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    Brake Cooling Kit for 07-09 SVT Shelby Gt500 Mustang Ford

    Does anyone know where I cant get a set? anyone have experiance with them? Sorry it wasnt in title i was talking about rear break kit.
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    Fuel Injectors

    Is there a benefit to replacing my injectors since i have to seal a intake mani leak? I have a BBK cold air intake, side exhaust and new gear. That is basically it, are the stock injectors good enough or should i be lookin at something else. I have no idea about injectors.
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    Anyone running a Watts link??

    Please explain im thinking about gettin the MM Panhard bar. I read the watts link is overkill. Im open to my mind being changed
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    Whats a good wire Loom?

    I would love suggestions also. I use Ford Racing 9MM wire and the stock setup didn't ideal. I want something nice and clean. is there anything custom on the site someone did that is amazing. I tried searching but...
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    Steeda K Member or MM Panhard Bar

    Im Looking at upgrading my Cobra control arms to the 2004 ford racing set I found. At the same time I'm going to replace as much of my suspension bushings as I can. Im thinking energy suspension or prothane, Not sure which. I figured i can either change the K Member to the steeda unit Part...
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    Tuff Stuff or PA Performance Alternator?

    I’m looking at getting a new alternator on my car also. I want a good quality unit. I’ve read about some that are more high performance an less resistance an such. I’m not sure who makes the best unit. I’ve seen PA Tuff Mechman. I also saw something about the big 3 upgrade changing wires. Any...
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    Front Control Arms

    I tried searching forums but I didn't find much. I have reached the point where I need to replace the front control arm bushings. I told the shop that I am looking at putting more quality parts on (Better than Stock), they told me it would be better to just replace the whole control arm. As I...
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    1997 Cobra MMBK4F What do i use for the Front?

    I'm in the process of getting ready to do brakes on my 1997 Cobra SVT. I have decided that I'm going to use the MM front lines MMBK4F, but I'm not sure about the rear lines. I want something of similar quality as the MM lines. any suggestions?
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    Differential Cover

    I have a small leak in my 1997 Cobra rear end. I could fix it with just a new seal but figured now is the time to do some upgrades while I'm there. lets start off easy... what is the difference in the: M-4033-G2 - Ford Performance Differential Cover and M-4033-KA - Ford Performance Finned...
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    Best tires for 1997 Cobra

    So there are tons and tons of talk on the forum about rims and tires. I can't read every post so... My current set up is 17x9 255/45/17 and 17x10.5 285/40/17. I need to replace both my rims and tires. I have usually only ran BFgoodrich Tires on the car. I have the KDWS on the back but I hear...
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    Drive shaft suggestions

    So, Im in the rebuild years of my 1997 cobra. Just installed the new shocks bilstein HD's made a world of difference in the car. Im looking at upgrading the drive shaft and was looking at a few options Leave alone Carbon fiber Titanium (anyone done this??) aluminum Any suggestions would...
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    local Ford dealer wont clean IMRC plates

    My check engine light came on after a year worth of sitting in the garage on blocks for upgrades and tune-ups. I took it to my local ford dealer and had them test the computer and let me know what was wrong. They told me that my Intake gaskets were bad and needed replacing. well since I needed...