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  1. 1Kona_Venom

    Super Duty Death Wobble and Tuning

    So still patiently waiting on my vin #, ordered in September. I don't know how much I'm gonna dive right into with lifting the truck and all that. Probably gonna just keep it stock minus a tune for the near term. Thinking if anything I would make the drive to Palm Beach Dyno for the tuning...
  2. 1Kona_Venom

    SS Wheel Scam

    Facebook had a guy selling super snake wheels lastnight. Heres my convo with him. Be careful, always use the appropriate method of payment in case things turn bad. Also reinforces why rule #7 is helpful on this site. And since I live on SVTP, the two wheels pictured on the counter are @1...
  3. 1Kona_Venom

    FOR SALE: 2013 GT500 Grabber Blue Factory Sealed

    $340 + a few bucks to ship Sent from my SM-G975U using the mobile app
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    FOR SALE: 2013 GT500 Race Red Factory Sealed

    $340 + a few bucks to ship Sent from my SM-G975U using the mobile app
  5. 1Kona_Venom

    FOR SALE: 2013 GT500 Race Red 1/18 Diecast

    Elusive Race Red w/ Black Stripes Removed from box only for photos. Not factory sealed but a 9.8 out of 10 easily. Comps are $300+ on Ebay. And most have broken tailights or other things wrong. $350.00 / obo Sent from my SM-G975U using the mobile app
  6. 1Kona_Venom

    WANTED: 13/14 Super Snake Wheels (Any Condition)

    As the title states, I am looking for and ready to purchase 13/14 Super Snake wheels in any condition. Does NOT need to be a complete set, I will buy singles or pairs whatever you have. Scratches and road rash, with or without tires is fine, the more complete the set the higher my budget See...
  7. 1Kona_Venom

    WANTED: 13/14 Trinity Blower

    Looking for a stock Trinity blower. No preference on pulley size No powder coated or refurbished units Located in Savannah Ga can meet up within reasonable distance or ship using my Fedex account
  8. 1Kona_Venom

    *Sold* 13/14 Base Wheels

    Sold All 4 wheels match in OEM finish/color. Stock sizes, 19" Fronts 20" Rear. Not listed on Facebook[emoji2961][emoji1785]
  9. 1Kona_Venom

    2013 F/S Texas SGM

    For those looking Sent from my SM-G975U using the mobile app
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    Zero Turn Mowers

    I feel like I opened yet a can of worms and a never ending rabbit hole by entertaining the thought of getting a zero turn. (almost like Whipple vs VMP shopping) - Will not buy from big box. Looking for dealer and support service AFTER the sale - 0% Interest for 48 months - Smaller the deck...
  11. 1Kona_Venom

    I'd buy from him

    This guy is awesome. All kinds of great one liners @ 11:57 "your gonna bust cream all over this interior"
  12. 1Kona_Venom

    Carvana Experience

    My daughter went and got married, left her car in my driveway. I went directly to Carvana website, filled out the info and over the course of 1 or 2 hours had a pick up date selected for this morning. (Sunday, 10:30am) Two females showed up, basically checked to see if car started, verified...
  13. 1Kona_Venom

    Transmission Lines/Schematic

    Looking for confirmation and a better understanding where the lines run and where the breather valve or pipe is located on these transmissions? I understood the breather line to be positioned on the passenger side? TRACK Pack setup so it obviously has the transmission cooler with additional...
  14. 1Kona_Venom

    ** Sold** Engine Cap Set ('11-'14)

    SOLD New. Never installed. Never mocked up There is no power steering cap because 11-14 do not have a power steering reservoir. Q. Will they fit my 2010? A. Yes. But you will be short one cap for your power steering reservoir. Ships fedex insured Sent from my SM-G975U using the...
  15. 1Kona_Venom

    Enlighten me Lethal Performance

    I surf looking for BOGO sales on blowers. (Hasn't happened yet, ever). Something stood out to me as peculiar last night. LP now requires a VIN# to complete a transaction for a GT500 3.4L Whipple kit? At the top of the item page goes on to say its for "closed course competition, etc" However...
  16. 1Kona_Venom

    WTB 10-14 OEM Radiator Cover

    Looking for one. Prefer clean and no cracks Paypal ready
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    Off Road Mid Pipes?

    stupid post, edited
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    Auto Shippers Recommendations

    So I'm stromgly considering shipping my car. This would be a Georgia In State move, covered. Trying to get my spring time mods and tuning finished early, but these weather patterns suck this time of year. And I have no desire to wake up to frost, drive 5 hours in the rain and spend a night in...
  20. 1Kona_Venom

    F/S - '10 - '14 FRPP Strut Tower Brace - P/N M20201-MSVTC's not mint like most of my stuff. Cosmetically, the center piece and rivets are unscathed. The spotting is where the previous owner took detail spray and hit it when the engine bay was hot. Good example of why NOT to spray cleaner into a hot engine bay. Structurally, the piece is...
  21. 1Kona_Venom

    WTB Trinity Blower

    Found one...(actually 4), done looking
  22. 1Kona_Venom

    Sunday Chat/Cooling Stuff

    Hope everyone is having a decent Sunday. ~~Street car, not looking to add fans The heat exchanger (H/E) and radiator in a factory configuration are obviously decent. When SA does their SS package they change out the radiator and H/E and many "say" it's an upgrade. Is it actually an upgrade...
  23. 1Kona_Venom

    '13 Shelby, just needs TLC

    Wasn't someone recently looking at buying this car in one of the Shelby specific forums? I frequently surf Auto Trader and see that they have now edited it saying "Not Driveable". A new recent edit to the cover picture. The ad goes on to say, don't be discouraged "these motors get repaired...
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    BNIB Gen3R / **Relist**

  25. 1Kona_Venom

    Cobra Kai --Netflix

    Well, I must say I laughed and was like holy crap that tournament defeat that Johhny suffered back in 1985, really messed him up. ... By episode #5, the show really comes together. Recommend the watch if you wanna get a little 80s-90s nostalgic over the weekend. But hey, don't take my word...