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    FOR SALE: 1994-1995 Cobra Colgan Bra

    I never installed it on the car so I'd like to keep it fresh for whoever wants it. You might be able to find an example online. Thanks!
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    FOR SALE: 1994-1995 Cobra Colgan Bra

    Hello, Up for sale is a Colgan bra for 1994-1995 Cobras (may fit years 1996-1998, however not sure about this). This is still in the plastic and was never installed/used. I only ship within the continental U.S. $225 shipped Thanks for looking!
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    FOR SALE: Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft

    PM replied, 28 spline (also updated description).
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    2010 GT500 Fuel Pressure Sensor

    Hello, Can you provide quote for 2010 GT500 fuel pressure sensor? Thanks in advance.
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    Parts Availability/Quote

    Hello, Are you still able to source a thermostat and gasket for a 1995 Ranger 2.3L manual trans? Thanks in advance.
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    Florida 5.0 Gauge Cluster

    Hello, Up for sale is a Florida 5.0 gauge cluster for 1987-1993 Mustangs. Will accept four 2 5/8" gauges. $90 shipped (I only ship within the continental U.S.) Thanks for looking!
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    Auto Meter Ultra Lite Pro Comp Gauges

    Hello, Up for sale are multiple Auto Meter Ultra Lite Pro Comp gauges. These were in my project car that was never finished. Gauges are 2 5/8" (except 5" tach). Prices are as shipped (I only ship within continental U.S.) All gauges sold! Thanks for looking!
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    572 Crate Engine

    Just wondering if you are able to offer the M-6007-572DR Ford Racing crate engine and what price. Thanks in advance.
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    Price Check

    Hello, Just wondering if you guys are still able to source a set of horns for a 1990 Mustang? Thanks in advance.
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    8.8 Rear End Girdle

    Sorry everyone, forgot to update. This is sold.
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    Vacuum filling coolant

    Great! Thanks!
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    Vacuum filling coolant

    Hello all, I am replacing radiator coolant (engine not intercooler) and I will be using a tool similar to the Uview 550000 that uses shop air to create a vacuum in the engine to backfill with water/coolant. I know some folks have used this with great success, but I was wondering where these...
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    Saleen / Kenny Brown Lowering Kit

    Bump with lower price for caster/camber plates!
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    Sad, Sad Day... CO Vert Down :(

    Sadly, she probably didn't learn a thing. I wouldn't doubt she is out there right now either texting or flapping her ball sucker on the phone behind the wheel. For a female (especially a young female) to stop perpetually running her mouth either through the lips or tapping a phone screen would...
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    Saleen / Kenny Brown Lowering Kit

    Springs are sold, caster camber plates still available!
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    8.8 Rear End Girdle

    Hello, Up for sale is a rear end girdle for an 8.8 rear. All hardware included. $75 shipped.
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    Bob's Oil Separators

    O.K., I haven't seen much when I do a search... That being said, where in the hell do we find space to put a Bob's Oil Separator in the engine compartment? I'm looking and I can't find the amount of room necessary. Anyone?
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    Pinging at WOT

    If it's Amazon, then yep it's shitty! Can you say mid 14's AFR at wide open throttle on their supercharged tunes?
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    Saleen / Kenny Brown Lowering Kit

    Breaking these items up for separate sales. $75 shipped for caster camber plates w/hardware
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    Pinging at WOT

    While glancing through this thread, I heard mention of Amazon Tuning. Yikes! I've had three cars tuned by them in the past ('03 Cobra, '02 Lightning, '10 GT500). I will not go into the details of my experiences with them (had multiple tunes done by them because of their reputation in the...
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    lets see all the hot girlfriends/wives!

    Not a bad idea actually! I have a few friends (not many, but a few) who have never been married and they are healthy, happy, calm and positive. And these are both male and female.
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    Comp O coupe, why hasn't it sold?

    I agree with other folks on here that we've all been conditioned to a Pavlovian response when it comes to Competition Orange. But, 30k for this is a little out there if you ask me. Competition Orange really isn't THAT rare of a color if you look at total Mustang production (V6, GT, Mach 1...
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    Instagram Picture of the Demon - Maybe?

    This is great news!....for the guys that make $250-$275K per year. When the Hellcats came out I walked the local Dodge dealer and saw the sticker + ADM and immediately went into a cold sweat. Top of the heap muscle cars nowadays are a rich man's game.