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    The Commies Banned Me (again)

    I didn't say whores were bad, just calling a spade a spade. Using IG for soft core porn for the 13 year olds with a link to their onlyfans, hoping to get famous for least until their boobs turn in to what looks like knee length socks with an orange in them. Hell, there's even...
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    The Commies Banned Me (again)

    theres nothing particularly bad about that. weird for them to delete that considering the amount of whores doing soft core porn on IG
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    Advice on 5 speed

    To add a personal note: I bought my 97 Cobra when it had 20,000 miles on it and it currently sits at 93,000. Reverse was a problem from day one. 4th to reverse works most times. When it's extra cranky, 1st and an inch roll forwards then reverse works 100% of the time. Recently replaced the...
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    Advice on 5 speed

    Reverse in the t45 is always going to give you problems, it's a design flaw. I had to dig to find this again: ****Unfortuantely the T45 had a design flaw which caused abnormal wear on the reverse syncro and blockers. It is also prone to jumping out of reverse. The design utilises a dual shift...
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    Marauder Engine Destruction - Carnage

    Low oil level. Maybe it had around a quart of oil and was cavitating but still had enough lubrication for the top end due to low load/low rpm. It probably ran that way for quite a while before I finally let go.
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    Spy Shots: '23 Nissan Altima Caught Testing in Metro Detroit

    It's going to be quite a long time before Nissan is able to build back and offer anything that actually matters on a large scale. The CEO, what's his nuts, gutted the company and ran. Literally ran away. Hopefully the new Z car helps Nissan to make a comeback. Unless they change the turbos on...
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    Marauder Engine Destruction - Carnage

    All 8 rods broken. Good video to watch.
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    What exactly is a "Street Car"???

    I would imagine street cars have turn signals, maybe a speedometer, windshield Fun video though
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    Motorcycles Riders and Helmets

    Here's some stupid facts that get in the way of feelings.
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    Paint color suggestions

    House of Kolor Tangerine.
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    Man In Wheelchair Brandishing Knife Shot 9 Times

    maybe you could elevate it to shooting them in the legs so they dont get away....
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    Man In Wheelchair Brandishing Knife Shot 9 Times

    generally speaking, people run out of stores, not in to them when attempting to escape. also, that definition could be argued in a court of law as justification. "attempting to kill people in a confined or populated area." this guy has a knife in his hand and advancing towards a store front...
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    Taking Friends On Track & Going Off Track! (video)

    production could use some work. intro is pretty loud, music was loud, and the music during the driving is completely unnecessary. i dont think has EVER watched any auto racing ever and thought to themselves, "this broadcast needs some copyright free bland rock to drown out car sounds". luckily...
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    Manslaughter or self-defense??

    i dunno, if im arguing with someone and they go in the house to get a weapon and then exit his house while im in his property and tells me to leave, im going to leave. thats just not the time to try and be billy badass, he turned in to billy deadass pretty quick. if you grab someones gun while...
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    Hellcat the world to end in 2023

    Chrysler used an old, outdated platform because that's what Daimler gave them after stealing FOUR BILLION DOLLARS from the Mopar side of things back in the day. Daimler also stifled Mother Mopar's engineers, refused to listen to anyone who wasn't from Germany in the board rooms, and cancelled...
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    Hellcat the world to end in 2023

    A fast vacuum cleaner is certainly fast, but it's still a vacuum cleaner.
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    Are you ever just .... tired of being alive??

    I mostly get tired that other people are alive instead.
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    Mustang Dyno Numbers

    DA means Density Altitude, the measure of air density as feet above (or below) sea level. Here's a link to find your DA: DA calculator « Air Density Online
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    LAPD to Citizens: Cooperate and Comply When Being Robbed

    While I mostly agree with you, this is specifically discussing follow home robberies. They are tailing people to their homes and robbing them at their doorstep. Now these criminals are at or inside your home, threatening your family and putting them at danger too. Again, stuff is replaceable...
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    Modified Tesla Model S Plaid Records Sub 9-Second 1/4 Mile Time - 8.994 seconds @ 155 mph

    I guess different wheels is considered a mod. I dunno, I just always thought of weight reductions as weight reduction and not a mod. I suppose it's just semantics as it does change how the vehicle behaves. I was hoping to see like, a software engineer that rewrote programs to make the batteries...
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    Who's done Dynamat or similar?

    You need 100% coverage for MLV and generally 2/3ds for CLD tiles. With either, use the largest continuos pieces possible and DO NOT use anything that comes rolled up, that reduces it's effectiveness.
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    Dodge Commitment - Never Lift

    i like that theyre bringing back the direct connection name.
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    A bot watched 400,000 hrs of horror and creates its own film

    "He is drunk and haunted by sobriety." me too AI, me too.
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    O/R X/H pipes Discontinued?

    A quality cat won't rob HP. The real problem is that GESI cats are a billionty dollars each.
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    Armored Car Robbery Attempt (Crazy)

    "needs back to work"? lol