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    Who's Ready for Some SVTP Hats???

    I'm down for one!
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    This is the ugliest ford ever

    I've seen multiple and driven one. They pack and impressive punch but they are so fugly. We were thinking about picking one up in a few years but after seeing the end result... No thanks.
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    Fake woke

    I've been listening to this guy for awhile now. Not super into rap but yes his message is freaking spot on and his music is actually good. My bias is most likely kicking in just cause I like his message. Follow him on youtube an rep him on facebook. People like him need our support more than...
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    SVTP member NV2L8ULUZ arrested for child molestation

    Buddy of mine is a magistrate and he deals with all kinds of cases. He oversaw the initial hearing of a guy charged with child molestation and supposedly they had enough evidence on him that there really wasn't much of a question on whether he did it or not. Buddy set his bail as high as he...
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    Any tires out there like BFG KDW2s?

    100% agree. I had a set and they looked good and rode decent but for actual performance they sucked. My nearly stock 2011 GT had problems hooking up with them.
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    Denting header on the car....

    The motor mounts may actually be the issue. I actually looked for a set when I still had rubbing as I thought I could find a set to raise the motor an 1/16-1/8" or so. Every set of motor mounts I found caused the motor to sit lower than the factory mounts. I never found one set the raised the...
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    Denting header on the car....

    I did a mixture of denting the header and putting a few washers under the motor mount.
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    Miami ?

    I didn't care that much for Miami when we went for our honeymoon. To many uppity people and people wanting to be uppity. Best part of Miami was watching some drunk dude still in his hotel uniform stumble around the beach and eventually pass out face down while the tide came in. On lookers...
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    SVTP stock pick thread.

    I think I'm going to put 10k in BABA. Anyone own or thinking about getting into with the drop in price because of the ANT IPO?
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    Time to refinance?

    We close on our refi Monday. 30 year @ 2.75% for $176k. Closing costs are $1800. A 15 year was available for %2.25
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    Ever run into a sleeper?

    My little 04 GT was somewhat of a sleeper back in the day. Looked mostly stock but ran 10.8s at @ 128 back in 07-08 time frame. Wasn't the fastest car ever but was a strong runner in our area back then. There were a handful of Ferraris, Lambos, and corvettes that I got their feelings hurt...
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    Starting to Get Cooler Out | Anyone Interested in an SVTP Jacket?

    I'd be interested in a hoodie if you do them again.
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    3D Printing

    We do a lot of 3D printing at my place of work. We have older industrial printer that ran 50k+ new. Its a workhorse and almost impossible to screw up a print job. The material is super expensive, it only prints ABS at max resolution of .007, and its SLOOOW. We just bought an Artemis from...
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    Seat upgrade alternatives to Ford Recaros?

    Those look nice but those bottom side bolsters are steep. Seems like it would be a PITA to get out of.
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    The Official Centrifugal Pulley/Boost Combo Thread!!!

    2011 Mustang GT 1. 4V Stock 2. ProCharger P1X Stage II Intercooled 3. Stock bore and stroke, 11:1 compression 4. Stock Heads 5. Stock Cams 6. Stock 7. Intercooled Air/Air 8. MBRP LT Headers, MBRP Catted H, MBRP Axle Back 9. 4.00" pulley, Stock 7.65" Crank Pulley 10. 11lbs @ 7200RPM 11. N/A 12...
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    Skip a vacation to work?

    My dad owned his own business (engineering and fabrication). I can't tell you how many birthdays and holidays he missed. I can't tell you how many vacations we went on where he worked most if not the entire vacation and he might as well not been there. He is a multi-millionaire with more money...
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    the rich: helping the family

    My dad has money and likes to "help". I have two half siblings, both in their 40s, that are completely worthless. He bails them out over and over again and it drives me crazy. I guarantee you he has given both well over $100k each over the years and thats just what I know of. Both siblings have...
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    Who's in the rental house business?

    I've got a rental that was my first house. 2.5 bedroom, 1.5bath, 1900 sq/ft. Renting it at $750 and had 50 phone calls on it the day I put it up to rent. Its old and needs some updates but isn't horrible. I manage it on my own. I will say that I've had good luck with my renters and have only...
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    War Department's new Mobile Command and Operations Control Center

    Nice ride. My wife has been looking at them. Also love the name, thats what my dad always called my mom when I was a kid.
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    If you could...

    Yes and no. I'm happy with where I am in life and I believe everything happens for a reason. I might not have met my wife if I had taken different paths in life. Same can be said for some friends I've met over the years. If I knew I could still keep those things,then yes, I'd do things...
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    Seat upgrade alternatives to Ford Recaros?

    I'm interested myself. I've also looked at TMI but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I've also looked at these. Corbeau Mustang Trailcat Seat w/ Black Stitching - Black Vinyl/Cloth - Pair 44902BB (79-19 All)
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    Any Blower Install Guru's (Indiana Area)

    Its not that bad of an install depending on what you go with. PM me if you are interested in a Procharger.
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    SVTP Challenge Coin

    Started playing in CAD. Need to finish the bottom half of the cobra.
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    Any Dave Ramsey fans in here or financial gurus? Need advice..

    Thats what I've read. Basically every 5 years after 30 you should increase your savings by 1X your income (30=1X, 35=2X, 40=3X, etc.) I started at a really young age and put a decent percentage away. I also didn't have student loans to worry about besides helping my wife a bit with hers. Thats...
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    Any Dave Ramsey fans in here or financial gurus? Need advice..

    It sounds like you are doing good. I would definitely get an ROTH IRA started ASAP. One nice thing about the ROTH IRAs is you can withdraw whatever you put in with no penalty, you just can't touch any of your gains. As for the car, if it is paid off I would keep it. For reference they say you...