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  1. funkfords

    Would somebody be able to run a carfax?

    Hi I'm looking at a cobra to buy and I was just curious if somebody here can run the Carfax for me? Vin 1FAFP48Y14F104402 Thanks in advance. Sent from my Pixel 5 using the mobile app
  2. funkfords

    Rich Groh Racing Engines

    Hello, I'm looking to have my 4.6 3 valve built and was wondering if anybody had any experience with Rich Groh Racing Engines? Thanks in advance. Mike
  3. funkfords

    18" Centerline billet staggered wheel and tire combo

    I had this setup made for my 2005 Mustang. They look like a billet Salt Flat wheel. 18"x8", 18"x9.5" and 255/45-18, 295/45-18" Nitto 555's. I also mess with F-100's and this would be the perfect set-up for a crown vic. swap. They have the right wheel offsets. Wheels and tires only have about...
  4. funkfords

    Looking for a good standard 4.6 kellogg Cobra crankshaft

    I am in need of a good 4.6 Kellogg standard crankshaft. Must be standard.Thanks in advance.
  5. funkfords

    Fox body Mustang Weld wheels RTS S71 stagger set up Foxbody

    This is a brand new set up. Hate to sell but going with a 5 lug set up. This is for a 4 lug Foxbody Mustang. Has custom one-off billet center caps not the cheap Weld caps. Wheels are 15x4 and 15x8 rear tires are 275/50-R15 fronts are 165/80-R15. On car for less than 500 miles. Wheels have no...
  6. funkfords

    ISO late model 2009 or newer Ford 3 valve rebuildable cylinder heads

    Like the title says. I need a pair of rebuildable 3 valve cylinder heads. I will be sending them to fox lake. Only interested in the small plug 2009 and later heads. Must have good spark plug threads. Thanks Mike
  7. funkfords

    wanted. 4.6 to 5.0 stroker kit 3 valve

    I have 2005 gt that I would like to build a stroker motor for. I would like to use the Kellogg crank. It would be nice to find one of the saleen 5.0 kits. Thanks for the help. Mike