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  1. 04whitesvtlight

    WANTED: Wtb metco 3.0 alternator pulley

    Looking for a metco 3.0 alternator pulley. PayPal ready thanks
  2. 04whitesvtlight

    FOR SALE: magnafuel 4303's w/fuel filters and regulator

    parts have around 30 miles on them 2 magnafuel 750 4303 pumps rated for e85 magnafuel 74 micron prefilter (before pumps) magnafuel 25 micron post filter (after pumps) magnafuel boost reference fuel pressure regulator gp y blocks and all fragola fittings included -12 inlet into the pre filter and...
  3. 04whitesvtlight

    FOR SALE: TWIN TURBO KIT w/ precision 6262 turbos

    this kit started as a turbo horse power kit but i had some custom piping made for it. custom down pipes that dump right in front of the motor toward the ground. custom cold side pipe from the air to air intercooler to a forward facing sullivan intake with a slot style MAF sensor slot welded in...
  4. 04whitesvtlight

    WANTED: WTB Fox body throttle body cable

    Looking for a fox body throttle cable.
  5. 04whitesvtlight

    FOR SALE: 13/14 engine parts

    sold my '14 gt500 last summer and have a bunch of random parts left over everything has around 3,000 miles on them. everything is plus shipping stock intercooler heat exchanger SOLD stock timing cover SOLD stock coil covers hydro dipped carbon fiber SOLD shelby america hood pin's with install...
  6. 04whitesvtlight

    FOR SALE: S77 17x10 weld racing rear wheels w/ MT et street R tires

    S77 WELD RACING 17X10 black center w/ polished hoop these wheels were specifically made for 13-14 gt500's they just bolt right up no spacers, no rubbing, no changing brakes, no moving swaybar mounts bolts right up to stock rear/suspension. I sold my '14 GT500 so i no longer need these they have...
  7. 04whitesvtlight

    FOR SALE: stock mufflers and manifolds

    both parts only have around 3,000 miles on them before removed for full exhaust. everything is in excellent condition and came off my 2014 gt500 manifold’s SOLD stock mufflers $400 IMG_2047[1] by Tj Densberger, on Flickr IMG_2048[1] by Tj Densberger, on Flickr IMG_2049[1] by Tj Densberger, on...
  8. 04whitesvtlight

    WANTED: Stock blower elbow,injectors and boost bypass

    Looking for these stock parts for 13-14’s 2.3 TVS supercharger elbow 2.3 TVS boost bypass solenoid Stock injectors
  9. 04whitesvtlight

    WANTED: WTB: DC heads

    Looking for a set of good condition ‘05 DC heads. Preferably bare heads as they will be ported and completely redone but loaded heads would be fine too. Let me know thanks
  10. 04whitesvtlight

    13/14 gt500 5.8 block, 5.4 heads

    Block SOLD Heads SOLD
  11. 04whitesvtlight

    FS: ID1300 injectors

    I have a set of id1300 injectors for sale that only have idle time on them the car was never driven with these injectors 0 miles. Only reason I’m selling is because I’m in the middle of installing a holley dominator and decided to go with Bosch 210 injectors to have plenty of room to grow on...
  12. 04whitesvtlight

    SOS pod, speed hut, leash boost controller, switch panels bunch of misc parts

    Most of these parts were brand new and have been installed into my car but I have never actually driven the car. Everything is off the car and ready to ship out. Shipping not included Speed of sound cup holder nitrous panel with cover $50 Speed of sound center console nitrous panel $50 Leash...
  13. 04whitesvtlight

    Alternator power issues

    Okay so my charging system has not been working properly ever since I got this build done. It will only hold 10.5-11.5 volts at idle. So I checked everything with a multimeter and that’s all the alternator will put out. It’s also I brand new j2 fab custom unit. My car is twin turbo so it’s in...
  14. 04whitesvtlight

    WTB near stock lower mileage CO or SB coupe

    Looking for a low mileage comp orange or sonic blue coupe something stock or near stock.
  15. 04whitesvtlight

    N2MB WOT 2-Step Box fs

    Like the title says I have a N2MB WOT/2-step box for sale everything is brand new in the original packaging. $180 shipped thanks
  16. 04whitesvtlight

    2 SOS center console nitrous switch panels

    i have two speed of sound custom center console nitrous panels. One goes inside the arm rest and is setup for a nitrous pressure gauge with 4 switches. The other is for the cup holder with 4 switches and has a cover with a cobra emblem. I have put both of them in my car but they have never been...
  17. 04whitesvtlight

    Fore triple fuel hat with 2 465 pumps

    Back up for sale buyer backed out $450 shipped
  18. 04whitesvtlight

    Rear brake line fitting size

    well I’m down to the last few finishing touches on my TT mystic build. the dual SS braided brake line kit I ordered for my aerospace brakes came with the wrong adapter fittings for the hard line. I need to order some So what is the rear hard line thread size and are they both the same?
  19. 04whitesvtlight

    07-12 heads on a 12-14 5.8 block

    I'm gathering parts to build a complete turbo motor and I already found a '14 5.8 block a few months ago and I've been searching for heads for a while. I finally found a brand new set but they are 07-12's about 80 miles from where I'm working at currently so don't have to deal with shipping. But...
  20. 04whitesvtlight

    WTB timing cover

    not sure if there are differences between the years but I'm looking for a gt500 timing cover. It will be going on a 5.8 '14 block. Thanks TJ
  21. 04whitesvtlight

    WTB 13-14 gt500 heads

    Well I finally found a '14 5.8 block in perfect shape for a good price now I need a set of 13-14 gt500 heads for the build. Bare would be preferred since I'm going to send them off and have everything gone through and ported but if there complete that's fine too.
  22. 04whitesvtlight

    WTB 03-04 cobra crank and heads

    I am looking for a brand new 03-04 cobra crank and a set of 04 9 thread heads with low low miles. Can you still buy brand new cranks anywhere? Let me know what you got thanks
  23. 04whitesvtlight

    brembo brakes and MM rear braided brake lines

    i have a set of brembo front big brakes with around 1,500 miles. still a ton of pad left and the rotors have some light surface rust but there in great shape. i installed aerospace brakes all the way around so i don't need these anymore $900 plus shipping. i also have a set of brand new...