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  1. Blown38

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Whats the"V" stand for? Really make them scratch their heads.
  2. Blown38

    Won't start without starting fluid, then idles at 2,000-2,200 rpm??

    Heres a pic of the hole missing the valve. Not sure If I still have the pic of the valve and cap. Ah still have it. You could probably just reach your hand back there and feel around for it.
  3. Blown38

    Won't start without starting fluid, then idles at 2,000-2,200 rpm??

    There is possibly an air bleed valve on the throttle body. It is located between the 2 bores next to the TP sensor. You will probably need to remove the TB to get to it, if it is straight up Mark 8 stuff with the verticle TB mount. There should be a rubber plug in the hole on top of the valve. I...
  4. Blown38

    2002 Hyundai Elantra - $2000 Challenge/Chump Car Build

    Oooo, if i have some free time I'd like to come down and watch! I could help crew if you needed/wanted.
  5. Blown38

    What to do when you aren't close to e85

    Here is the 30 gallon drum compared to the 5 gal jug and a 55 gal drum. The 30s fit in the back of my excursion so it works. The pump I use to transfer from the drum to the jugs in the pic also.
  6. Blown38

    What to do when you aren't close to e85

    I have two 30 gallon drums I fill up. Got them from a car wash. Its what the soap came in. They are a little easier to maneuver around.
  7. Blown38

    New weld rim failure

    Can you put some silicone on the inside to seal it up?
  8. Blown38

    Some upgrades for badcobra - Twin PTE 6870's, 6" Garrett intercooler

    That was a great race. Both started at the same time.
  9. Blown38

    Prayers Needed

    Prayers sent!
  10. Blown38

    Supercharging Tesla by Towing at 70MPH for 25 miles

    So you if you think you are stranded you aren't cause you just need a tow... lol just like anyone else with a break down. Genius thoughts!
  11. Blown38

    Cobra Jet action. ICE vs EV

    I just renewed a registration on a 15 fusion 2.0 EB and there was an extra tax tacked on. Don't recall what it was called but was dependent on the vehicles rated fuel mileage. So the better mileage the car gets the more tax you pay.
  12. Blown38

    2021 Carlisle PA Ford Nationals

    We didn't wear masks last year at this event :) Us hard core T Bird guys will be there!
  13. Blown38

    Musclecarresort & The BYEPOLR Notch Get Moody

    I like blue! Afco blue to match the shocks?
  14. Blown38

    Cancelled! - Shelby/SVT Shootout @ Cecil County Dragway

    Might try to make this with the Marauder/s. Will be at VMP Thursday thru Saturday for Outlaw Street Car Reunion.
  15. Blown38

    2002 Hyundai Elantra - $2000 Challenge/Chump Car Build

    Next time use the right size blades. ;) I like how you're giggling. It was pretty funny. That passenger side arm about swipes the whole windshield.
  16. Blown38

    2020 GT500 Dyno

    Nice! I've been to Vagwerks. Did they tell you what the V8 record was on their dyno?
  17. Blown38

    Musclecarresort & The BYEPOLR Notch Get Moody

    Weight distribution... cause driver? Edit, too slow.
  18. Blown38

    buddy in ICU

    So sorry to hear. Rest in peace Pete!
  19. Blown38

    buddy in ICU

    Praying for a speedy recovery.
  20. Blown38

    Official Clash of Clans SVTP thread

    I'm on rarely right now.
  21. Blown38

    Denting header on the car....

    Can you get a torch in there to heat it up red hot? When I did ours I heated it up and used a socket so it was a nice smooth dent lol. Header was out of the car tho.
  22. Blown38

    Let's see those REAL dogs...

    Clyde with his jacket on, then soaking up the sun at the shop. And the 2 knuckle heads chewing on some grass. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  23. Blown38

    97 Cobra Restomod - Snow Pony

    I pulled a back glass from a t bird once. It was the worst. One of these days I'll do it again so I can have defrost lines that work. Great job so far!
  24. Blown38

    Just placed an order for an Ultima RS

    Nice job so far! Looks sweet! Is there a vent at the top from tank to tank so you don't trap air filling from one side?