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  1. ashleyroachclip

    WANTED: Timesert 5400

    I have a repair to a previous spark plug repair , hole now oversize . I would rent andnpay for shipping both ways , and replacment inserts if some one here has this specic kit . Thanks
  2. ashleyroachclip

    Finally running after 3 years

    I had a freeze plug go bad , also caused an overheating / blown head gasket . Took my time , with all the other things that get in the way . Today, I hit the key, and got him fired up . Good day . Still have a handful of things to do , buy it was a great day . Back story , I have owned this...
  3. ashleyroachclip

    Found this while covid surfing

  4. ashleyroachclip

    Focus St ecm replaced

    I will try to make this short . I thi k i know the answer but will ask any way . Daughters car was damaged when car was srruck by a deer at freeway speeds . Left side damage ,they say the ecm needs replaced . Car had a Cobb tune ,unknown any more than that , and she does not have the hand held...
  5. ashleyroachclip

    second generation lightning tounea cover

    This is a soft cover in very good condition. requires no drilling , and can be installed and removed in minutes by one person. I have this listed on roseburg.craigslist.with pictures. I will ship to members with good ratings at your expense. No PayPal , usps money orders or cash. pm me or use...
  6. ashleyroachclip

    misc. GT500 parts

    I found these while surfing my local capitalist. Mustang parts 2005-2010 Hope this works as I have never done this with my kindle before. I will be driving down to check out the splitter for myself ,and can then give any pertinent information as to condition and proceed. These were taken from...
  7. ashleyroachclip

    electrical help needed.

    Vehicle is a 97 f150, problem is no reverse lights and no a/c compressor coming on. Checked the owners manual for fuses, only one and it is for both, in cab fusebox fuse number 5 . fuse is good has power going through both sides of the fuse (test light from ground to the test prongs on top of...
  8. ashleyroachclip

    any members from the edmonton canada area

    I recieved a letter from a friend in California, that spotted a news article from a company in Edmonton looking for workers. The article he forwarded to me states that the economy there is booming, and there is a demand for construction workers as well as many other tradesmen. The article goes...
  9. ashleyroachclip

    need help with 3650

    I have swapped the engine, trans etc into my 91 coupe. I need help with the transmission . The problem is with second gear. I can not shift from 1st to 2nd , nor 3rd to 2nd . With the engine running , I can select 2nd and the car does move , and trans makes no noises. If I try to up shift...
  10. ashleyroachclip

    wtb 3650

    As title states need 3650 fit my 01 cobra must be in good shape not going to break the bank. let me know thank you
  11. ashleyroachclip

    wtb 3650

    As title states need 3650 fit my 01 cobra must be in good shape not going to break the bank
  12. ashleyroachclip

    dark charcoal interior trim code

    I used the interior from an 01 cobra when I did my mod swap. The seats , dash , carpet , center console are all Dark Charcoal . I need to have a couple of damaged parts repaired on the driver seat , and do no have the color code to give to my trim shop . Can any of you please help me ...
  13. ashleyroachclip

    what to look for 1999 V10

    Hey guys , I have done a search here , but as luck would have it I have not found what I was looking for. I am looking at a 1999 Superduty supercab , 4x4 with the V10 and automatic. I have read that there were problems with the spark plugs in early models , so I am prepared for that.. How...
  14. ashleyroachclip

    driver door wiring harness, 01 Cobra

    As stated I need harness for a coupe , with window switches, Don't do pay pal