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  1. StevesBuddyAntz

    Header Install Labor Costs?/Opinions on BBK LT's?

    No E85 within the hour so I wont be.
  2. StevesBuddyAntz

    Header Install Labor Costs?/Opinions on BBK LT's?

    BBK's arent Cheap O's, the company has been in the Stang world since the Fox Bodies. And we dont have Inspection in Florida luckily.
  3. StevesBuddyAntz

    My new 2019

    Its part of the Black Accent Package, there 19's
  4. StevesBuddyAntz

    2021 gt fastback manual pp1 301A?

    No problems w/ my '19 so far. If I do im just going to go built.
  5. StevesBuddyAntz

    First passes of 2020

    Very Nice!
  6. StevesBuddyAntz

    Header Install Labor Costs?/Opinions on BBK LT's?

    What are shops generally charging for labor on Header installs? Also not looking to spend $1500 on a set of headers who runs BBK's and what's your opinion?
  7. StevesBuddyAntz

    OSW Track Rental

    Very Cool
  8. StevesBuddyAntz

    I'm about done with AM.

    Dealt w/ them recently and zero problems. Customer service was top notch.
  9. StevesBuddyAntz

    JLT Intake question, 15-17 or 18-20?

    I went with a drop on on my 19. CAI only shows gains w/ the hood up.
  10. StevesBuddyAntz

    My new 2019

    Man I loved that color
  11. StevesBuddyAntz

    My new 2019

    Velocity blue 6spd w/ the Black Accent package. Drop in, X pipe and axle-back on the way.
  12. StevesBuddyAntz

    CAI worth it on 18 up?

    Watched the Alejandro Flores Video where a cai only showed gains w/ the hood up and lost power w/ the hood down, ive also heard the '18 up stock box's were improved as well. The cai also raised iat's driving in hot weather where the filters numbers were stable. Being in South Florida I think I...
  13. StevesBuddyAntz

    2012-15 GT or 03-04 Cobra??

    At this point most of the Termi's have been modded to hell. Id probably opt to pick up a clean stockish Coyote.
  14. StevesBuddyAntz

    11-16 Long Tube Headers fit 18-19?

    I'm aware the 18/19 motor is a little larger but will older LT's fit the newer Coyotes?
  15. StevesBuddyAntz

    WTB: Terminator Cobra in or close to New Jersey

    What do you guys have? Looking to spend 20k or under.
  16. StevesBuddyAntz

    WTB: Termi Coupe in or around New Jersey

    Looking to spend under 20k.
  17. StevesBuddyAntz

    Few new pics after Finally washing the car....

    Hatch tint & Pulleys next..... then time to save for the big mods :mj:
  18. StevesBuddyAntz

    Few new pics

    Cars dirty...but went from the staggered setup to 18's all around.
  19. StevesBuddyAntz

    Sport Cards,etc.

    Topps Shaquille O'Neal 1992-93 Rookie Card- 7.00 Topps Finest Golden State Warriors Chris Webber 1993-94 Rookie Card- 50.00 Shaquille O'Neal Stadium Club Rookie Card- 10.00 Shaquille O'Neal 1992/93 Fleer Ultra Rookie Card- 7.00 Shaquille O'Neal Skybox Rookie Card- 17.00 Fleer 1993 Shaquille...
  20. StevesBuddyAntz

    GT tried....

    Well i was heading down 38 coming back from the track and i see a New Edge Mustang w/ a grill merging on and coming up fast. So I got on it a little just to make sure he was coming after me:mj: lol. Sure enough he is so i punch it while hes behind just to see what hes got and it wasnt much he...
  21. StevesBuddyAntz

    Hess Trucks/Sports Cards/Starting Lineups

    All cards are mint, they came right out of the pack into a protective sleeve. Football '91 Stadium Club Emmit Smith rc - $10 '91 Upper deck Brett Farve rc - $15 '91 Fleer Ultra Brett Farve rc - $10 '93 Bowman Jerome Bettis rc - $6 '84 John Elway rc - $75 BaseBall '85 Topps Roger...
  22. StevesBuddyAntz

    Part # for stang Magnapack Mufflers?

    got it nevermind