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    Happy New Year!

    With an old 21 Bronco in AntiMatter Blue. Reserved morning of 7/14/20.
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    Bronco Raptor 2022?

    Looks like the Raptor Bronco is showing up in order codes for the 22. Any more info @13COBRA
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    2024 Hopefully

    At this rate, the Brand New 2024 Bronco could be a 20th anniversary edition of their 04 Concept....
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    Cross shopping Charger HC RE WB v G80 M3 stick

    Am I crazy? I’m not seriously shopping but if a business goes through in 2 or 3 months I may be interested in a sporty family saloon. RedEye: 20x11 wheels 797hp looks great fits 5 comfortably, looks great, but it’s a big car, turning on a dime won’t happen. G80 M3: Over delivers with its...
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    The Bronco can Run...

    Parnelli Jones would be proud. Running 70+ mph off-road is something I did not expect. Don’t try this in your JL Skip to 6 min into video.
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    Bronco $695 3 yr Nav Option

    After building my Bronco order I was trying to figure out the difference between the Nav included in the High Pack and the $695 option with 3 yr nav subscription. Evidently(Nick can correct me if I'm wrong) the 3 yr subscription is just to have the Navigation connected to the FordPass App...
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    We have just reached total Anarchy!

    Never in my life did I believe this nation would just roll over. So anyone can have anything we just need to go take it? ‘Do As They Say’: Minneapolis Police Tell Residents To ‘Be Prepared To Give Up’ Personal Belongings To Robbers
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    Not the Cobra!

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    19 350R at VIR

    Steve Thompson, Ford Engineer, runs 2:00.57 at the 3.27 mile full course VIR. Is this a good time?
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    Manufacturer 84 at 0%

    With the fed dropping rates to 0 and Trump taking about cash to people now...Will auto manufacturers be tempted to place 0% 7 year loans to spur purchase during this economic downturn? Would the government back or nudge the industry in this direction? I don’t remember 6yr at 0% loans before...
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    Ford V Ferrari

    How is the movie? Want to see it a Sunday!
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    Vegas Media Event: 10/22/19

    Today it begins...
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    Ford equal to Junk?

    Moody's downgrades Ford to 'junk' status on weak outlook Junk long will the furniture salesman last? Fields was on short leash, why does this one seem to be longer?
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    Wait we have numbers finally?
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    New Notebook/Computer

    Going to go Mac this time. Trying to figure out what the best option for the money is. Ideally I want small and light 13 inch or less and 256gb want it to last 8-10 years Pro 13 $1499 need to add word MacBook $1299 needs word MacBook Air $1399 needs word iPad Pro 11 $949 has word need pencil...
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    Robin’s Garage?

    With the new Magnum PI this fall what vehicles should the wealthy novelist have at his estate? My choices: 488 Spider RS7 Ford Raptor If they add other vehicles: S8 DB11 Volante GT3RS Mclaren 570GT For the actual show it will be a ferrari commercial showcasing a new Black Portofino. Since...
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    Any 40+ LASIK individuals here?

    I’m looking at LASIK with the Alcon FS200 bladeless machine, however I’m 42 and can’t focus my eyes to read with my glasses on like I could just 3 years ago. If I have the surgury I will need reading glasses, if I don’t I simply take my glasses off to read. Generally I am active and outdoors a...
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    John Cena Money Problems?

    “According to the suit, for his part, Cena told the company he sold the car, along with other property, to pay bills.” Cena tried to flip his brand new Ford GT and now Ford has filed a lawsuit for breaking his...
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    Gorgeous Aston!

    The New Aston Martin broke cover today and I believe they out did themselves. How do they keep making them better looking? I want!!! I don’t even care what the performance specs are...
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    Who else got the X?

    Just picked it up. Need to upload Apple ID and iTunes. I will update soon.
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    Note 8

    Looking at the Note 8 yesterday. That phone looks amazing! Just can't stand Samsung. Oh well.... With the note 7 debacle and my personal experience with getting a busted s5 that Samsung would not fix, should try Samsung again? I have had nothing but good things since my switch to the iPhone...
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    991.2 GT3 PDK Independent Ring Time 7.18.20

    With the new ZL1 lap time up I took a look to see if the GT3 had a video from independent SportAuto, they did. They ran 6 secs slower than the Porsche factory time(side note, they ran 6 sec slower on their GT2RS as well), however the time is still screaming on this track. Enjoy
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    Congrats DBK!

    DBK has just received his New Ford GT. His work and dedication to the popularity and growth of the first Ford GT road car back in 2005, speaks volumes. Cheers!! Amazing Color Choice...
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    First 17 GT delivery been posted yet?

    Meanwhile in Detroit Ford delivered its first customer 2017 Ford GT... Thanks DBK for the pics!
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    Hacksaw Ridge

    What an amazing story. Desmond Doss risked jail/dishonaroble discharge in a war he did not have to join. He volunteered, simply to save lives nothing more. Giving his life, his blood, his pain, was worthy if he could save one life. He nevered wavered about convictions of his life, faith. The...