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  1. JPKII

    Hope you don't have a package moving through Kalifornia

    Its not the thieves fault. The trains shouldn't be sitting there. Seriously, what if one of the thieves would've hurt themselves cutting the locks off? We don't need any more lost time accidents...
  2. JPKII

    "I just want to lay on a beach and relax" and other stupid vacations....

    Ironic. We are just starting this debate for spring vacation. Same boat... I have a dislike for most humans. So any of the touristy crap is off the table. And, yeah, one week. Quasi-working the entire week. 5,195 days until retirement...
  3. JPKII

    Dang! I've gotten punched by Covid!

    Glad to hear your feeling better Bob. Between 12/24 and 12/25 I had 13 family members at our house for dinner/parties. By Sunday 12/26 11 of the 13 were getting early signs (sore throats). Of those 11, 6 ultmiately Rapid tested positive for COVID. My Dad was the worst and ended up in the...
  4. JPKII

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    I think it's more realistic for someone with that sticker to want to PIIYB...
  5. JPKII

    Not having kids?

    Or like this:
  6. JPKII

    Not having kids?

    Like this:
  7. JPKII

    Wrist watches

    My wife and I were huge Citzen fans. The Blue Angel collection, Nighthawk Titanium, etc. Then I got an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. Nickname is Georg Simon. lol Now I have about a dozen Citizen watches that collect dust. lol.
  8. JPKII

    Let’s see your....Jeeps

    Our little beast. Too much fun...
  9. JPKII

    New ride straight from Munich

    Congratulations. Great ride. I've lived with the S58 in my X3MC for almost a year now. Can't wait until the '21 DME's are cracked so I can flash a tune via OBD. In my opinion, the power delivery really needs some tweaking. Top end is very good. Needs more torque down low.
  10. JPKII

    Motorsports and automotive entertainment

    Another Cleetus fan here. lol. Love what that guy has done. Other than that, drag racing of all kinds and anything dirt/clay open wheel.
  11. JPKII

    Love it give me some liberal tears.

    Yup. My daughter wanted to go downtown for dinner this weekend (Birthday). I saw the news about locking the city down. Guess where we *aren't* going for dinner this weekend.
  12. JPKII

    Motorcycles Riders and Helmets

    23 years riding. Always wore a full face, top brand (Arai) helmet. Personal choice. Shouldn't be a law. Although, I'd always tell folks, over 65 MPH the only differance a helmet makes is opened vs. closed casket... Organs are still just as usable.
  13. JPKII

    Some old guy T-boned me..ugh

    Our Rubicon took a hit in the passenger side rear corner (less than 4 weeks after delivery). An elderly lady drifted into the left turn lane and tagged us. Her car?? AFU. Needed to be towed off site. Our Jeep?? Broken tail light and buggered up quater panel. We drove it for 2 weeks while repair...
  14. JPKII

    Whole Home Generator, give me your 2 cents worth.

    Here is a good source for surplus equipment. All the way up into the megawatt ranges. lol
  15. JPKII

    Buying an existing business

    I'd add to the above great advice. This may be more on the side of negotiation rather whan "what to look for". Often times I see former owners have their final payments for the business tied to performance objectives/criteria you both create and agree to (including a timeline). That way the...
  16. JPKII

    GM Releases ZZ632 Big Block | 1,000HP on Pump Gas

    Anyone catch a price yet?
  17. JPKII

    Twin Turbo C6 Testing

    That is SICK!! Congrats on a great build.
  18. JPKII

    Who’s given up motorcycle riding?

    I've considered it. Unfortunately we have no places within a reasonable distance to ride. Logistics of packing everything up and driving an hour to an off-road park kinda kills that idea. If I had a few acres, I'd totally do it. But we live in a subdivision. We have enough asshats (illegally)...
  19. JPKII

    Who’s given up motorcycle riding?

    I've ridden since 1997. Bought my first bike, brand new, 1998 GSXR 750. First year for fuel injection. Probably not the best first bike, but hey, I made it. lol. Fast forward to September 2021, after 24 years of riding, I just sold my last two bikes and don't plan on getting another. :/ Many...
  20. JPKII

    Taking a shop to court

    The entire legal system is created, operated, and maintained by the very people who benefit the most from it. It is a massive scam. Yours Truly, Captain Obvious
  21. JPKII

    Taking a shop to court

    As others have stated, lawsuits aren't worth your time. I'm currently in the middle of a mid-seven-figure arbitration as the defendant in a product defect case. When this process started I was all about justice and making things right. A year on, I've made the realization that the only people...
  22. JPKII

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Low key??? Not at all. I've had some pretty dark thoughts about what I'd do to Captain Douche if that were my daughter...
  23. JPKII

    When you go 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and someone makes you look slow!

    I feel old: High school: Dude, that car runs 12's. That's insane!!! In my 20's: Dude, that car runs 10's. That's radical!!! In my 30'2: Dude, that car runs 9's. That's amazing!!! In my (late) 40's: Dude, that car runs 7's. Crap I'm old It *seems* so easy these days. You young whippersnappers...
  24. JPKII

    Has anyone shipped something big lately?

    I'd be less concerned with cost and more concerned with someone destroying it or loosing it in transit.