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  1. 03LCalgaryAB

    Coolest gift items

    Check out this website, it has some pretty cool stuff. This Is Why I'm Broke
  2. 03LCalgaryAB

    07 Mustang "Harley Davitson" sweeet

    I was browsing the local adds and found this sweet ride. Looks to be a limited edition wide body, Shelby, Harley Davitson..:bash: 2007 Ford Mustang prototype - Calgary Cars For Sale - Kijiji Calgary Canada. and he wants $50k for it.
  3. 03LCalgaryAB

    Does anyone else get this error?

    It just started to happen today and sometimes this pops up after clicking/replying to threads So is it just me?
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    C&L plenum w/ EGR block off plate

    I have for sale a brand new, never installed C&L plenum with an EGR delete plate. It has been spray painted grey as I wanted it to have a stock look. I'm looking for $220 shipped. Paypal only. Will ship insured and tracked to Canada & USA via Canada post. Will post pics tonight. Thanks!
  5. 03LCalgaryAB

    Question to those with a KB/Whipple

    So I've been throwing around the idea of installing the 2.3L KB i have sitting in the garage, but I have a couple questions/concerns. I plan on running my 6# lower with a 3.5" upper, that should net me around 14-15# of boost i think. All i really need to complete the puzzel are the twin 255's...
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    The Big Green Egg - charcoal bbq. Who has one?

    So I've been on the hunt for a Father's day present and decided that a new bbq is in order. I have heard good things about this "Big Green Egg" bbq, the only thing is that I've never used charcoal. Do any of you have a Big Green Egg or similar style bbq. (ex big steel keg, kamado style bbq)...
  7. 03LCalgaryAB

    WTB- one 03/04 wheel - any decent cond.

    Hi, I am looking for 1 03/04 style wheel preferably without a tire so shipping is less. It doesn't need to be perfect since it will be powder coated black. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  8. 03LCalgaryAB

    Just placed an order. Too bad you cant ship Nitto's up to Canada.

    I decided it was time to get new tires before spring time. Too bad you can't ship NITTO's up here :( So I opted for some Hankooks instead. They should last me a good couple years. Great service on the phone btw. Thanks DTD
  9. 03LCalgaryAB

    Can the Heaton be overspun at these temps?

    So do you think one could over spin the Heaton at these temps? -25*F.. or for us Canucks -32*C :eek:
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    Met up with Taunto last weekend. Took some pics.

    Just sharing some pics I took while at the car show with "Taunto" Hopefully its safe to post in the GEN2 section since there are some pics of L's :) I got my wheels PCd over the winter. They turned out great. These are some of the photos...
  11. 03LCalgaryAB

    For you Malibu boat fans, chk this out!

    I've been searching boats recently and stumbled upon this. Pretty bad ass boat. 08 Malibu 20' Corvette Z06 1 of 2 yellow boats made:eBay Motors (item 270401942481 end time Jun-09-09 19:05:57 PDT) Hopefully it is not a repost.
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    quick T-stat question. Will it work?

    Hey fellas, Truck recently threw a P0125 code when I was on the freeway. Engine temps looked fine and I had no troubles driving it in -30. It was my 1st time on the freeway since winter. :shrug: I have since cleared the code and it has not returned. Anywho, I was about to replace the...
  13. 03LCalgaryAB

    Raptor posters anyone?

    Just letting you raptor fans know that I have some promo posters for sale. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
  14. 03LCalgaryAB

    Ford SVT Raptor Posters

    Hey guys & gals. I have 7 of these posters up for sale. They are roughly 3' x 2' and are double sided. Here are a couple pics of them. I was thinking of letting them go for $10 each. I will go halfers on shipping, however much it may be. I will ship them in the poster tubes. If you are...
  15. 03LCalgaryAB

    quick KB question

    Hi guys & gals, Quick question about the pulley bolt on a KB. Is this a right hand thread, lefty loosy, righty tighty bolt? I want to be sure before i go beating on it. and secondly, Is there any other way to remove the pulley without the use of the pulley remover tool. Thanks in...
  16. 03LCalgaryAB

    WTB KB 2.3L 3.5" pulley

    Sup, As the title says, I'm looking for a 3.5" pulley for a 2.3L KB. Thanks
  17. 03LCalgaryAB

    2.3L KB pulley chart?

    Hi guys, Is there a KB pulley conversion chart? I'm picking up a 2.3L KB :banana: and it currently has a 2.75" pulley on it. That with my current 6lb lower is going to be overkill on the stock block. I'm hoping to run 16psi max. I've searched and it appears a 3.5" upper + a 6# lower =...
  18. 03LCalgaryAB

    Mtn bike tire for sale 24" x 3.0 gazza

    Hello, I have a Nokian Gazzaloddi 24" x 3.0" tire for sale. Its pretty much brand new, the rubber nipple things are still on it. Seller shipped me the wrong size. Looking to get $40 (includes paypal fees) and I'll go halfs for shipping. I can try to get pics if anyone is interested. Thanks
  19. 03LCalgaryAB

    Has Eaton ever changed the inlet design? Or is this port work?

    So I purchased a ported blower, but, when comparing the inlet (low pressure) side, there is a point that I haven't seen before. Just wondering if any1 else has this on theirs? Im referring to the crest between the rotors. Thx y'all :beer:
  20. 03LCalgaryAB

    Help with misfire..Trade it or repair it?

    Sup guys and gals, So here is the issue. Our 03 Lincoln Aviator with roughly 120k (km's) has developed a slight misfire on cylinder 6 @ idle and low loads. So after changing spark plugs, fuel filter, injector and swapping COPs its still there. Took it into the stealership and the...
  21. 03LCalgaryAB

    lotsa Pics from the 08 Calgary Auto Show. 56k warning

    Well the autoshow was in town, Snapped a couple pics. Enjoy (Hopefully I haven't posted these yet. I tried last night but can't seem to find them)
  22. 03LCalgaryAB

    Free Cobra R Water Pump. u pay shipping

    I was cleaning out some parts and stumbled upon this water pump. I'm pretty sure its the Cobra R model... I purchased this off ebay a while ago. I have never installed it, but the previous owner has. I have no idea on the mileage or how well it works..Thats why its free. All I ask is for you to...
  23. 03LCalgaryAB

    HOW TO. HID G35 Retrofit

    Hopefully I'm allowed to post here. USE INSTRUCTIONS AT YOUR OWN RISK. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES DONE TO YOURSELF OR YOUR PROPERTY. Supplies Needed. G35 bi-xenon projectors (Cheaper). Or which ever you prefer. : $50+ on ebay Ballasts w/ igniters : $100 on ebay...
  24. 03LCalgaryAB

    HID retrofits are in

    Just though I would share my HID project..I ordered all the parts off ebay and the total came around to $300. You can choose to use ur stock housing and save $100, but I didnt feel it was right to chop up the OEM head lights. The projectors I used from a Infiniti G35 so they have bi-xenon...
  25. 03LCalgaryAB

    ? for those with the LFP SBTB

    Well I just got my LFP TB and CL Plenum. Both look great, but I have a quick question about the SBTB. It appears to have 4 mounting holes for the blade but only 2 of them are used. Is it suppose to be like this? cause if it didnt, it looks pretty air tight. Sorry for the low quality cell...