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    S351 Re-build 95-112

    Picked up this 1995 Saleen S351 in late 2020 with the plan to bring it back to an OEM+ 95-112 When I got it someone had spent a lot of money building it years ago, it’s 408/D1SC Procharger/OE Saleen Edelbrock heads/GT40 lower and a box upper plus a full Aeromotive A1000 fuel system...
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    Best sub-forum for a build thread?

    Hey fellas, I’ve got this 95 Saleen S351 that I’m doing a mild restoration/build on. Going for a period correct OEM+ build and would like to make a build thread, where is the best place to post that for interaction? Here are some teasers Thanks
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    WTB: OEM Oil Dipstick and tube

    I'm in need of an OEM dipstick and tube set up. Doesn't have to be perfect but it needs to all be there and not damaged. PM me what you have! Thanks
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    WTB: 87-93 MAF airbox

    I'm looking for an airbox in good or better shape is no over spray or strange chemical stains. Let me know what you have Devin
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    Well this is exciting news for the foxbody market...

    If this is market value I suppose I will be holding onto my '93 a little while longer Dude is out of his mind
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    NA Nice looking set of Forgeline RS 18x10 +35 (great for IRS)

    Here ya go, again I have zero affiliation I would just love to see these on an IRS converted fox
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    Kenwood stereo DVD player

    I have a model DDX419 head unit i'm looking to sell for $200obo Comes with a remote, harness and cage Details from Details: General features: DVD/CD receiver with AM/FM tuner built-in internal amp (22 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels) 6.1" touchscreen with variable color...
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    When did For change the "Ford Motorports" logo from the blue one?

    Just curious as to what year Ford made the change from the badass multi-colored blue logo to the very nineties almost cursive red letter job. My reason for asking is I have a '93 and I would like to incoporate the badges and colors (blue version) into the interior when I recover the seats and...
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    WTB: 1993 Premium Sound Cassette Player

    Looking for one that is working. If the buttons look worn that's fine I have a faceplate from my broken one. Thanks
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    Who has seen "Primer"

    Just watched it yesterday and my mind is blown. This movie makes Inception look like a college level course while Primer is a graduate level course. So who's seen it? Lets discuss, super nerd style For anyone that hasn't watched it. It's about two software engineers that develop a time machine...
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    Some '93 Cobra pics.. (not that great, I'm learning)

    Couple pics I took today. I'm using my ip4 and I'm also not that great and photography. Anyways here ya go The heart of the beast And one of party dogs That's Jake and Jackson respectively
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    Car cover...

    Just a tip for you guys that might be in the market for a car cover. A C6 z06 Noah cover fits a fox cobra pretty frackin' good. Search the craigslist yo 50 bones is all this was Edit: you do have to remove the antenna. Also the mirrors aren't close but it works, indoor and out. A pic for...
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    FS: 1993 Cobra T-5z / 35k miles

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    The old man's '65 Goat

    Stopped by my old man's house yesterday to see how his restoration was coming along It's a '65 GTO, I'm pretty sure that it's a 400ci of course it's a tri-power and the tranny is a 700r4. It still needs the front clip and doors put on but it's coming along nicely On a SVT note he's actually...
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    Cam swap and boost increase, let's play guess my numbers..

    I just swapped my .566 lift custom grind cam for the stock '93 cam, I went from 8lbs of boost to 15lbs and added some 60lb injectors. I also ditched my 73mm C&L meter for a 90mm Lightning job. My prior combo put down 509rwhp, With the custom grind cam and 15lbs of boost 60lb inj's it put...
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    FS: AFM N412 cam

    I've got a perfect AFM N412 cam sitting in a box wrapped up. I used it for 500-1000 miles it's in perfect shape, I'm selling it because I got a custom grind cam so I dont need this one anymore. I'll get some pics up today or tomorrow it's perfect though. I'd like to get $130 shipped. Thanks
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    Help! Cobra died and won't start or run KOEO test????

    I was cruising to work sunday and my 93 just stopped running out of nowhere. The check engine light came on when it died. Once I got it home I tried to pull the codes but it won't even start the test. Also the fuel pump is no longer priming when I turn the key to the run position. The car...
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    Ordered some svtp swag

    I finally got around to ordering a couple stickers and a shirt for good measure. Now the next time I get into a tussle with another termi I'll tell him to go here and post numbers
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    My hand has been forced

    Well Friday I came across a silver Terminator (it had the torch red seats if its a member) in my T-trim'd, BOSS 302 blocked, '93 Cobra. We stayed pretty close but he was pulling me in forth. He said he had no idea what he was putting down but I'm at 500 and the weight on mine is 3200 so he...
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    Strong fuel smell under the hood. Suggestions needed

    I have been noticing after drives this very strong smell of raw fuel in the garage. I've checked all the fittings and injectors I think the smell is coming from the two nylon lines that run from the body hard lines to the hard lines that connect to the rail. What are my options on fixing this...
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    Has anyone rebuilt a Zoom twin-disc?

    I have a zoom twin disc that is starting to slip. I've ordered the replacement discs (from American powertrain as zoom no longer sells the twin disc, maybe because they are crap) I'm wondering of anyone has any experience re building one of these bad boys. The folks at AP said the flywheel can...
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    Is the cd player utiilty tray different?

    I recently purchased a NOS cd player and I am looking for the correct utility tray to go underneath. The one I have does not look right at all, I think it is from a 87-91 style of radio. Any info on how to get one would be great Thanks guys :beer:
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    1993 Cobra with rare Recaro option :) had these in for a bit and thought I would share. What do you guys think?