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  1. Stangra

    Mystery water leak?

    So after over a year of sitting with the cooling system apart, and having just completed my new VMP intercooler install, I fired her up for the 1st time last night. I noticed a slow drip coming from the block/bellhousing seam, apparently clear water. I had just filled the engine cooling system...
  2. Stangra

    J2Fab Intercooler hell

    First off, I’d like to think that I’m a reasonable, somewhat patient and understanding customer. I know a lot of vendors have been contending with multiple challenges during the past 1-1/2 years and delays have sometimes been part of the scenery. I’m also not one to openly badmouth people...
  3. Stangra

    WANTED: WTB: 2013-14 Mustang Roush High-Flow Lower Fascia Opening

    Sometimes also referred to as Lower Grille Delete. Roush part # 421393. It appears that Roush has discontinued this item and I'm late to the party. Also seems the vendor supply has dried up too? Several websites still list it but don't actually have inventory, I've bought & been refunded from...
  4. Stangra

    For Sale: DW-95 Injectors, VMP Fuel Pump Voltage Booster.

    Deatschwerks DW-95 Injectors $350 Shipped 17U-04-0095-8 | DeatschWerks, LLC I put 2000 mi. on them, until further upgrades w/a different Tuner had me replacing them recently. These Injectors today: Asking $350 Shipped ALSO: VMP Fuel Pump Voltage Booster, was new from VMP in January...
  5. Stangra

    Cooling/oil cooler question for supercharged Mustang GT

    I anticipated having to deal with a lot more heat from a supercharged car and have installed a Mishimoto performance radiator, 170° thermostat, VMP triple pass heat exchanger & Peirburg GT500 intercooler pump. While running HPDE at Thunderhill on Aug 3rd it was about 100°, 10 min. into my 3rd...
  6. Stangra

    Airbag Recall, anyone have any issues with results after work accomplished?

    A friend just had the passenger side airbag recall accomplished on his 2104 GT Premium and has been complaining about the fit and fair of the airbag door in the dash ever since. Heard rumors that the new airbag fits tighter and is pushing out on the door??? I'm getting ready to get mine done but...
  7. Stangra

    Heat Exchangers

    Looking for an upgrade to the Roush 2.3 TVS Heat Exchanger to keep heat soak down on road course. Thinking VPM triple pass, anybody running this? Or seen similar at a good price, Black Fri deals?
  8. Stangra

    Oil Catch Cans on Supercharged Coyote

    I'm curious what everyone's using to catch/separate oil from the crankcase vent. Anyone using MMR's Valve Cover PCV Breather Tank Separator Kit? I'm ordering some parts from them and considering adding this. Thoughts?
  9. Stangra

    Whipple 2.9L Stage 1 vs. Roush 2.3L Phase 1 ?

    I'm looking at different blower options for my '14 GT and sorting through a lot of info. Living in CA I need a set-up that can be smog legal. I kinda like the Whipple 2.9 but I'm wondering if it's really worth the extra bucks since I'll be running it on a basically stock coyote motor. Thoughts...