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  1. TerminatoRS

    Searching for a Sonic Blue

    I paid $20k for my SB in 2011. In today's market, you can hardly get into a decent Honda Civic for that money.
  2. TerminatoRS

    Garage Queens

    Bingo. Big reason why I haven't gotten too serious about adding a C6Z or CTS-V. Just another car that'll sit in my garage half the year.
  3. TerminatoRS

    2003 Cobra - New restoration/project

    That's what she said. Sorry. Couldn't resist.
  4. TerminatoRS

    Quick Look & Dyno Numbers | 2022 Ford Maverick | 5 Star Tuning

    Could be fun with FBO+tune and an AWD launch. Would help make up for the looks.
  5. TerminatoRS

    2003 Cobra - New restoration/project

    Wonder if the rears are 18x10.5 and the PO didn't know about the low profile IRS bolt option and went for spacers...? Anything's possible I suppose. Most IRS's don't sit perfectly square either so maybe the tire rubbed on the driver's side and not the other. Seems extra plausible given that...
  6. TerminatoRS

    Garage Queens

    I get shit for not driving my car enough and/or not driving it hard enough. The way I see it, I want it to be more of an "event" when I do drive it. Driving it all the time would take too much of the thrill away. Even if I were in a warmer climate, I'd still have something else to daily...
  7. TerminatoRS

    Car Audio- and "Growing Up"

    I think it's just like any other hobby. If it doesn't interest you then you just never develop a passion for it. On the plus side for you, audio can be pretty abusive to your wallet so if it's not your thing, you might be luckier than me. lol I was exposed to "good" audio at an early age and...
  8. TerminatoRS

    Car Audio- and "Growing Up"

    Ahhh yes...the days of driving around with gigantic subwoofer enclosures filling the cargo area are long gone here as well, but not due to having kids. My ears have matured and I prefer SQ over sheer SPL nowadays. Car audio is a pain in the ass these days compared to even the early 2000s with...
  9. TerminatoRS

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    "The accident could have been much worse had I not been wearing my trusty mask."
  10. TerminatoRS

    RIP Bob Saget

    You keep calling me that and I'm only 36. lol Ya butt. I must be one of those "old souls." Certainly don't like being lumped in with the Millennial crowd so maybe Boomer is actually a compliment!
  11. TerminatoRS

    RIP Bob Saget

    This scares me as well. Modern "music" is terrible and the "performers/artists" rarely deserve that title. Like Billie Eilish...whisper into a microphone and that's considered talent? 75% of a song is electronic/synthetic so it belongs on the top of the chart? I realize every generation goes...
  12. TerminatoRS

    I just threw up in my mouth

    ^That color reminds me of the sludge that sputters out of my ass after a night of case racing with Blatz Light.
  13. TerminatoRS

    I just threw up in my mouth

    I knew I could count on you to deliver! haha
  14. TerminatoRS

    I just threw up in my mouth

    Oh boy. Do I need to get @Machdup1 in here so we can go Ridgeline bashing...again. lol
  15. TerminatoRS

    Toyo Proxes 888R

    I can confirm this. On my second set of 315/35/18 TQs. I had R888s in 315/30/18 before these and could light them up at will. At the time, I had 4.10s so that didn't help their case I suppose. Although I was also down about 60rwhp too so maybe it evens out. lol I've also been impressed by...
  16. TerminatoRS

    FOR SALE: 2004 Cobra ($30k/firm)

    I find it's easiest to post pics via the SVTP app. My two cents...
  17. TerminatoRS

    The Random Weather Thread

    That's one hell of a swing! I think we've got about the same amount of snow on the ground. lol Granted yours will likely be long gone in a day or two while mine will only get worse until it April.
  18. TerminatoRS

    James Webb Telescope Launch and updates

    I tend to agree with this. It's difficult to grasp because our human minds and experiences have observed that everything has a beginning and an end.
  19. TerminatoRS

    Funny shit at the gym

    I both lol'd and cringed simultaneously whilst reading this. Behold, I am a multi-tasker!
  20. TerminatoRS

    James Webb Telescope Launch and updates

    I'm assuming that's why it will technically orbit around L2 and not simply "sit there" statically...?
  21. TerminatoRS

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Soon enough an ancient payphone spotted out in the wild will be akin to Bigfoot sightings.
  22. TerminatoRS

    SVT Detectives Question

    It's just the warranty department trying to reach about your vehicle's extended warranty. Where in WI are you?
  23. TerminatoRS

    Not having kids?

    "Better things to do" is subjective. I'd say they've got obligations which certainly takes the flare out of it. Just a different perspective
  24. TerminatoRS

    Pet Peeves

    I'm just extra crotchety at 5:30am when this is all taking place. lol When it comes to trucks, I think people often forget that when they level the suspension by lifting the front, they should also adjust their headlights lower to compensate. If only the world were a perfect place...haha