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    Misc Suspension Parts

    I have a few parts all in excellent condition, 2010 - 2014 Parts BMR Relocation Brackets SOLD BMR Upper Control Arm SOLD Maximum Motorsports Lower CA's $175.00 Shipped Make me an offer.
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    VMP Supercharger and other assorted stuff

    VMP Gen 2 with 200 miles on it, 2.4 Pulley. Excellent condition $2400.00 JLT Cai 123 with the same amount of time, $275.00 L&M 72 with Electronics. Was never used on my car, $300.00 I have some other stuff and will list in the next few days.
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    Looking for a Supercharger

    My TVS died on me and I'm wanting to upgrade. I have a 2011 Shelby and am looking preferably for a Whipple or Kenne Bell but will consider VMP also. PM me if you anything, thanks
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    Looking for Radials for my 17 x 4.5 rims.

    I'm new to the skinny's up front and want some opinion on what tires to get and where. I know that I'm wanting the 28" tall. What sizes can I get away with for street use? Thanks for any help.
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    Spec Billet Steel Flywheel

    Spec 8 Bolt Flywheel part number: SF84S Fits 99-Mid 2001 GT, 96-2004 Cobra, and 03-2004 Mach 1. $200 or best offer.
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    Ford Racing Throttle body

    Ford racing throttle body M-9926-CJ65. Excellent condition. $475.00 includes shipping.
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    2011 Shelby belt issues

    I bought a TVS off a 2013 Shelby and am doing the swap with mine. I'm having issues with the belt length. Neither the belt that came with it or the 2013 belt are long enough. Anything that ive read on the subject of swapping never mentioned that a different belt had to be bought. Has anyone here...
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    Most Popular Clutch and Pressure Plates right now for the Shelbys?

    I'm going to have to change the clutch and pressure plate out pretty soon in my 2011 GT500. Whats the most popular one out there for the street and occasional strip? I'm looking to Mod mine quite abit so I'm looking for around 900HP.
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    BlueEyedSnake are you going to send my Transmission to me?

    I sent you the Payment for your transmission on 7/9/2014 and as of now have received a shifter and a crossmember a couple of weeks ago. I've texted and pm'd you over and over and haven't received a reply. I made a mistake an paid with Google Wallet because of his positive feedback.... $2700.00...
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    WTB Leather Seats for my 2014

    I'm looking for some Leather seats for my Race Red mustang. I'd really love to find some Saddle Leather seats but am open to anything that will look good with my Red. If anyone has anything drop me a PM Thanks.