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  1. GodStang

    Good all around rear IRS coil-overs?

    I have been running MM front coil-overs for a few years now with stock rear IRS. I have kept putting it off. What do you guys like for a coil-over for a street car that would go with the MM up front?
  2. GodStang

    Wheel Combo that fits ATS Brembos.

    I was not sure the best way to do this but will go ahead and start a running list of wheels that fit Brembos. Please post up what you have. Info needed: Year, how you installed The Brembos (Kit or drill), wheels with size, and spacers, any other helpful info pictures would be best. I will...
  3. GodStang

    Hose fittings help.

    I have been racking my brain for weeks on this. Hoping it’s ok here as it’s generic and does not really fit into a group. I have two 3/4” heater hoses and 1 PTFE -6an line. I need to connect all three with as few pieces as possible and needs to be metal. there is a plastic T that is...
  4. GodStang

    Kenne Bell 3.6LC Fitting sizes?

    I know I can call KB on Monday but hoping to order before then. Looking to put -6an lines for the Liquid Cool part of the 3.6LC. Any one know the thread size of the part that threads into the Kenne Bell. I thought 3/8” but that did not seem right when I threaded it in. I did this on my 2.8L...
  5. GodStang

    Congrats to Broke7!

    I know he is not on here much anymore but he did an awesome feat in a blower only manual car. He had a pass at 160mph and also had a pass of 8.93 @ 159.59MPH. That is just insane! Extremely proud of him! If you are on Instagram make sure you give him a follow. He is a good guy that you want...
  6. GodStang

    Need a Silhouette image of a Terminator

    So we are redoing my 3 year olds room into race cars. My wife had a car image setup to do his name in vinyl and it was a 2018 Model Mustang. I am wanting to do a Terminator but all the images I find online are low quality. Anyone have one I could use? Looking for something like this but much...
  7. GodStang

    FRPP 80lb injectors $300+ shipping lower 48

  8. GodStang

    Android Double Din (Atoto n, Joying, Eonon)

    wondering if anyone has run any of the Android OS double Din radios. If so which one and how do you like it?
  9. GodStang

    Coolant Crossover Delete?

    I know MMR and On3 make them. Who else? Who has one and any pics? My intercooler hose is getting crushed between my blower and my coolant crossover piece so I need to remove it for when installing the J2Fab intercooler. my stock one is already crushed.
  10. GodStang

    Any Injector Flow/Testing Experts in here?

    Trying to figure out my next step. So I just had a set of injectors flowed and they came back all 8 flowing 12% less than what they are advertised at. He said they did not leak and had a good stream. I understand that there is a variance and they are not all going to flow exactly the...
  11. GodStang

    Any Telescopes/Astrophotography people in here?

    Anyone into Telescopes and Astrophotography? My daughter is really into space and science and I want to support her enthusiasm I was looking at getting a telescope. I have a Canon 70D that I would like to attach to the telescope. Anyone have any recommendations of a telescope sub $1K that...
  12. GodStang

    Any newer Expedition Owners?

    Wife is getting sick of her horrible Odyssey and wants a SUV. I have always had a ton of electrical issues with Chevys so staying away from the Tahoe. Was looking at the 2018-2019 Expedition. Anyone have one? How do you like them? Any dos or don'ts when looking for them on options?
  13. GodStang

    SCT X4 PN: 7015 $275 + shipping

  14. GodStang

    Kobe Bryant Dead?

    Anyone see this yet? I grew up watching him play. So sad. Kobe Bryant 'dies in Calabasas helicopter crash' | Daily Mail Online
  15. GodStang

    2003 Zipper Pipe Mid pipe design.

    A fellow Cobra enthusiast @wesduenkel took to some work on a different kinda of mid pipe for our cars. I love custom stuff so I thought I would share. Video at the end: Here’s a YouTube link:
  16. GodStang

    Anyone ever added an additional Garage bay to a brick house?

    When the wife and I were looking for a house my one rule was 3 car garage or a place to build a shop. Well we ended up finding a foreclosure that was $150K less than what it was worth so I loss and we got this house. The problem is its an all brick colonial house with 2 car garage with bonus...
  17. GodStang

    J2Fab's new Intercooler Core.

    So as many people know the major flaw yet to be corrected on our engine is the intercooler core that sits under the blower. The small fluid lines and the fact that it flows sub 900cfms is a huge issue. Now that so many of us are pushing 1800+cfm, that sudden flow restriction right after the...
  18. GodStang

    True Flex Fuel Terminator

    Well I finally got everything wired up so my car is a true flex fuel car. It measures the Ethanol on the fly and adjusts the tune accordingly. No test tube measuring or changing out tunes. Many ways to do this. This is the way I chose. Some others may choose a different route.
  19. GodStang

    Replacing a wiring Harness that is no longer made.

    So I have an old Wideband commander that has a 4-wire wiring harness that attaches and then you can run one of the 4 wires to a standalone unit. Well I never used the harness and when I moved I lost the harness. I tried looking for a new harness and contacted the company and with it being so...
  20. GodStang

    Best Digital Wide Band these Days?

    I have the original Analog DynoJet Wide Band Commander. Was looking at replacing with a digital Wide Band. What are the good ones now a days? I was looking at the Innovative Motorsports ECF-1 (Fuel) and ECB-1 (Boost) to do both Digital A/F and also E85 Percentage for Auto tuning. Anyone run...
  21. GodStang

    Megasquirt MS3 Pro Plug and Play to be released soon.

    Looks like the New PnP EFI Release for Terminators is just around the corner. Places like Wicked Motorsports in NJ have it on Preorder. One of the major functionalities I am looking forward to is flex fuel sensor. Below is a fantastic write up about it from Ed. I look forward to testing this...
  22. GodStang

    Anyone Cable Cutters using YoutubeTV?

    I have been using DirectTV Now as a streaming service for about a year now and it is ok. only 20hrs DVR and no locals. Was wondering if anyone has YoutubeTV for streaming and how they like it.
  23. GodStang

    Lets talk injectors.

    So hit a limit on the 80s with E85 around 850rw. 5 years ago the only option would be IDs at an outrageous price. Well talking to tuners in both the Ford and Chevy world they say IDs are their bottom choice. At half the cost depending who you ask FIC, FID, or some bosch have been recommended...
  24. GodStang

    Door Bells (Video)

    So we bought a foreclosure home and one of the things we did was install a whole new front door frame and all. When installed the doorbell wires were pushed into the wall and sealed over. So for the past two years I have not had a doorbell. I would like to get one, with video, but have no...
  25. GodStang

    Worth the $$$ to get a OLED/QLED TV?

    ***EDIT**** The QLED 75” was on sale so got that. So my 2yr old threw a toy and broke our 10yr old Samsung 58" Plasma. So it's time to buy a new family room TV. I had planned to get a Samsung LED 75" 8 series TV and be done with it. Then I saw that I could get a smaller 65" QLED for the same...