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  1. mineralgrey01gt

    getting another F150, few questions

    Back in 2016 I got a 2015 f150 with the 2.7 ecoboost. I loved the engine but after they been out for a few I have read of them having quite a few problems getting up in age. I got rid of mine with 43K miles on it and never had an issue. With that being said I believe this time I will give a...
  2. mineralgrey01gt

    2v rod bearing question!!!

    I'm having some trouble with my rod bearings in what is suppose to be a MMR 5.0 stroker motor but I'm not sure it is. Are the rod bearings bigger on an oem crank and smaller on a stroker crank? The bearings I ordered are for a stroker crank but are much smaller than what came out of the engine...
  3. mineralgrey01gt

    Aluminum body 2015 f150 wiring question

    Does anyone have any clue or place I can get a wiring diagram for the dome lights? I want to wire my door sills up to my dome lights but not sure what wire they will be. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. mineralgrey01gt

    soundbar to projector via bluetooth?

    Hey guys and gals, im hooking up a projector in my outdoor room on a 100" screen and was curious if using a bluetooth transmitter hooked to the audio out input on the projector would allow it to hook to a bluetooth soundbar for sound? Im trying to avoid running wires through the already finished...
  5. mineralgrey01gt

    anyone make a MAME preloaded cabinet or hard drive?

    Im looking at doing a MAME cabinet for the house and was wondering if anyone knows of anybody that does a preloaded hard drive with the emulators and games already? I could load it all myself but it would be much much less time to get one done. Id also like it to have the hyperspin drive as...
  6. mineralgrey01gt

    ovhereating problem

    I have a 2004 mustang gt with a single turbo built motor etc. I just got it back on the road after it sat for years in a shed. It has a slight overheating issue and need some help figuring this out. When it first got up and running I didnt have a fan on it but never let it get hot enough to...
  7. mineralgrey01gt

    Hurst promatic 2 shifter

    I have a Hurst promatic 2 shifter that is practically new. 90% of parts are there but it looks like some of the springs are missing and the polished piece that allows you to activate the lock out on it. It was new in the box but the box came apart from sitting up and when moved by someone the...
  8. mineralgrey01gt

    need help, slight car running issue

    I have a couple of questions about what is the problem with my car. First off I found out that 4 of the injectors were severly clogged. I changed the injectors and the car ran a lot better. Next I changed the plugs and found one was closed shut from putting it in (my fault) and changed all the...
  9. mineralgrey01gt

    best deal on 80lb injectors?

    Im needing to get another set of injectors for my 2004 mustang gt and was wondering who had the best deal on these injectors? I was looking at ford racing ones and they are all the same but if any discount codes are floating around any little discount will help
  10. mineralgrey01gt

    ford racing 80lb injectors?

    Can you order these if so what is the price on them?
  11. mineralgrey01gt

    car is throwing P0231 and P0353 codes, need some help

    My 2004 mustang gt is throwing these 2 codes. I know the code P0231 is a fuel pump relay problem. Now the car has a complete fuel system from Glenn's Performance with a sleeper tank and twin 300lph fuel pumps from walbro and each pump feeds each side of the engine. I found a relay for the system...
  12. mineralgrey01gt

    People who use DIRECTV, thinking of switching

    Im thinking of switching from our local provider which isnt bad but overpriced to DIRECTV. Is there any real downfall to having DIRECTV? I can get everything plus more than what we have now for less money at the regular price pass the promotional price. Is it a good company to go with for...
  13. mineralgrey01gt

    17" wheels on a car hauler?

    Is putting 17" wheels on a car hauler or utility trailer a bad idea? Im thinking of redoing my trailer and wouldnt mind putting some more stylish wheels on it.
  14. mineralgrey01gt

    best way to clean out a fuel tank on a car?

    I pulled the fuel tank out of my car and am going to clean it since the gas that was in it was in there for around 5 years. There is a little varnish on the inside of the tank. What is the best way to clean this and also do I need to coat it in something afterwards? Its an aluminum fuel tank out...
  15. mineralgrey01gt

    Head repair question, looking for some info

    I got around to taking the heads off my car and one head looked fine, no blown gaskets or anything but the other head the #4 cylinder had some damage on where the spark plug hole is, no damage anywhere just on this part. It had detonated from a bad tune and this was the damage in the pic. Now is...
  16. mineralgrey01gt

    Removing oxidation from billet wheels?

    I just got another mustang and need to remove the little bit of oxidation from the wheels. They are street lite's. Anyone have any tips for doing this?
  17. mineralgrey01gt

    Engine gasket question, 2v

    I'm pulling my motor out of my 2004 gt and am replacing all the gaskets while it is out. I already have head gaskets, I'm just making sure I'm not missing any of them. Thermostat Intake Front seal and timing cover Rear main seal Water pump Oil pan Valve cover Anything I'm missing? I'll also...
  18. mineralgrey01gt

    Picked up another mustang today! Turbo 2v content

    Finally got a chance to go pick up the new car today. It's a 29k mile 04 GT with a 5.0l stroker motor, hellion single turbo kit, mmr's turbo stage 3 cams, oem ported heads with port matched intake, built 4r70 tranny, 2 step, trans brake, built rear with eaton pos 3.31 gears, billet specialties...
  19. mineralgrey01gt

    guys with ratchet shifters, relocation question

    Im looking to relocate the shifter in my car when I get it (which is tomorrow) to further back in the console to make it easier to reach. Are there any kits to relocate it to where the cup holders are? Its in a 2004 mustang GT.
  20. mineralgrey01gt

    guys/gals with turbo mustangs, i have a few ?'s

    I finally am getting a car I wanted for years and have a few questions about turbo cars. This is my first turbo car and am curious as to if there is any extra maintenance over a normal n/a car or supercharged car? Is there any pointers as to what to look for or pay attention for when driving or...
  21. mineralgrey01gt

    Getting the toys ready for winter riding

    Decided today since it was so nice out that I'd get everything out the shed and get it ready to go riding this winter. Ended up putting a new radio set up on the Kawasaki teryx 4. The scrambler I had to fix the red led's on it and wash it up some. The rzr 1000 I had to fix the led's on it...
  22. mineralgrey01gt

    need for speed? whos playing

    I picked this up yesterday and its pretty decent so far, well besides right now im not sure if the server is messed up or the game has a serious glitch in it on this particular drift event im trying to do. The game will not let me register points and says im too far away from the other cars when...
  23. mineralgrey01gt

    price value on mild modded lightnings?

    Im looking at getting a lightning and was wondering what the value of a pullied, tuned, and exhaust lightning would be? Everything im looking at is from 50K miles to 120K miles. Anything I should be worried about or looking at when im looking at them?
  24. mineralgrey01gt

    hd f150 and lightning guys, daily driving ?'s and other ?'s

    Im considering getting rid of my 2014 ram 1500 express single cab for a lightning or harley davidson f150. How do they do daily driving? I only drive 24 miles round trip each day. Anything I should look for when looking at them? Any known problems? Is higher mileage ones bad or needed to not be...
  25. mineralgrey01gt

    Glass garage door for patio?

    Does anyone have any experience with using garage doors on your patio at your homes? I love the concept when used in restaurants for nice days and then have it fully enclosed when it's not so great outside. Just wondering how good they work and what a round about price is