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    Auto Transport Recommendations

    Hey! In the middle of purchasing a new vehicle in Iowa to be sent to Florida. Looking for recommendations for any transport companies you have worked with. Doesn't need to be covered. Or I guess companies to avoid would work too.
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    Silicone Wedding Ring

    Just trying to see if anyone has made the switch over to a silicone wedding ring. I'm on the fence about buying one. I cannot stand wearing jewelry at all, I don't own any jewelry, rings or necklaces. Heck I don't even own a watch (I used to have a pocket watch as a kid). Wearing my wedding...
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    Anyone else over the Christmas stress already?

    Perhaps, I am over the material possessions part. Since my wife's parents and my parents are divorced, we try to see everyone on either Christmas Eve or Christmas day. This part doesn't stress me. The part that does? Getting gifts for everyone. We will easily spend $500-$600 on family members...
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    Graphics Software/App for Mac's?

    Does anyone have a program for their Mac book to do graphics/logo work? At the point where I spend enough time telling graphics companies what I want done, only to have my ideas come back butchered. It's just a waste of my time and their time. Most of my marketing is simple, however I...
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    So, we are going to Hawaii for 2 weeks in the beginning of July. Just looked at our plane tickets, looks like we fly into Kauai on July 4th and fly out on the 15th. Flying in for my father's wedding, he rented a house for a week there. So we will stay for a week on Kauai, so I would love a few...
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    Where would you go on vacation next?

    The catch, you have to stay in the contiguous 48 United States and you have a week to go. Where would you want to travel to and why? Trying to hit all 50 states in my lifetime. I think I'm around 26, but I wouldn't mind going back. We went to Alaska last year and Hawaii will be this summer. My...
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    CNC Router

    Anyone own or work with CNC routers on a daily basis? Looking to purchase a CNC machine in the next couple months to manufacture an even better product than we currently are as well as eliminate a few steps. I know I want a 5X10 working area at least, will be doing drilling and cutting of arch...
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    Anyone else feel that texting a customer is unprofessional? Texting between employees or a customer I have developed a relationship seems fine. I always let the customer text me first, however I prefer an email or phone call. However, texting a brand new client seems very unprofessional. To...
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    2011 Twin Turbo *957*RWHP

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    Alaskan Cruise Advice

    Has anyone been on an Alaskan Cruise that could offer advice or their experience? Looking to take a Honeymoon Alaskan Cruise at the end of June. Really trying to figure out which type of cruise to take just Sea or Land and Sea. Just trying to find out if it's worth the extra money to spend 3...
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    Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

    As we all know, when you drive a mustang everyone tries to pick a race with you. Last night on my way home after a night out with friends, I was riding home with the windows down listening to music enjoying the cool weather. Sitting at light all by myself, I see a single headlight approaching...
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    6r80 Swap into a Foxbody (Coyote Powered)

    Currently collecting parts for my coyote swap. However, my car is a manual. I've been trying to find someone who has done a successful swap to ask questions. I've searched the forum and come up empty handed. Any help would be great. Thanks, Tyler