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  1. 04sleeper

    Cammed Gen5 Viper

    Quick idle of my 2015 Gen 5 Viper with Viper Exchange Stage 2 Heads/Cam/Exhaust Package.
  2. 04sleeper

    ~Different Kind Of Snake~

    Decided to go with a different kind of snake. 2015 Viper GT, Viper Exchange Stage 2 Package, Long Tubes, Full Exhaust, Etc. 5200 miles. Made 742/645 on an engine dyno. (660/670 RWHP) Picked it up on Wednesday and drove it 300 miles home. Went out and grabbed a few quick pictures and thought I...
  3. 04sleeper

    Local"ish" Texan Gets the "04sleeper Sauce"

    I had a guy local"ish" to me make the drive to have his car tuned in person. He lives about an hour from me but wanted to make sure the car was 100% and see if I could recommend anything while I was there. I saw him record a little bit but didn't realize he was making a video. Anyway, I found...
  4. 04sleeper

    Highest HP for VMP 2.3 Blower Stock Compression Motor?

    Just wondering what the Highest HP has been on a VMP 2.3 blower with a stock 8.5:1 motor? I have tuned tons of these combos and had a couple stand out. One stood out way above the rest and even had the track numbers/engine data to back it up.
  5. 04sleeper

    2014 Viper on BC Forged Wheels

    Buddy of mine cam by yesterday so I thought I would take a few pictures of his car. It's a fun car to drive!
  6. 04sleeper

    ~Few Fall Pictures~

    My old trusty Nikon D80 kicked the bucket so I got a new camera and decided to take a few pictures. And the money shot!
  7. 04sleeper

    2 New Pictures of the 1,000+ RWHP TT GT/CS

    It's been waaaaaay too long since I took some pictures. Got 2 done and the camera took a dump! But thought I would share.
  8. 04sleeper

    Made 1,016 RWHP Today On The Dyno!

    Finally got the car to the Dyno today and made a few pulls. Order goes 6.5 psi (Gate Pressure) 9.5 psi, 11.2 psi, 14.5 psi and 19 psi. And the video.
  9. 04sleeper

    New True Forged Inertia's on the Hellion TT GT/CS!

    Well decided to go back to a street set up, so I got with Steve at True Forged to whip up something a little different. Inertia's 20 X 9.5 fronts w/ 275/35/20 MT Street Comps and 20 X 11 w/ 305/35/20 MT ET/SS.
  10. 04sleeper

    2013 GT/CS Hellion Twin Turbo Dyno

    Friend of mine was having a Dyno Day at his shop so I figured I would put the car on the rollers and see what it would do. I do all street tuning so I didn't know what it would make. Very simple combo. 100% Stock Motor and Trans, Hellion Twin Kit, Fore Fuel System, ID1000's, E85, 100% Built and...
  11. 04sleeper

    2013 GT/CS Hellion Twin Turbo Back on the Dyno!

    Friend of mine was having a Dyno Day at his shop so I figured I would put the car on the rollers and see what it would do. Since I tune my car on the street, I wasn't sure what it was making. Very simple combo. 100% Stock Motor and Trans, Hellion Twin Kit, Fore Fuel System, ID1000's, E85, 100%...
  12. 04sleeper

    Few New Pictures of the TT GT/CS

    Grabbed a few shots the other evening. Thought I would share.
  13. 04sleeper

    New 2016 Triple Yellow EcoBoost

    Got the wife a new daily. EcoBoost, Pony Package. Thought I would share.
  14. 04sleeper

    2013 GT/CS Twin Turbo Pictures

    Went and grabbed a few pics today and thought I would share.
  15. 04sleeper

    Coyote Tuning Manual

    Just thought I would share if anyone is interested in tuning on the new Coyote's. Very informative book by Don LaSota! Lot's of great information. :read:
  16. 04sleeper

    ~Few Street Pulls Hellion TT Coyote~

    I was out testing my remote mic on my Go Pro and figured I would share. :beer: lt6bAoQAyx0
  17. 04sleeper

    ~New Drag Set Up! Weld RTS S77B's~

    Got a new drag set up for this year and figured it was time for some new pics. Wheels are Weld RTS S77B's 17X7 front w/ BFG 225/55/17's and 15X10 rear w/ M&H 275/60/15 DR's.
  18. 04sleeper

    First Time to the Track in the Hellion TT GT/CS

    I was finally able to make it out to the track and make a couple runs. I haven't run at the track in anything in about 8 years so I was rusty to say the least! Ha Ha. Still had a good time. 6 psi on the springs. First run tried to power brake the car and it just pushed through the lights...
  19. 04sleeper

    FS: Unlocked XCal3 Tuner

  20. 04sleeper

    FS: Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates New!

    I have a Brand New set of Maximun Motorsports Caster Camber Plates for sale. Don't need them. $175 Shipped Lower 48 States.
  21. 04sleeper

    ~Yagermeister's 2010 GT500!~

    Went out and did a photo shoot with Yagermeister yesterday. 2010 GT500. Thought I would share. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17)
  22. 04sleeper

    Picked Up A New 2014 Explorer Sport!

    Picked up a new daily for the wife. 2014 Explorer Sport. 3.5L EcoBoost AWD. Moon Roofs, Nav, BLIS, Leather, Loaded....
  23. 04sleeper

    8 Second Turbo Saleen Fox!

    Just got back from Florida and stayed with my buddy UNDFETED. Brought my camera and my GoPro so I thought I would share. Car is a 1988 Saleen with a 331, 80mm Turbo, 4R70W Trans, 17" Drag Radials. It is a true street car that can be driven anywhere with A/C, Power Steering, Stereo, Etc...
  24. 04sleeper

    Nice Pass for a Hellion TT Kit

    Saw this on FB. Thought I would share. E2aKYylMpHs With a "Soft" 1.53 60 ft, I'm sure there a lot left in it. :beer: Can't wait for a built motor so I can turn it up!
  25. 04sleeper

    Hellion TT 5.0 On The Dyno!

    Since I do all my own tuning and tune on the street, I haven't had a chance to get the car on the dyno until the other day. I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to break anything and I didn't want to go over 650 RWHP with the stock motor so I pulled a few degrees of timing out and made 2 quick...