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  1. DoneItDeliberate

    The Commies Banned Me (again)

    The commies banned my 3rd Instagram account today for posting wrongthink. They told me they deleted my wrongthink post, and if I posted wrongthink again they'd delete my account. So I did what any liberty loving and self respecting American would do, and immediately reposted it after they warned...
  2. DoneItDeliberate

    One dead 4.6 3V

    I'm astonished that the rods didn't break.
  3. DoneItDeliberate

    FB Marketplace Insanity

    Too entertaining not to share: Sometimes I have hope for humanity and then I see things like this...
  4. DoneItDeliberate

    1980 Ford Bronco on BAT

    I like to torture myself and look at vehicles I can't afford. Found this one today:
  5. DoneItDeliberate

    Wrist watches

    I haven't worn a watch since I got my first pager in Jr. High, but I got one for my birthday this year and I really enjoy it. My GF bought me an "Arnie reissue" Seiko. SNJ 027 Here's Arnie in Commando with the OG Seiko: Here's Arnie in Predator with the OG version: Been wearing this...
  6. DoneItDeliberate

    Motorsports and automotive entertainment

    What type of motorsports do you like to watch/follow? I used to watch NASCAR, NHRA, Indy/Champ and F1 regularly but big corporate racing just doesn't do it for me anymore. I really despise the elimination of "the grey area" of the rule books, especially in F1 and NASCAR. The politics of F1 are...
  7. DoneItDeliberate

    Huge brake upgrade for S197 chassis

    Sorry for resurrecting an old thread. Has anyone tried this with S550 6 piston calipers (not GT350) from performance pack equipped cars? Here's a list of part numbers and prices from Rock Auto: MOTORCRAFT BRCF431 (left front caliper) $187.79 + $50 core MOTORCRAFT BRCF430 (right front caliper)...
  8. DoneItDeliberate

    When I saw this I could only think of one thing...

    All I could think of when I saw this was "Miss Davis, will you go to prom with me?". LOL
  9. DoneItDeliberate

    Suggestions for detailing supplies

    I'm looking for suggestions for wax and polish for my Performance White 2012 GT. I'm also open to any other suggestions for supplies that anyone has.
  10. DoneItDeliberate

    New member with a new to me 2012 GT

    I picked up a 32k miles, 2012 Mustang GT, M82, base with the Track Pack as the only option. Bought it from a friend who ordered the car new in 2011. My friend installed RTR 19" wheels, Steeda struts/shocks/lowering springs, adjustable panhard bar, GT500 steering wheel and axle back exhaust. The...