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  1. TK1299

    Modified FPDM??

    I installed a 2.9 Whipple with supporting mods. I went with the 340lph DW pumps since they were a direct fit with the stock hat(I want to modify as little as possible). While data logging, my fuel pumps show to max at 4K rpms. My questions are: Could this actually not be the case, but the...
  2. TK1299

    Anyone know about the Lethal fuel pump voltage booster?

    I installed a Whipple on my terminator along with 80lb injectors and dual DW pumps. Tuner said I need a boost a pump. I came across the Lethal Performance plug and play 40 amp fuel pump voltage booster. Does anyone have experience with this and can you let me know if it’s a good option?
  3. TK1299

    Interesting video on differentials

    I came across this video and found it instructive and entertaining, and I thought I’d share.
  4. TK1299

    Need help….car doesn’t run like it did prior to washing

    Before I begin the story, I am well aware I was an idiot for doing what I did. I have served a two month penance for my poor decision, so there is no need to kick me while I am down. ok, so two months ago I bought an electric pressure washer and thought it would be a stupid idea to pressure...
  5. TK1299

    WANTED: 10th Anniversary Wheels

    I’m looking for a set of 10th anniversary wheels. Im hoping someone in this magnificent arena we call SVTP has a set they will sell.
  6. TK1299

    FS CCW Classics

    For Sale are a set of CCW Classics which I took off my low mile Terminator. The wheels and tires might have 1,000 miles total and are in excellent shape. The only issue is one of the center caps has a couple little gouges and the inner ring is a little marred. It fits the wheel just fine and...
  7. TK1299

    A/C and cooling issue.

    Has anyone heard of this problem or know what the cause is.... my 03 cobra’s AC will kick on and then blow warm, then sporadically will blow cold and warm again. I replaced the engine cooling fan assembly after it locked up recently and now the new one all of the sudden after running the AC...
  8. TK1299

    GT500 Jay Leno’s Garage

  9. TK1299

    Evaporator cooling fans- anyone know about them?

    i have a 2400 sqft garage that I want to cool. It is an enclosed metal building with full insulation. I was looking at an evaporator cooler to bring down temps, more specifically a Hessaire 92v. I have read they do not work in humid climates, I’m in Houston which invented humidity, and also...
  10. TK1299

    AC Compressor Clutch....need help

    I drove my Terminator to the gym the other morning. The temps were decent so I had the windows down and ac off. After my workout I drove to meet my wife for lunch, with the windows up and ac on. As I was driving I noticed the air from the vents got warm and I could smell a wire burning type...
  11. TK1299

    SVTP Cannonball Run

    My dream trip is to drive a mustang west on the old Route 66 to the pacific coast. I’ve wanted to do it for a long time and have decided to start planning the trip. Then it hit me, wouldn’t it be a good time to meet with other SVTP miscreants in an agreed upon midpoint and make the journey as...
  12. TK1299

    One word: Amazing

    Unbelievable accomplishment.
  13. TK1299

    Kennebell liquid cooled conversion?

    I will be shipping my 2.1 Flowzilla from my 93 Cobra to KB for a rebuild. I discovered they do liquid cooled conversions and I was wondering if it would benefit my car. I’ve read mixed reviews, some say it works, some say it doesn’t. Does anyone have knowledge and experience to help guide me in...
  14. TK1299

    White lettering on tires.... Ricer?

    I just purchased a set of CCW classics for my OW Terminator. What are your thoughts on white lettering? I think it can look classy depending on wheels/vehicle combo. This pic is an example of what I’m thinking.
  15. TK1299

    Comparable front tire to match the rear

    i am looking for new tires for my 93 Terminator. I’m currently interested in purchasing the Toyo Proxes 315/35r18 tires and was wondering what a comparable size front tire would go with it? I’d like the sidewalls to be the same size. Also, could you give a price if I were to order them through...
  16. TK1299

    My 1993 Cobra....

    I took my '93 out for little drive this evening. I took a couple vids and snapped a pic and wanted to share. I stopped by a local track on the way home. I had to pedal it a bit and didn't get too crazy
  17. TK1299

    Let's talk garage/shop lighting

    I have been looking at what lighting to install in my newly built shop. I know I want to go LED, but I'd like to know if anyone has knowledge of which is the best to get. I've been considering these:
  18. TK1299

    New Shop Build Thread

    I think all of us dream of having a shop to do man stuff in. Well, it is becoming a reality for me. I wanted to share the build progress with everyone, as I have enjoyed other member's build threads. The longest part so far it seems was the HOA approval and obtaining the plethora of permits...
  19. TK1299

    Server Issues

    is there a problem with the server? I'm trying to start a build thread but the pics are too large for the server. I've shrunk them and have posted larger photos before.
  20. TK1299

    Restomod Nova and my 93 Cobra

    its a hot and sunny day here in the northern suburbs of Houston. The temperature is in the nineties today, which is almost the temperature that detracts from the enjoyment of driving. In SE Texas, our driving season is when our northern brethren have thier cars stowed away to hibernate. I was...
  21. TK1299

    Eaton pulley removal tool

    anyone have an Eaton pulley removal tool I can use? I’ll pay shipping and whatever.
  22. TK1299

    Coast to Coast Radio Art Bell dead I used to listen to him treat all his crazy ass listeners as if they were sane. He was a very captivating radio host and delved into a lot of interesting topics.
  23. TK1299

    Saw the 2018 Bullit today

    I liked the previous Bullitts, but they didn’t really make me look twice. The new one is great looking and the paint is awesome. I really like this one
  24. TK1299

    93 Cobra vs C6 Vette

    It's a sunny and cold day here in the north Houston suburbs. The temp is in the low thirties which makes for great boost. I decided to take my 93 Cobra(the love of my life) to the gym today. While driving to the gym I was having fun breaking the tires loose in second and third. Not getting...
  25. TK1299

    People saying "Merry Christmas"

    have you noticed more people are saying "Merry Christmas" again instead of the PC "Happy Holidays"? I think I've heard "Merry Christmas" more this year than in recent memory. Perhaps the Trump effect has rippled it's way to the holidays.