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  1. jshen

    Norton Internet Security- what a rip-off!!! Any alternatives??

    Raised service from 29 per year to over a $100. Damn the money grubbers. Does anyone have any viable alternatives?
  2. jshen

    GNC - What's up?

    Does any member order from GNC??? I place orders for protein and almost immediately get return message " cannot complete order"...I did a little research only to find GNC went bankrupt and now owned by Chinese...
  3. jshen

    Two FBI Agents Killed, Three Wounded in Fla

    Apparently, the agents were going to serve a search warrant for child porn perp in a Fla neighborhood. As we know serving warrants is one of the most dangerous things to do as there is always the unexpected! Really sad!! RIP
  4. jshen


    After all these years of doing absolutely nothing to this car- including advertising- now there is an onslaught of the "new IS" commercials. It's as though folks at Lexus suddenly remembered - hey we have an IS and it has remained unattended like the long gone Chevrolet SS. I can't think of...
  5. jshen

    Retired LEOs! Giving up your firearms?

    We're retired- not supposed to be cops anymore- jus none of the Dems have a clue..that former perps have a memory, will get out of jail..Their families hate you for "ruining things". Can you walk in to a Walmart, grocery store and not see "familiar faces". Or worse, have you been encountered...
  6. jshen

    Investing in Alibaba?

    Chinese CEO and founder Jack Ma..has been reported "missing" for two months. Appears he made an economic/political statement calling for reform...
  7. jshen

    The Bradshaw Bunch reality TV Opinions?

    Terry Bradshaw, in my opinion, the best QB to ever play the game. A legend!! Four superbowl rings, played for the Steelers. County western singer "singing quarterback", actor with Burt Reynolds, talk show host, game show commentator, now has a reality show..and it aired last night. Curious...
  8. jshen

    Cops from the Old Days?

    Anyone here an LEO in the 70s or early 80s? Laws were different and equipment different. I come from the Atlanta area..Back then perfectly legal (and taught by the Ga Police Academy) to shoot fleeing felons...Was taught by Academy...people trying to elude officers in cars...fair game to shoot...
  9. jshen

    Princess Harry-whipped or not?

    This guy has turned into an absolute whoose....His wife runs that marriage and he is giving up his place in the family for her? She's screwed over her own family and now working on Mr. Limp Wrist...When single he was a fun guy and now she has his testicals....
  10. jshen

    Motor Oil grades- educate me please

    I just bought a Genesis G70 3.3 turbo car and the manufacturers book says use "ACEA A5 or ABOVE".....5/30 I understand...but what in the hell is ABOVE ACEA A5????? I spent an hour googling this and still don't have an answer... Guys, I am old geezer and all these grades/classifications are...
  11. jshen

    Panzer bullpup shotgun-need advice

    I purchased one and like the gun but loading 12 gauge ammo into new clips is a pain in the butt! Anyone have one or can offer advice on breaking in the clips and breaking in this firearm- jams with high brass but feeds low brass. I see dent in side of casing when hanging up. If I can get...
  12. jshen

    Barrett-Jackson Auction

    Does anyone get annoyed with the Non-Stop BS commentators on these Online Auctions. I have been following Barrett-Jackson as well as Mecum 4 years and after a while I have to turn it off because the commentators just won't shut up!
  13. jshen


    What would happen if these companies turned over all of their DNA sequencing and results to a government? Foreign govt.? Has anyone thought about the removal of any privacy rights you may still have. The power of the federal govt is beyond most people's imagination....I don't think I'll...
  14. jshen

    Genesis 70 vs. Fusion

    Okay Ford...Genesis is coming with 3.3 365hp car- similar in size to Fusion....Now is the time to conquer the market with a 3.5 ecoboost with at least a 425 hp version awd car......Think about it!!!! You would dominate this market and leave GM, Dodge and foreign cars the dust...
  15. jshen

    Dealer Cost v Invoice on Hellcat

    My dealer is sitting on about 10-12 Hellcats he cannot move... Sticker is out of the question and after taking a spirited test drive...I am thinking of an offer of at least 10k off sticker. Can I do better???? Thoughts please..and thanks in advance. By the way I see no differenced between 16...
  16. jshen

    Help needed gun experts- bullet stuck in chamber

    I was cleaning a Bushmaster M-7 223 rifle and noticed a bullet had parted from the casing and lodged in rifle chamber!! It is not a round that fired, as a new round will not chamber..This is the first time in 50 years I have seen this and attribute it to cheap ammo and poor gun handler- me...
  17. jshen

    Ford Fusion Sport- A good sign of times to come?

    The recently announced Ford Fusion Sport- with 325hp/380 lb.ft. torque in a compact sedan priced at $33,000 can only mean good things to all. This car sounds like one I want to test drive and if runs...I suspect GM and Dodge will be quick to jump into the market as their SS and Charge is both...
  18. jshen

    Traveling to Bay area- Help please

    I HAVE to go to upper California for a family issue and am coming from the deep ass south...Which airport is easiest to get to and out of by rental car...San Fran-X or Oakland....Thanks all.
  19. jshen

    Nascar, confederate battle flag and our rights

    I am an old goat and have seen a lot in my days. However, I have never witnessed the medias destruction of everything southern- until now. The focus is on a Confederate battle flag that 150 yrs later, these twits want to remove and forget. Hell, I don't care whether your from the South or...
  20. jshen

    Whacko Waco

    In what sounds like a pre-planed brawl, bunch of biker folks killed and hopefully no innocent civilians. With the mgr refusing to cooperate with police in advance on the gathering, and the police BBQing his butt on TV...Is this the end to the Hooters competitors that Richard Rawlings (Gas Monky...
  21. jshen

    Help is needed please for telemarketer

    I am sure you all get annoyed with harassing phone calls from an Indian speaking dude who wants Windows info or wants info about a "loan"- that I don't have. This POS has called me 50 times in the last few days and today this dude forgot to hit call block...He is from Chicago...312-945-7604...
  22. jshen

    After Market HID kits- Lexus

    I don't know where to turn here. Long story short- I have a 2004 Lexus ES with only 28,000 miles and I want to upgrade to HID. Kits are available but bulb goes in original lights. The say just plug and play with ballasts. Can anyone provide advice on kits, install or whether I should take it...
  23. jshen

    Ferguson Officer Resigns

    I cannot imagine the horror going through this guys mind right now. Given all that has happened and the lunatic groups hell-bent on getting this officer, now he resigns. We all know the "O" mentality and the AG! They want him crucified- as does the governor. I predict a criminal civil rights...
  24. jshen

    Ford's New Performance Car??

    Just released in Left Lane News: "A few brief teaser angles show a "Powered by Ford" engine, aluminum pedals, alloy wheels and black grille. The segment ends with the low rumble of an idling engine...
  25. jshen

    State v. Zimmerman- Fair Trial???

    I hear the trial of Zimmerman starts tomorrow and do you think he will get a fair trial? With all the publicity about Trayon..and his mother appearing on the view, plus a judge who appears to have thrown up more roadblocks to the defense than imaginable I get the feeling this guy is toast...