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  1. Shamwoww88

    ISO: M122 Supercharger

    As the title says, I'm in in search of a M122 blower, for a conversion on my terminator. Really just need the gears, snout and rotors. But I'm open to sourcing other items that may be missing or damaged. Trying to avoid ebay for used parts like this but who knows. Let me know if you have...
  2. Shamwoww88

    A/C compressor issues?

    While idling and the a/c turned on, there is a loud relief of refrigerant/ gas. When it first happened I thought it was coolant and maybe one of my soft lines for the heat exchanger blew out but that's not it. and I've seen no loss of coolant. Hard to tell where exactly its coming from, on top...
  3. Shamwoww88

    Builds with stock Manley rods?

    Just wanted some insight on people who are making some big numbers with the factory Manley rods. I plan on switching to turbo, goal is 1000whp. I'm asking just because there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer in whether they will hold up. And I would like to keep the cost down and try to...
  4. Shamwoww88

    03 Cobra spark plug blowout

    So just like most if the others I found via google. I had one blow out on the highway of course at the beginning of my long drive for my transfer down to VA. Didn't know what had happened, I was just cruising at about 70mph heard a pop and saw smoke. I limped it a mile to a shop, who pulled it...
  5. Shamwoww88

    Painters in Chesapeake/Virginia Beach Area

    I'm officially moving down to the area this week finally, and my termi needs some love. I'd prefer private guys but shop reccomandations are appreciated to. There is damage to my quarter and bumper from a hit and run but other than that the body is pretty straight. Nothing crazy just want the...
  6. Shamwoww88

    03 Cobra smoking on start up

    Hey guys fairly new to the site, just been lurking around since I started shopping for a terminator about a year and a half ago. Brief history on the car, I stumbled upon one that needed some work right before my last deployment. Wasn't really the color I was looking for but I got it for 13k...