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  1. Smokey1226

    Looking for a 17x10

    Chrome Bullitt 99-04 style wheel? I know its not on the website, but i can't quite fit a 10.5" wheel, and i don't want to step up to the 18x10. I need 2, and will pay extra if i can get em? I need the 6.3 or close to it backspacing too THanks
  2. Smokey1226

    Old School Look New School Bark 66' Mustang Build

    We'll after a long process of fixing and building our car it finally came out of the shop last week. We still have a few small bugs to work out, but after changing just about every part/bolt/nut/wire on the car i totally expected bugs to show up eventually. Here was the shop owner backing the...
  3. Smokey1226

    2 Thumbs up to DTD

    I want to personally thank the guys and gals at DTD for all the help and awesome customer service. Without going into too much detail, i was impressed numerous times. I have a set of tires that need to be replaced and i know who i will be going through for those! Thanks again
  4. Smokey1226

    Thanks AM

    My 2 rear Rims came in today and they look great! pops loves them, ill be ordering my 2 front rims shortly thanks again :banana: DISCOUNT's FTW :rockon:
  5. Smokey1226

    Price Quote please

    With Discount :banana: Im looing to order a set of Rims, I need (2) #28114 and (2) #28089 Thank you, Chad
  6. Smokey1226

    WTB: T56 6-speed

    Must be in Great Condition, closer to Wisconsin the better! Lmk what you have but would like to buy the Trans/Bellhousing/Clutch/Cables if possible. Thanks, Chad
  7. Smokey1226

    Why old people shouldnt be driveing!

    This is taken at my parents Gas Station about 2 weeks ago, I was the guy behind the counter. There are 2 customers, and after seeing the thread below (which is about 10 minutes from our station) i thought i should post it.
  8. Smokey1226

    WTB: World Class T5

    From a 90-93 Fox 5.0 LMK Thanks
  9. Smokey1226

    WTB: 90-93 T5 transmission

    I need a T5 tranny out of any 5.0L 90-93' Mustang. Im located in South East WI, something close would be nice. Thanks
  10. Smokey1226

    How much to ship a shortblock (with internals)

    Just curious, i have a friend looking to ship me a shortblock that needs to be torn down and gone through for free. I just have to pay shipping from Canada to WI. Im guessing 400lbs+? Any ideas? Im hopeing less than $300?!?!
  11. Smokey1226

    How to justify money spent at young ages?

    I know this kind of topic comes up every once in awhile but im looking for insight from the elders! Looking back, how can/do you justify how much to spend being young exp on this type of expensive hobby? Luckily ive been very money smart growing up but with being young and haveing some big...
  12. Smokey1226

    The best digi Camera under $600

    I know this might not be the best place for this but most of the Photo guys check this section the most. I'm very close to buying a bundle package of the Nikon 40D. Great camera for starters, takes great pics, and the HDR is amazing. IDEAS?
  13. Smokey1226

    Saving money, buying a cheap DD idea?

    I know its late, and work + Humidity today = Teh brain suxors However....if i wanted to buy a bike for better Gas mileage would i really be getting anywhere? Small loan for the bike = Loan Intrest + new Licenses and fees + Value loss over the course of a year or so. Would that really come out...
  14. Smokey1226

    Photography people

    My parents recieved a really nice camera back when they built our house as a house warming present from my Grandparents. They wanted nothing to do with it for the last how many years so they gave it to me. I know its a really nice camera back in it's day and see recipets for over 1100 with the...
  15. Smokey1226

    Stock Brokers.....

    Question before i head into my local Fidelity Investments office tomorrow, on friday the market closed low and on one of my Mutal Funds that i have been looking to get into, dropped big. (15%) If i go in tomorrow at like noon/1pm will i still get it at the previous day's close which would...
  16. Smokey1226

    SE Wisconsin Guys Race fuel update!!!

    Well Guys/Gals its been a long process but i am so excited about the opportunity that i stuck with it and its now a reality! My Storage Unit arrived, I have everything setup with Vp and Torco. I have some deals in the works for Ethonal (E85 and E98!!!) Hopefully i can get some of that in...
  17. Smokey1226

    Race gas explosion temps?

    What im trying to figure out is if its even possible for race gas to explode being in something like a shed? I know it can get real hot inside one, hot enough to make the drum swell but i just dont think its possible for anythign to get hot enough for it to explode? These are in fully lined...
  18. Smokey1226

    Where to buy 5gal Fuel drums/pails

    Anyone know of a person or a company that makes these drums? Like the VP ones? I would like to buy quite a few but i need a source to buy from? And for a good price :pop:
  19. Smokey1226

    Transporting fuel, 5gal Cans

    I know it might very state to state, but i was told that there isn't a law about how many 5gal cans you can transport at a time. I know that with anything large like a 54gal drum you have to have hazmat license and what not. But i was told with 5gal's there is no limit. Anyone know for...
  20. Smokey1226

    Window Switch..

    Ok this isnt for a terminator but close enough, my driver side window switch must of been shorted by some water, but my unlock/lock/ passanger side work. The motor is fine because i can hear the clicking and dimming of the lights. However i took my door panel off, unscrewed the switches but im...
  21. Smokey1226

    Window Issue....

    My drivers side window doesnt go up or down. This just happened i shut the car off, then started it and it wont go anywhere. However my passanger side goes up and down? Obviously it cant be the motor. I was thinking maybe the fuse? but wouldnt they both go out? I need ideas?
  22. Smokey1226

    More Race Gas Questions.

    Im trying to do as much back ground searching as possible before i get in to deep. I have searched on Yahoo and google and havent found the the right info yet. I do have some questions i need answered... 1) IS there a law about putting race gas right into a car? Or why do most places make you...
  23. Smokey1226

    Race Gas Drums (need measurement)

    If anyone can do me a HUGE favor and measure a 20 gallon VP style Race Gas Drum. What i need to know is how many inches they are deep. So that i can build a steel cage to hold a bunch of drums. Im looking to be able to get (2) 20 gal drums deep and about 10 drums wide or so. Thanks, if not ill...
  24. Smokey1226

    Looking for a 427 block where would i go?

    Reason being my dad and I are possibly thinking about pulling the 289 out of our 66' stang and go with a 427 build. I figure if i can find an old 427 block we will have our machinest take it apart clean it up new goodies inside and throw it into the car. Should work with our setup, we are going...
  25. Smokey1226

    I need to know the size of an Alt. Post Nut?

    On an 02' Mustang Coupe how would i find out the correct size for the alternator post nut? I was unscrewing it and it fell somewhere and now i cant find it. So with that in mind how would i go about finding the correct size and nut?