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    WANTED: True Forged Wheels

    Looking for a set of True Forged anniversary style wheels (possibly open to other styles). Example pictured below. I’m located in central Ohio, but will to travel or pay shipping for a set that catches my eye.
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    WANTED: Grey Insert Seats for Coupe

    Looking to buy a clean set of 03/04 coupe seats, with the grey inserts in them. I’m located in central Ohio, and would be willing to meet within a reasonable distance.
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    FOR SALE: High Volume Oil Pump and Pickup Tube

    Selling a brand new Ford high volume oil pump (Part Number M-6600-D46). stock replacement for 99-04 4v 4.6 motors, and an upgrade for 2v 4.6 motors. Asking $60 Shipped for it.
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    WANTED: KB Low Vacuum Bypass Valve

    I cammed my motor, so I am looking to purchase a low vacuum bypass valve for my 2.8 KB. Does anyone happen to have one they would be willing to sell?
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    WANTED: 03/04 Engine Bolts

    Does anyone have a set of timing cover bolts, IC adapter to lower intake manifold bolts, and the bolts to bolt up the power steering reservoir that they’d sell? Or can point me in the right direction on where to acquire these?
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    FIC 1000 Injector Limits

    I am putting together my motor to go back into my car. My setup is a Fore Level 2 system, twin 465 pumps, FIC 1000 injectors (they’re 95lb), comp cams (XE266BH-116 grind), a 2.8 KenneBell Mammoth blower with a 3.5 upper pulley and stock lower (for now) mid length headers, off road X-pipe, etc...
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    Fuel Rails for KenneBell Mammoth

    Does anyone here know what fuel rails will fit under the inlet of a 2.8 KenneBell Mammoth? I currently have Fore Fuel rails, but even under my 2.3 Whipple, it was a tight fit. Not sure how it’s going to fit under this KB.
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    FOR SALE: High Volume Oil Pump and Pickup Tube

    Selling a brand new Ford Performance High volume oil pump and pickup tube. Part number M-6600-D46 Asking $80 shipped with PayPal fees included. Located in Central Ohio.
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    FOR SALE: Diablo Sport Mafia

    Selling a used Diablo Sport Mafia out of a 2004 Cobra. Asking $150 shipped.
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    WANTED: IRS Driver Side Knuckle

    I am in need of a driver side knuckle for my IRS in my 03 Cobra. Any help finding one would be much appreciated, thank you.
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    Stage 1 Comp Cams sound clips?

    Looking to buy a set of comp cams from a fellow cobra owner, and I’m trying to see if anyone has any sound clips from a 03/04 car with stage 1 blower cams in it. The cams I’m looking at are supposedly a stage “1.5” based on the cam specs. Anyone know if they think these will make some decent...
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    WANTED: Low Mile Front Bilstein Struts

    Looking to buy a set of low mile Bilstein struts if anyone has any.
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    WANTED: Intercooler Expansion Tank

    Before I buy new, does anyone have a coolant expansion tank they’re wanting to sell?
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    WANTED: Anniversary Steering Wheel

    I would like to buy a clean anniversary steering wheel for my cobra. Thank you. Located in central Ohio.
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    Comp Cams for 2003 Cobra

    I’ve got my motor apart, and I’m wanting to cam it. I’d like to get a set of comp cams, but I’ve spoken to a few people about if the current “stage 3” cams need valve reliefs, or if I can use my stock pistons. I also want to get an idea of the driveability Is actually going to suffer as much as...
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    WANTED: Aftermarket Cams

    Looking to see if anyone has a set of aftermarket forced induction cams for a 03-04 Cobra they’d like to sell. Was looking for Comp Cam stage 2-3 blower cams, or something else along those lines. Located in Central Ohio, willing to travel within a reasonable distance, and pay for shipping on...
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    Looking to see if anyone has a complete metco crank pulley kit, preferably with the stock size ring. I will buy the kit without the ring if need be!
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    WANTED: Cobra Engineering Head Cooling Mod

    I am trying to purchase the cobra engineering head cooling mod for my cobra, and I do not seem to be able to get in contact with anyone from cobra engineering when their site says none are available. Does anyone here have one they would be willing to sell?
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    WANTED: ATS Brembo Kit

    Looking to see if anyone happens to have a ATS Brembo conversion kit they would like to sell before I start piecing one together myself. Thank you Located in central Ohio. I will cover shipping, or can meet within a reasonable distance.
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    WANTED: VFN Cajun Pro Hood

    Looking to buy a Vfn Cajun Pro hood. Located in central Ohio, willing to pay for shipping if need be. Color does not matter. Picture for reference.
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    FOR SALE: Kenne Bell Mammoth

    Selling a low mile 2.8 Kenne Bell Mammoth supercharger. Has a little less than 2,500 miles on the blower to my knowledge. Currently has a 3.5” diameter pulley on it. Rotors look clean, and spin freely. I have a video I can send showing the rotors spinning as well. The blower comes with...
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    Kenne Bell Identification

    I have what I thought was a 2.8L Kenne Bell Mammoth Supercharger, but I want to know whether this is a 2.8 or a 3.2 Mammoth. There is a serial code of some kind on the side that reads “C 81236 H”. Have not found a definitive answer on what exactly this blower is. Any help would be appreciated.
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    WANTED: Silver BilletFlow Pulleys

    Looking to buy silver colored BilletFlow idler pulleys that BilletFlow used to make a few years back. didn’t k ow if anyone has any laying around that they aren’t using and would like to sell.
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    WANTED: WTB High Mileage 03/04 Cobra Coupe

    Looking to buy a high mileage Cobra coupe in torch red, Mineral Grey, or DSG. Clean title is a must, no salvage title cars. Mileage doesn’t matter as long as the engine is healthy. Looking to spend around $15,000 for the right car. Located in central Ohio, willing to travel for the right car.
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    WANTED: BilletFlow Throttle Body

    Want to buy a (preferably black) BilletFlow throttle body that I want to use on my 2.3 Whipple If anyone has a dragon throttle body, I would consider that as well. Thank you.