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    Plug reading experts ...take a look

    Plug reading experts ...take a look. ^That was supposed to be the title^ This pull Averaged 19.2#s of boost Afr 11.17 Spark 19.7 degrees Fuel is pump E85 with M5 meth injection
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    Summit racing wants a fingerprint??

    For 2 days now I've been trying to get a order for tires and a LI-ion battery through. Both times they've declined my card and the prompt wants my fingerprint for verification. What kind of BS is this?? Anyone else have an issue recently, I haven't ordered since 2020. I waited on hold for...
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    Dry .028 nitrous shot (baby) pre maf on e85.

    What is gonna happen if i take my e85 tune, and throw a baby dry shot? (35hp). Does e85 as a fuel have enough "safety" for a small shot? Seems LS cars do this without a second thought...even as high as 50
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    does anyone leave their zbrace off?

    Dug around and wasn't 100% I pull the z brace to yank the it no problem to leave the z brace off? Last year I was putting it back on.
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    info for sai li fuel system upgrade?

    I've read here and there about a more simple fuel system upgrade from sai li. I cant find any actual follow up information though, details of what it is, pricing, order or contact info. boosted coyote only 7 to 8 lbs and wanting to go e85 for power and safety. not interested if its a 1400...
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    procharger stage 2 kit id1000s vmp pnp bap

    Hey guys.....kit is on the car still , works great. 7lb pulley and 10lb pulley, both belts, everything works great. I'm in s.e. michigan and really I'm pretty firm at 4500 for a complete blower kit with injectors and bap. 248 202 3954 I work alot and might not be able to text back right away.
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    need some info please.

    I'm considering a vmp gen2 for my 14 mustang and need some things cleared up. 1. How much dynojet hp can I expect from the stg 1 kit no bap with the included tune from latemodel? 2. Ordering kit through latemodel includes sctx4 and tune for 5999, vmp website wants 5999 for tuner kit, what...
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    wtb stock o a p

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    getting axle tubes welded up ?

    I'm in the s.e. michigan area if any one can make a good reccomendation. So I called dts and priced it at 175. Then he tells me I have to pull the housing disassemble every thing to have it done for 175 They then quoted me 350 to drop the axle another 250 for disassembly plus 175 to weld it...
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    lu47 e85 100 shot anyone?

    Im thinking about switching injectors and getting my car tuned on e85. also thinking of a little 100 shot wet kit. has anyone ran this setup with lu47 injectors? Is it safer than staying on 93 and going 150 shot? I would never run the 150 shot on e85 just 100. and no bap. Im not...
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    no computer calibration code ?

    so im ready to get my car tuned and my computer does not have the calibration code, there is the part number and serial number, but that's all, like the printer malfunctioned when it was printing the label for my computer or something. are there any other ways to find it?