.8 Pulley diameter....

    Might be astupid question - but, I am only seeing 10lbs boost with mine. I bought the blower with the pulley already on there, and I just wanna make sure that it is a 2.8 pulley. So, what is the diameter of a 2.8 pulley?
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    Ok, will his blt work?

    Finally got a 2.8 pulley on my blower, and 4 piece BilletFlow idler set... Can I get away with using the stock sized belt? or what size should I use. I looked at the CobraBob's website but I just wanna make sure. And also, will porting a blower make you loose boost?
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    Enough Fuel?

    I am getting ready to get the car tuned shortly here, and I am trying to save myself trips to the dyno and dyno tune money..... I have a home ported (by me lol) blower, with a 2.8 pulley on there. Other mods are K&N FIPK, Magnaflow catback, and UPR offroad X... So, the question is with...
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    2.73 BF pulley & 100mm idler, belt & plugs

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    03 Cobra 10th Anniv edition

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    SLP catted (with off-road pipes) X-Pipe

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    BF 2.76 pulley & hub & 100mm idler

    SOLD - To ME.
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    FS: Band New UPR offroad X

    Bought one two days ago, and then found a good deal on SLP catted Pipe. So, Brand New, never unpacked & never installed - $130 & you pay shipping. I am located in 60031. :banana:
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    WTB(or trade) STOCK low miles H-Pipe

    Looking for a stock H-pipe with cats, low miles. If anyone has something collecting dust in their garage and is wanting to get rid of it - let me know. Or with a bit of cash I'll trade you for a Off-road MAC H-pipe.
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    MAC 3" catback and off-road H-pipe for sale

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    Lethal Performance TOB retainer sleeve It is brand new and never used. First $90 + shipping gets it.
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    Wtb Stock Iddler Pulleys

    Not sure if it is what it's called but I was wondering if any of you guys that upgraded your pulleys have the stock ones left over. One of mines is chirping a bit (car has 42K miles on it) and I wanted to just patch it up for now so I can drive it without embarassing myself lol I will be...
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    MUST SELL BLACK 03 10th Anniv All stock !!!

    car is no longer for sale.