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    2003 Cobra Models (Maisto)

    Just an FYI If any of you have BJs Wholesale clubs, the 2003 Cobra Models by Maisto are 9.88 each.
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    MA Dealers

    Can anyone from MA tell me what dealers have the best service departments? I don't have any mods, so that's not an issue. I'm just interested in getting the best service (both customer and mechanical.) I have the tick, and need it serviced. Thanks! Chris.
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    Fuel Filter Recommendations

    With all the talk about how crappy Fram Oil Filters are, what about fuel filters? Are there any brands that are better than the others or are they all just about the same thing? Opinions are greatly apprecated...
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    Severity of Clunk

    Hey there, I just got my Cobra and the thing is absolutely great! I just have a question for you all though... how severe is the dreaded "clunk" for most people? I was reading some posts where some people said it was a soft clunk... the clunk I hear just seems very harsh. Is that normal? How...