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  1. ATX5.0

    N/A Cam questions

    Save/spend a little more and go with a Paxton/vortech SC. Skip cams in my opinion. I went the NA tin can route on my gen1 and regret it.. thankfully I sold the car. boost ftw.
  2. ATX5.0

    o2 issue

    Yea man.. I hear that. It sucks. What LT header brand? I had nothing but issues with bbk LT. Wish I would have gone with a quality header, kooks, ARH.
  3. ATX5.0

    o2 issue

    Check with your tuner first is my advice. If replacing o2s.. go with oem motorcraft/Ford parts. I’ve had o2s fail in the past.
  4. ATX5.0

    Next fun car suggestions

    ‘17-19 s4 look baller and I’m sure wake up with bolt ons and E
  5. ATX5.0

    Next fun car suggestions

    I have the 10r80 in my f150. I would like a 2017 premium mustang but prices are nuts rn.
  6. ATX5.0

    Next fun car suggestions

    Adding a little to investments and savings. Will see in a year or two
  7. ATX5.0

    Next fun car suggestions

    I’ll look/drive several cars before I make a decision. It’ll be late next year into ‘23. I have my f150 for DD duty. Gt350 look really really good but concerned over the issues they have, even the ‘19-20s.
  8. ATX5.0

    Next fun car suggestions

    C6z are sick. I agree, prices are insane right know. Who knows what prices will be in a year or two.
  9. ATX5.0

    Next fun car suggestions

    Sold my ‘12 mustang Gt for what I wanted. I am at least 12-14mo away from getting into something else. I am looking for Suggestions for my next fun car. It would be a part time daily driver. 1. ‘16-17 5.0 premium, mt82 plus a supercharger - 600-650hp 2. ‘21/22 5.0 premium mt82 (would remain...
  10. ATX5.0

    Sold our home!

    I have a friend that lives in the driftwood area. Bad ass houses there for sure and great way of taking advantage of the ridiculous housing market.
  11. ATX5.0

    Ford ruining yet another name... LIGHTNING is back

    Couldn’t have said it better. I believe this upcoming truck will be gapping from light to light. I will be taking a hard look at trading in my ‘18 f150 for a new lightning.
  12. ATX5.0

    MT-82 Rebuild/Race spec

    How is the mt82 rebuild project going? I have a ‘12 5.0 mt82 and down the street from you, in the buda/Kyle area. My car is currently down for a new clutch and flywheel.
  13. ATX5.0

    Vipers getting job done at FL2K roll racing

    Calvo is down the street from me. Lucky for me I can’t shop there. Goes without saying that fast cars come out of this shop.
  14. ATX5.0

    How do you guys shave?

    Gillette cartridge and bruit aftershave ftw
  15. ATX5.0

    RAM TRX debut

    I’d take the TRX Hellcat Ram over the v6 raptor. Imagine pulling up to a stop light and gapping the ever living... out of a raptor. Looks are subjective, both look good but the god awful sound of the raptor is enough to stay away.
  16. ATX5.0

    15 inch vs 17 inch wheels for street use?

    I have a ‘12 5.0 mt82 NA on 15x10 with 555R and no issues at all. Car still spins in 2nd gear but controllable. I would think at your power level a M/T SS or Street R for the street. I use Hoosier QTP slicks only for the drag strip and would highly recommend.
  17. ATX5.0

    Which toy next?

    My vote is a C6Z HCI with a sticky tire, weld wheels etc.
  18. ATX5.0


    Sounds good man, thanks again for the info. Just waiting on that to install an rst clutch and flywheel
  19. ATX5.0


    Looking for a clutch slave cylinder/throw out bearing: pn# br3z-7a508-b for a ‘12 mustang 5.0 mt82 Was told on backorder but wanted to know if there is an ETA for this part yet? ty kindly Paul
  20. ATX5.0

    Miles ?

    87k miles on my ‘12 5.0 mt82. Rst clutch and flywheel going in soon.
  21. ATX5.0

    WTB Ford Slave Cylinder BR3Z-7A508-B

    I’m looking for one as well for a ‘12 5.0 if anyone knows someone/somewhere who has it. ty
  22. ATX5.0

    Grease - Summer Nights

    Down the street from you in Austin and it is blazing outside. I Use dove men’s bar soap. Makes me not want to drive the mustang before 9pm and after 9am.
  23. ATX5.0

    How light is your 11-14 car?

    maybe 1/4 tank of fuel and car is a manual transmission. that’s pretty good at 3400 I may just sell the car and get into a heads cam c6z.
  24. ATX5.0

    How light is your 11-14 car?

    ‘12 Mustang GT with brembo brakes. Lightweight radiator support, passenger seat out, rear seats out, drag pack, alum drive shaft, front bumper support out, suspension mods, Free- flowing exhaust, etc = 3260lbs without me in it. The goal is to get the car at 3150-3200lbs with a race seat, upr...
  25. ATX5.0

    UPR K-member

    Still available?