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  1. 1MeanNonPI2v

    ***Roush Supercharger***

    This is a USED Roush Supercharger system for 2005-2009 Mustang GT with the 3v 4.6L engine. The supercharger has less than 3000 miles and was removed so it could be replaced with a larger supercharger. The supercharger kit includes all hardware except spark plugs, fuel rails and no tuning...
  2. 1MeanNonPI2v

    LS What???

    My entire life, every car show I go to, I see an abomination; Chevy engines in Ford cars and trucks. Down right disrespectful if you ask me. It got me thinking, has anyone tried to ruin the hopes and dreams of GM faithful by swapping a Ford into a Chevy? I have a dream of a Terminator drive...
  3. 1MeanNonPI2v

    My 2v 4.6L Engine Build

    Here are some photos of my engine build. All machining and assembly was done by Jim Grubbs Motorsports in Valencia, California. I started with heads and an intake manifold and it snowballed from there. I ended up with a forged stroker crankshaft and Manley H-beam connecting rods from Livernois...
  4. 1MeanNonPI2v

    Just Sayin Hi!

    My name is Nick, I am from southern California and live in the greater LA area. I am a Ford fanatic but sadly I don't own any SVT products...YET! I currently have a 1991 5.0 LX coupe (AKA The Notch) and a 1998 GT coupe. I am employed at Granatelli Motor Sports and am a sales and tech...