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    Going e85

    Well I fried my 04 cobra cobra motor. I bought a rebuilt 10.1 compression long block all arp hardware and good head gaskets. I'm currently using a stock eaton blower with 2.8 upper and 4lb lower. I'm planning on going twin screw here coming up. With the increased compression ive decided to run...
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    Wtb:fresh built long block or low mile

    Looking for a fresh built long block or low mile built one. Preferably in the Midwest. With paper or would at least like to look over. Just seeing what's out there before I pull the trigger on getting mine done. Thanks
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    Head tick or worse

    Well got a noise coming from passenger side valve cover from cyl 4. Unplug the injector noise goes away. Doing a compression test tomorrow. Taking the filter off and cutting it open. How screwed am I? Hope it's not a scuffed piston. Will compression test show everything I need to know?
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    Wtb: iac,tps and iat2 sensor

    Looking for iat,iac and tps sensors. Let me know what you have thanks!!!
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    Stock diameter lower pulley ring

    Looking for $100 shipped for it or obo
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    FS: stock lower pulley ring

    stock lower pulley ring $85 shipped glowshift auto tranny temp gauge $60 shipped stock maf $50 shipped
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    Whipple install issue

    I'm having problems getting the back fuel rail bolt in under the inlet on the passenger side. Wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem and how they remedied it?
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    Wtb aeroforce interceptor gauge

    I know its along shot but looking for one pretty quick. So I figured I'd try to find a used one first. Thanks Dennis
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    Fox body 90/10 struts?

    Have a set of basically new 90/10s from a previous project. I know they are 3/4 shorter than new edge ones. Just wondering if anyone has used these or to stay clear of them. Just seeing if I can use what I've got?
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    Bap question.

    My car has a bap on it. I recently put a whipple on it. My question is I removed to vacuum lines where the Hobbs switch is. I know the one tees into the frps just trying to figure out where the other side goes. I know dumb question just started a couple weeks and can't remember where it goes.
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    Need pulley advice

    I bought a gen 2.3 whipple. As of now it has a 3.0 upper. I have a 4lb lower from my previous setup and the car has kooks long tubes. Just wondering if I should go to a stock Lowe because it's too much for the 2.3.
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    Fs:nitrous kit

    I've got a kit I bought awhile back but went twin screw instead. Kit has ice man fuel and nitrous solinoids,nos purge,nos 10lb bottle,bottle heater,lines,jets,relays,micro edge nitrous controller and everything to put the kit on. I can provide pics. Looking for $650 shipped obo
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    How manus lbs?

    I'm running a 2.3 gen 2 whipple with 3.0 upper and 4lb lower. Car has kooks long tubes. Wondering how much boost I will see? Getting ready to have Eric Brooks remote tune it. Just wondering if it's too much for just a street car?
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    What Size Belt?

    I'm running a 2.3 whipple(3.0 upper) with billetflow idlers and a 4lb lower. Wondering what belt I should run? I read somewhere a 74.5in belt but want to make sure. Thanks
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    Wtb:stock diameter lower pulley for metro lower

    As title says need a stock diameter lower pulley for my metro lower. Lmk what you have paypal ready
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    Finally Going Twin Screw!! Now spray or no spray?

    Well it looks as in the next 2wks. I'm going with the 2.3 whipple. I have a couple of questions. I've thought about running e85. What do I need to do to my fuel system to run it? I also was originally planning on spraying the car and bought a complete kit with nitrous controller. Should I...
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    Twin Screw or Spray?

    I have an 04 cobra 85k mods are sra,4lb lower,billetflow idlers,2.76 pulley,kooks lts,kb boost a pump,ported tb and plenum,built rear end,mcleod clutch. I bought a wet nitrous kit last year with progressive controller and all the bells and whistles. My original plan was to port my eaton and...
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    90/10 question

    Anyone running 90/10s foxbody style struts. I've read they are about an 1'' shorter and work great on lowered cars. I just am very nervous about running them and was curious to see your thoughts?
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    Just wondering if any of you have encountered a misfire with no check engine light? I'm smelling raw fuel and car seems to be down on power. I'm getting alittle bit of a rough idle and a backfire everynow and again. I'm going to check the coils and injectors tonight. I have a set of 60s for the...
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    Wondering if something isn't right

    Took my car to the track awhile back. I need driving lessons apparently lol. My car is an 04 cobra. It has kooks lts,o/r x,kb boost a pump,3:73s,2.73 upper,billetflow idlers and 4lb lower. The car trapped 116 that seems alittle low to me just wondering what your opinions are?
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    What springs to run?

    I bought an 04 cobra back in july. The car has aftermarket springs in it already. The car has a really good stance,but that's about it. I took the car to the track about 3 wks after I bought it and my 60' times were horrid and the car spun violently. I ran with my 18'' saleens with et street and...
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    Head Tick Repair

    So I've decided to just get my stock heads fixed. My question is to those of you that have done the same. How much did it set you back. I received a quote from my machine shop that seemed more than a little high. Also it worth it to get them ported while they are off? I may even cam it who know...
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    Next Direction?

    So as some of you have read earlier I have a noise after last night. I'm convinced its the infamous head tick after listening to a stethoscope of the valve cover. My car although has 84,000 miles. My question is should I just throw new valvetrain in the heads or buy ported heads with cams. I'm...
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    Absolutely Terrible Night at the Track

    :whine:So I took my 04 cobra to the track for the first time last night. I haven't had the car very long. I drove like a ass and spun every pass terrible. I never hit the rev limiter. On my last pass the car ran normal not down on power at all,but I noticed a noise on the return road so I went...
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    What will it run? Heading to the track friday night.

    I have a silver 04 cobra. Mods are 2.93 upper,4lb lower,kooks l/t, o/r x, mac catback,sra swap,mcloud rst clutch,ported t/b and plenum,detriot locker,c-clip eliminators,31 spline axles,upr control arms upper and lower. Its a full weight car and am super curious what it will run. The car has 18s...