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    Marauder Engine Destruction - Carnage

    All 8 rods broken. Good video to watch.
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    TMI Chicane Seats Do Fit in a 94-98 Vert

    I'm posting this because there's been some trepidation about TMI chicane seats in a vert before 99. So, about three months ago, I ordered TMI chicane seats for my Cobra vert from CJPonyParts. I got the saddle color. They told me that it would take approximately 2-2.5 months for the order to...
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    Seat options for a vert

    hey guys, really need some help here. stock seats are toast, looking for a set of seats up front for under a grand if possible and since i have a bland all tan interior, something close to saddle as possible. ive decided that i dont want to waste my time reupholstering the stock seats since...
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    Homemade Rotary Valve BMW E36

    The Konigsegg thread generated some discussion about Freevalve and also a sidetrack on rotary valve heads. I ran across this thread and found interesting. Hopefully it's not been posted before. Custom E36 Rotary Valve Engine Head| Builds and Project Cars forum |
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    Need advice - Keep or Partially Fix & Sell?

    I have a stock 97 Cobra vert with just over 77k miles. I'm trying to decide if I should fix the thing and keep it or fix the a/c and top and sell it. I like the car but it doesn't hold the same appeal to me it used to and I need something with more space. Also, I don't even know what I should...
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    97 Cobra vert repaint

    Hey guys, I wanted some opinion on repainting my car. I have rock chips and the paint on the front bumper is getting thin on the left front corner. It's time for a repaint. It's E8 and has no real dmg at all. I've read around that the original paint was a three stage and that most, if not all...
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    Sick Blow Off Valve!

    havent seen this posted. made me laugh.
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    I just cant win...

    A week ago I was involved in a wreck where an old geezer pulled out in front of me, totalling my winter beater and leaving me stranded 10 hours into a 12 hour trip. That was last Saturday. As if that wasn't enough, life decided to pack a pineapple in the old potato gun of life and fire an...
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    Road trip gone wrong

    Yesterday, I left home at 5:30am for a fairly long road trip to spend Christmas with my daughter and my mother. I took my beater car, an ugly green 97 taurus. Reliable car, decent mpg. Roomy....and ugly so no one will steal it. Perfect winter car! Anyhow, 10 (TEN!!) hours into my 12 hour...
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    Rant - I am dumb

    ugh... so i cleaned my garage out yesterday to make room for the Cobra for the upcoming winter. i go to the store today and go to pull in the garage.....misjudged the available space and hit my ****ing snow blower. put a nice scratch in the door and broke the pass side mirror. **** my...
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    Thank you American Muscle

    My wife gave me a set of floor mats for my 97 Cobra vert for Christmas. Though she ordered the correct mats, the wrong ones were sent, Fox body mats were sent to be exact. I contacted AM about the issue and they asked for pictures of the install so i oblidged. (Not everyone might be able to...
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    Need Advice on New Steering Wheel

    I have a 97 vert that has a full saddle interior. i hate it. i feel like im drowning in tan. anyways... My question is: Would an 03/04 Cobra wheel look out of place in my car? The only other black part of the car is the dash.
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    Zip Tying IMRCs

    OK, I know how to do this. I've read the How To, I've seen the pics. However.....doing this is much harder than anyone likes to admit. The driver's side went pretty quickly but it's the passenger's side that's a biatch. I've managed to get the zip tie around the IMRC but it slips off...
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    realistic approach to 400RWHP N/A

    id like this thread to be a realistic approach to attaining 400rwhp in a cobra thats still streetable [ie, it can idle for 10 minutes in 100 degree heat and not explode] and doesnt require 8000rpm to make power AND use b heads. think of this as an acedemic exercise and possibly a repository for...
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    Minneapolis Cobra owners

    Is there anyone in the Twin Cities area that has a 96-98 or 99-01 Cobra with 4.10 gears or steeper? I'd like a ride along to get an idea of what they're like. I've done the math, seen the charts, and read 1 million opinions. I'm looking for something tangible. Thanks.
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    The Last Barfighter

    I saw this around and thought I'd share. Beercade: The Last Barfighter - YouTube