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  1. Great Asp

    Need Current Las Vegas Intel

    My wife and I have reservations to go to Las Vegas on September 23, I am looking for information on exactly how draconian the mask mandate is currently. We would be staying at the Bellagio. My host gave me the canned policy on masks (required indoors), and I understand he cannot say too much...
  2. Great Asp

    Mustang drives off a canyon road

    Ford Mustang Driver Ignores Quarantine Orders, Ends Up Driving Off Cliff - Hot Rod Question, is that a real Boss? E
  3. Great Asp

    2014 Blk/Blk GT500 FS

    Car is SOLD!!!! as of 2-13-20 As I have another toy coming, I am selling my GT500 for $xx,xxx. I just do not think I will be driving it anymore. I ordered this car from Ford. The car has been adult driven, never smoked in, no accidents, it has never been to a track, never raced. In fact I...
  4. Great Asp

    There is no Climate Crisis - Tony Heller

    This is a very good watch with facts and data. It also gives you plenty of facts and data to fend off anyone that believes that the world will end in 12 years. E
  5. Great Asp

    Burnout and the backend scoots right

    In my 2014 Shelby, when I roll onto the gas and break the rears loose (changed to 3:73 gears and Nitto DRs), the rear slides right immediately. It's done this since I bought the car, curious what the fix is. E
  6. Great Asp

    My GT40 Build

    Not sure if many people saw my post in the tuning section (I had questions) but here is that thread So the beginning of June I ordered the roller, and today I received some early pictures of the car...
  7. Great Asp

    Need help deciding on an induction system GT40

    History, I currently own my third Superformance Cobra, 496 FE engine. So, I am looking to buy a new build (buying a roller then having the engine/manual trans installed) a Superformance GT40 that looks like this: I am going to use a 5.0 Coyote (some variant) for the power plant. To get...
  8. Great Asp

    SVTP Craps Players in here!

    So I went to Vegas this weekend for basketball and lit up the Bellagio craps table. $400 buy-in on a $15 table Friday night, I walked with $1,400 Saturday morning early I buy in for the $1,400 and light up the table again. Walk with $2,700! I can't stop smiling Any other craps players in...
  9. Great Asp

    HBO Watchmen

    Anyone else see this about the Watchmen in the HBO 2019 preview? Loved the movie. E
  10. Great Asp

    Just doing a favor for a buddy

    So I have a friend that is building a new house/garage and he asked me to store a couple of cars in my warehouse, so I said sure. When I came back from out of town look what was there. These are all original F-code Thunderbirds, with the copper color T-bird having "qualified" (not run)...
  11. Great Asp

    69 Mustang body on a 2014 Shelby chassis Hot Rod's website is slow, but a cool project! E
  12. Great Asp

    Based Stick Man

    LOL Poor Berkley babies get beat like wack-a-moles E
  13. Great Asp

    Just ordered my 2017 SD

    I just ordered a 2017 Super Duty Bronze Fire w/Caribou accent Power Stroke 6.7 Lariat Ultimate pkge 20" Chrome PVD alum wheels Moon roof block heater Rapid heat Chrome pkge Tow Tech Bundle They say I should have it by the end of October! E
  14. Great Asp

    I need some tire advice - getting rid of GY's

    I am going to get my mod on for the 2014 Shelby. My car is currently completely stock. This spring I plan on (all at once) do the following: 1. change to 3:73 FRPP rears 2. Install Stainless Works cat-back exhaust...
  15. Great Asp

    Alcoa Aluminum Wheels Care

    On my company trucks (F450's) we have Alcoa classic wheels We end up spending a lot of time trying to clean these as the jobsites we go on often have mud and worse. Is there a clear coat, or clear powder coat I should use on these? E
  16. Great Asp

    Deadmau5's Ferrari....ah no....

    oh boy... Enzo weeps in his grave..... E PS fan of Deadmau5 though, have pre-ordered new album
  17. Great Asp

    Wolfenstein: The New Order

    Nt1hjIMSGv0 "Wolfenstein: The New Order reignites the franchise widely recognized for pioneering the first-person shooter genre. Set in the 1960s, the monstrous Nazi regime has used mysterious advanced technology to win World War II. They now rule the globe with an iron fist. Wolfenstein: The...
  18. Great Asp

    Home Theater Build

    NOTE: Posted last night but it got bumped off in the DB change Thought I would share the build out for a home theater we are installing at our house. We have had a “Bonus Room” upstairs that we never found a good use for. It had a family room feel to it before, but no one liked to stay up...
  19. Great Asp

    I Frankenstein

    pxOSPfUw3qw E
  20. Great Asp

    Corvette truck crash

    Hope this is not a repost (I looked), a buddy sent this to me today. E
  21. Great Asp

    R.I.P.D. Trailer

    ibMV4ZOYHh4 Looks interesting... E
  22. Great Asp

    Ran a Viper GTS

    Last night leaving a cruise in Arnold driving the SPF Cobra (wgt and power in sig) I was headed north on I-55 at 70 mph and a grey Viper GTS passed me hard. I was not just going to let it go so I catch him and roll up along side. He did not look like he wanted any but we both were headed in...
  23. Great Asp

    oil leak behind passenger's front tire

    Just picked up my Blk/Blk 2014 and tonight (under 100 miles) I found a small amount of oil on the garage floor right behind the passengers front tire. Can not see where the oil is coming from and will take it to the dealer next week. The oil looks like engine oil, maybe thinner than engine...
  24. Great Asp

    2014 Ruby Red available

    2013 Ruby Red available While picking up my Black/Black 2014 I saw that Holzhauer Automotive in Nashville IL had this on the showroom floor. I do not represent these guys, just thought this might help someone looking. Ask for Rocky if you call there, he knows who I am. E
  25. Great Asp

    Looking to order 2014 GT500 - Need advice

    Fellow SVTP'rs, I am wanting to pull the trigger on ordering a 2014 GT500, just like this: 2014 Mustang P8J Shelby Coupe UA Black Q Shelby Recaro X Char/Blk/Blk 821A Equip Grp 99z 5.8 4V DOHC 44E 6-SPD Man Trans T39 P265/40/285/35 21B Man driver seat 425 50 State Emiss 3.31...