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  1. Nukem1040

    24' Enclosed V Nose Trailer mods, come in

    I installed a Zeak winch kit, the battery box, and ran all the wires. When the truck is hooked up and running, it will charge the car battery inside for the winch and lights. What are you all using to mount the handheld winch remote on the wall? I ordered these LED strip lights which I'll be...
  2. Nukem1040

    Need CA/DMV Smog History

    I'm trying to get the history on my 93 Cobra's exact mileage and the only way I think I can get this evidence is from the DMV with the smog tests where the mileage is annotated every test. Going off Vehicle Test History - Bureau of Automotive Repair, these are the only records annotated. Does...
  3. Nukem1040

    WANTED: WTB 96-98 WHITE Cobra

    Where is everyone looking for these years for sale? This section seems a bit dead. I have a buddy’s 13yr old son that is saving his money and would like to get one soon before prices get ridiculous. His father will pay the rest of course. White only, preferably black interior. Mostly stock...
  4. Nukem1040

    Marti Report Prices JUMPED

    Venting some frustration because we own 3 Cobras and I enjoy getting all the Marti Reports on them. The Deluxe jumped from $35 to $55 and the simple production Stats (aka numbers) have jumped from $50 to $80!! I know he has employees to pay, but seriously, the Stats prices of numbers off a...
  5. Nukem1040

    Where are Cobra R #1's stored and any POC?

    I'd like to get in touch with the office that stores the R's and takes care of them. It's not in regards to the R's, but to get connected to wherever the rest of the SVT's are maintained at. I'm trying to hunt down a specific 93 Cobra Pre-Production. TIA
  6. Nukem1040

    How/who to contact at Ford on a 1993 Cobra now a Corporate Fleet vehicle?

    Trying to track down a 93 Cobra. Last registered in Dearborn in ‘94 as a Corporate Fleet Vehicle. Anyone have leads on this department at Ford in Dearborn? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Nukem1040

    GT350 Oil Pump Gear replacement Manual for TT?

    I’m going to be installing OPG’s and chain sprocket followed by the Hellion TT Sleeper kit. Can someone email me this Ford PDF manual (or link) on tearing apart the front of the engine and reinstalling? YouTube video for the guy using his manual. I emailed him but he never responded. Sent...
  8. Nukem1040

    1993 Cobra Pre-Production History and Photos Come on in

    Well, my wife and I recently purchased Pre-Production #12 (EY). I have found out ours was the Cobra test bed for CA with the Emissions and High Altitude package, making it one of it's own. Previous owner of 9+ years claims to have 175k. I hunted/stalked down the previous (3rd) owner and he had...
  9. Nukem1040

    Best place to buy AR-15, 5.56, and 9mm?

    As it says, who has the best prices and stocks AR-15’s, 5.56, and 9mm ammo online? Would like 300-500 rounds of 5.56. Couple hundred rounds of 9mm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Nukem1040

    WTB: Unmarried N-Gauge, boost controller, and all hardware.

    Looking for my '19 TT setup. I'm price shopping and need to see if there is a better private deal over new with holidays discount.
  11. Nukem1040

    Market N-Gauge questions

    Can someone point me to where guys are posting N-Gauges and boost controllers for sale? Yes, I searched N-gauges for sale and popped everything up with gauges. Looking for my ‘19 GT350. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Nukem1040

    WTB: N-gauge and boost controller

    Any good sales for Christmas? It’s for my ‘19 GT350 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Nukem1040

    Hellion TT Sleeper Kit

    I ordered my Sleeper kit with 62mm ball bearings, older years manifolds, sleeper pipe, and screamer compressor upgrade. Also ordered the oil pump gears and crank sprocket gear. Costed under $350 for these two parts. I got free shipping and $400 discount from my authorized Hellion distributor. PM...
  14. Nukem1040

    Sacramento Police Officer Question

    If this is illegal, please disregard. Trying to see if local Sacramento Police officers in here can legally help. We purchased a rare 93 Pre-Production Cobra and trying to track down this first owner (Alex T) after Ford sold it in 93. I’ve found few people on FB but don’t fit the possibilities...
  15. Nukem1040

    Enclosed Trailer Ramps over Wheel Wells?

    What did you guys do in making ramps over your wheel wells, or just stack 2x6’s on the floor to clear your door over the wheel well? I have a new 24’ Lark and wells are pretty high. Pic for attention. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Nukem1040

    Best deals on Lifted 2020 F250’s?

    I’m shopping around, kicking the idea, and seeing if any good Covid incentives are out there. Looking for a 2020 Diesel F250 Lariat or Platinum with a nice lift kit. Blue, Silver, grey, or white are the only colors. Any known dealerships that pump these out at good prices? I’m in Colorado...
  17. Nukem1040

    Any 2019 or 20 350R’s under sticker?

    Seeing as the market was thrown off with the 500’s, I’m looking to see if there are any great 350R deals floating around? I’ve seen the prices all over and the MSRP. There are about 3-4 under MSRP, on the East coast. Colors I’m looking for are Blue, Silver, or magnetic. Prefer not to have the...
  18. Nukem1040

    WTB 93 R

    Looking for one that's been raced and still near stock or just a higher miles. Not interested in roll cages, modifications, etc. $50k is my targeted price. 93Rs only please.
  19. Nukem1040

    Enclosed car transporter from Ft Worth to Colorado Springs?

    The plan was for me to drive down and get the car myself. With being out of state every weekend, back to back appointments, and pelvis surgery on the 27th, I won’t be able to pull this off for some time. Anyone know someone making a trip from there towards Denver? Or a good transporter? I called...
  20. Nukem1040

    Need a car shipped from Denver to Dallas/Ft Worth TX?

    Anyone looking to ship a car down from Denver to Fort Wort, TX area? I’m going down empty and coming back with a car. On the way back, I’d have room for an engine or other car parts. Looking to offset fuel costs and save you costs. I’m flying down on Feb 8th to look at the car and then schedule...
  21. Nukem1040

    Gary Jones GA Phone Number?

    I’m trying to get a good working phone number to ask about a car I’m looking at buying that Gary himself raced. I’m aware he passed but hopefully there is some archives on it. Gary Jones Motorsports, Inc | Vintage Mustang Specialist | Augusta, GA Motorsports Facility - Gary Jones Motorsports |...
  22. Nukem1040

    Best Collector Car Lending?

    Looking at getting a loan for a collector car. I did a quick google and APR% was all over. Who is the most recommended? I have great credit as I’m sure that matters. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Nukem1040

    Enclosed Car hauler Available WI to CO

    Admin, please delete if not authorized or move to correct sub-forum. My mustang buddy is hauling a car up to Lacrosse, Wi and coming back to Pueblo, CO empty. If anyone needs the services of something shipped, lmk. He can alter the route a little as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Nukem1040

    Best Fan Controller with Contour Dual Fans and SVE Rad

    I've posted up before on what the best fan/rad/controller set up for my Fox and was tossed here and there. I ended up with the Contour dual fans and SVE 3 core rad. What is your recommended fan controller that doesn't keep both on at all times, and turn on fan speeds as needed? Do you have a...
  25. Nukem1040

    Black Friday Sales?

    I'm specifically looking for Trickflow Valve covers with the filler neck for my Fox. I checked LMR and Summit, no luck. While we're at it, start posting all the other Black Friday deals for everyone else.