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  1. aarons04cobra

    WTB Cobras / Mach’s

    Looking to buy any 4v mustang for the right price. Specifically looking for 03/04 Cobra but will consider a Mach 1 or others. Vehicles in need of repair are ok. I am not paying retail pricing as I am buying with the intent to resell. Have cash in hand for anyone needing to sell quickly or has...
  2. aarons04cobra

    3.5 whipple pulley & stock caged lower

    Both parts are in good functional condition. Unknown miles on the lower but was in perfect working order upon removal. Whipple pulley was used for one dyno run with my 2.9 crusher and then removed. LOWER PULLEY SOLD 3.5 8 rib whipple pulley - $130 shipped Stock caged lower pulley - SOLD...
  3. aarons04cobra

    WTB upgraded supercharger belt tensioner

    Looking for an upgrade supercharger belt tensioner. Paypal ready. Thanks - Aaron
  4. aarons04cobra

    Looking for tan leather front seats for 99 cobra

    Looking for tan leather front seats to fit my 1999 cobra. 99 - 04 gt seats work also. Looking for something in good condition. Shoot me a text or DM if you have any you want to sell
  5. aarons04cobra

    Expansion tank trunk relocation kits - Whats everyones preference

    Want to relocate my coolant expansion tank to the trunk. Looking recommendations as to what kits everyone is using. Assuming everyone is running an upgraded intercooler pump? Any input is appreciated. Aaron
  6. aarons04cobra

    recommendations on t56 rebuild kits

    So of course i finally get my car built and get to the dyno and its getting stuck in fourth gear when ever put under load. I'm pulling the transmission tonight so I can get it rebuilt by mid next week. Who sells a good rebuild kit that they can get to me quickly?
  7. aarons04cobra

    WTB 3.0 whipple pulley

    As stated, looking for a 3.0 whipple pulley. good condition only. Paypal ready
  8. aarons04cobra

    whipple 2.9 chrusher throttle position sensor reading 18% @ idle

    Anyone had this issue before? I have a previous thread referenced below but it is never stated what the final TPS reading was. Any help is appreciated. Reference thread:
  9. aarons04cobra

    whipple belt size question

    I know this question is beat to death but there is no belt chart that gives me the information I need. Cobrabob and malcolm where both very helpful but we still can not determine an exact size. Running a whipple 2.9 with 3.5 upper, stock cobra tensioner, "3" 90mm idlers and "1" 100mm idler...
  10. aarons04cobra

    WTB: SCT x4 and upgraded radiator

    Want to buy an unmarried sct x4 and an aftermarket radiator in perfect condition also need wiring harness to run 05-09 gt500 mass air meter on 03 cobra paypal ready
  11. aarons04cobra

    Brand new SCT BA300

    SOLD Had bought this brand new from a vendor on this site. Too small for my application. Brand new in box. Only opened for pictures. $225 shipped
  12. aarons04cobra

    WTB: Radiator, id1300 injectors, metco idler kit,

    Looking for an aftermarket aluminum radiator, id1300 injectors prefer new but will consider a mint condition very low mileage set. Also need a metco idler kit paypal ready for the right deals.
  13. aarons04cobra

    Eaton supercharger and other misc. terminator parts

    For sale. True mileage is unknown. I have videos I can text the buyer of the rotor as well. All parts listed where functional upon removal Add shipping and pp fee's to all listed prices. If any of my prices are unfair make an offer. Eaton M112 supercharger sold aftermarket intake tube w/...
  14. aarons04cobra

    WTB Maximum Motorsports front coilovers

    As the add says, looking to buy a set of new or lightly used MM front coilovers. Need a set of black CC plates as well Paypal ready
  15. aarons04cobra

    Scott rod fabs engine bay panel install 03 sonic blue cobra

    Finished my engine bay this weekend. I went all out with the car this year "no part untouched, built 5.3, 2.9 whipple crusher, ported heads comp 3 cams etc etc." I could not stand the holes everywhere in the factory panels so decided to go this route. I have never done any real body wok before...
  16. aarons04cobra

    built motor / cams / 2.9 whipple crusher power estimate

    Almost finished with the new motor. car is just about ready to come together. Motor specs. 5.3 stroker shortblock, forged i beam rods w/ arp 2000 bolts, arp hardware across the board, mahle pistons "yes mahle not manley". Lightly ported heads w/ comp stage 3 cams. 9:5:1 compression...
  17. aarons04cobra

    WTB: VMP TVS , whipple 2.9 crusher, or whipple 3.4 crusher

    Ended up buying a new 2.9 crusher today. Thanks svtp
  18. aarons04cobra

    2005 cbr 600rr up for trade offers

  19. aarons04cobra

    Who wants to join the convoy to Mustang Week?

    Figured we would get a thread going and see who wants to join us on the drive to myrtle beach this year? As of now we are planning on leaving afternoon of Friday August 31st and driving through the night in order to arrive morning of Saturday September 1st. We are not intending on stopping to...
  20. aarons04cobra

    Manley H Beam rods? How much HP?

    Bumping up an extremely old thread. Curious over the past several years what kind of luck people have had running manley H beams with arp 2000 bolts? This thread was started in 2007 so figured there would be a lot more input by now. Reference thread...
  21. aarons04cobra

    WTB Head cooling mod

    Finishing up my build and realized i don't have an updated head cooling mod. If anyone has one available let me know before I just buy a new one Paypal ready. I don't check the forum often enough so text will be easiest. 603-583-1690
  22. aarons04cobra

    WTB: catless x pipe ffor 99-04 2v w/ stock manifolds

    As stated, I need a catless x pipe for 99-04 2v w/ stock manifolds. Paypal ready. 603-583-1690 Text is best way to contact me as i do not check the forums daily.
  23. aarons04cobra

    School me on rotating assemblies... school me on cams...

    So long story short, my cobra belonged to a close friend who passed away two years ago. His goal was to build this car to drop 4 digit power on the dyno on a PD blower. I am in the process of trying to make his dream come true. I do not intend to drive the car on the streets under full...
  24. aarons04cobra

    Need input on what to buy / where to buy it... 1000+ rwhp application

    So my motor is making a loud ticking from the top end. I am yet to disassemble and find the cause due wanting to build a new motor to reach my power goals. I am aiming to make 1000 RWHP running a 4 liter whipple and e85. I was thinking I will pull my motor and sell it to a friend, that way I can...
  25. aarons04cobra

    does anyone have a diagram of how vacuum lines should be organized after egr delete

    Hey everyone, Just did long tubes and egr delete on my cobra. I think I did something wrong because I am now reading zero boost on either of my gauges and the car now feels WAY down on power. It also feels like it may have a misfire now "car has been sitting for a year...