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  1. HudsonFalcon

    FOR SALE: HID Retrofit Headlights

    For Sale: Morimoto equipped HID Retrofit Headlights with demon eyes and switchbacks. Made by Heads & Tails Custom Headlights out of Ohio. Fits 99-04 Mustangs. Blacked out housings and shrouds. XB35 Ballasts. 35w, 5000k color temp. Demon eyes are RGB and run off a Bluetooth controller using...
  2. HudsonFalcon

    Floor Mats/Canton Radiator Tank

    For Sale: Lloyds Cobra floor mats in gray. Great shape with the drivers side being a little dirty from limited use. Can easily be remedied with a shampooing. $70 Shipped Canton Aluminum Radiator Overflow Tank. SOLD. Shipping is to the lower 48 and is covered by me. I cover the Pay Pal fees...
  3. HudsonFalcon

    AEM Wideband Gauge W/ SVT Logo

    Up for sale is an AEM Wideband Gauge with SVT Logo and vent pod. $150 Shipped and Pay Pal'd (I cover fees). Everything you need to install the gauge is included and pictured. Bosch sensor has only a few hundred miles on it. Works just fine but I have an Interceptor now. AEM Gauge Wiring...
  4. HudsonFalcon

    Parts for Sale

    Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter and Cobra Bob's Shifter Gasket. $100 Shipped and Pay Pal'd. Came with the car when I bought it. Nothing wrong with it just switching it up. Anarchy Motive Atlas Shift Knob with Insert. Again, nothing wrong with it I just can't leave well enough alone and I'm trying...
  5. HudsonFalcon

    Summer Garage Sale (Springs, SOS Pod)

    Up for sale: Eibach Pro kit 3594.140 Lowering Springs for Cobra with irs. Loved these springs and the stance it gave me but due to crappy NY roads I had to raise her up a bit. Progressive Spring Rate with an estimated Drop: Front - 1.0”, Rear - 1.4." No iso's included $175 + shipping...
  6. HudsonFalcon

    WTB: SOS Gauge Pod

    Hey guys, As the title states I'm looking to buy a SOS pillar pod for my Cobra. Pay Pal Ready if the price is right. Thanks!
  7. HudsonFalcon

    2018 Bullitt Possibly Spied

    2018 Bullitt possibly captured in Chicago shooting a commercial. Love the green.
  8. HudsonFalcon

    Removing Dog Smell from Interior

    Traded in my Tacoma for a used Tundra so my twins, and their ridiculously large car seats, have more room. Previous owner must have had his "best friend" with him a lot which I can relate to but it left a rather strong odor in the interior. What products/advice do you guys have, use...
  9. HudsonFalcon

    Ken Burns: The Vietnam War

    Wondering if any of you guys are watching or plan on watching this documentary. It's free with the PBS app on Fire Tv. I'm about halfway through the first episode and I can already tell it's going to be a powerful, gut wrenching and heart breaking series. The interviews, photos, videos and...
  10. HudsonFalcon

    Black Chrome Bumper Inserts

    Up for sale is 2, almost complete, sets of black chrome bumper inserts. Had these on the Cobra for maybe a year. One set came with the "O" bent beyond use so AM sent me another set. One set is brand new minus the "O". The other set is used as seen in the pics. $30 shipped for both. Please add...
  11. HudsonFalcon

    Brand New LFP Polished Intercooler Tank

    Hey Guys. Up for sale is a brand new polished intercooler tank from LFP. Tank was test fit on the car and filled with fluid but has zero miles on it. Winter here in Upstate, NY so the car and the tank has never left the garage. It doesn't fit together with the new JLT full length radiator...
  12. HudsonFalcon

    Mach 460 Tweeter Woes

    Im having an issue with the passenger side tweeter in my Cobra. Im not getting any sound out of it whatsoever. It was an issue when i had the factory HU and it persists after installing an aftermarket Pioneer HU. I tried replacing the tweeter with an OEM unit i purchased off Ebay and ive...
  13. HudsonFalcon

    99-04 Smoked Headlights (Pair)

  14. HudsonFalcon

    Couple (Bad) Hellcat Pics

    Working last night spotting automobile racks in our auto facility when I came across these two sleeping kitties. There was also a lime green Scat-Pack version as well as a gray 392 Hemi I didn't get a pic of as my engineer was getting antsy. Very impressed with all the trim levels of these...
  15. HudsonFalcon

    Just one of those days....

    "When a man driving a truck threw a beer bottle at the passenger door of his beloved Mustang, this young man was probably pretty unhappy. When he was pulled over for speeding a short time later, he likely felt like he was having a pretty unlucky day. But when an uninsured driver of a truck...
  16. HudsonFalcon

    Mac Catback Exhaust

    Up for sale is a used Mac catback exhaust. This exhaust came with the car so I'm not sure the exact mileage. Worked great just a little too loud for me taste so I switched to the Magnaflow. Price is $200 plus shipping. Feel free to post or PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking. From...
  17. HudsonFalcon

    OEM '03 10th Anniversary Rims

  18. HudsonFalcon

    WTB: 03-04 Terminator Coupe Mid-Atlantic States

    Hey Guys, Looking for an 03 or 04 Terminator Coupe under $20k. I'm from Upstate, NY but I'm willing to travel in and around the Mid-Atlantic States to pick it up. I really don't have a color preference I just want it to be clean and well maintained and has to be a coupe. I'd rather buy from...