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    CCW Twisted Classics or Standard Classic!

    Looking at ordering my wheels this week and needed opinions! I simply cannot decide which pattern I prefer so if you have pics of twisted/traditional that also helps. The wheels will have polished hardware/lip/ and barrels but the center will be brushed tinted gloss.
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    Cannot Find Toyo R888R 305/35/18

    I am in search of a rear set of Toyo R888Rs in the 305/35/18 size. I am having difficulties finding anyone with these in stock. If you have a new set you would like to sell or know someone that has them in stock I am ready to purchase. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    WTB Metco Interchangeable Crank Pulley Kit

    Looking for this kit with both stock and 4# rings. Let me know what you have and what you want for it. Thanks
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    Fair Market Value 2003 30k mile Sonic Coupe?

    Forgive me in advance if this is posted in the wrong section but I am currently considering a 2003 Sonic Blue coupe with 30k miles. The car has an exhaust and tune nothing else is done to the car and its exterior condition is 9.5/10 interior 9.5/10. The interior is a parchment interior if that...
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    WTB Sonic Blue Coupe

    Like the title states I am in search of a very clean example of a Sonic Blue coupe. I would like something under 50k miles. It can have mods but I am not interested in a motor that has been opened up. I have cash in hand ready to buy at anytime and willing to travel. I am located in Utah...
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    WTB 03/04 SB or BlK Termi near UT

    I am looking for a CLEAN 03/04 Termi near UT (BLK or SB no others considered). If the price and condition is right ($20k and under) I will pay shipping to UT anywhere in the US. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks