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  1. geoffmt

    I need a car cover

    So my dad had a very nice cover he got for his old c6 corvette, very soft black material kinda like my (very) cold weather thermals. Any recommendations or anyone with a leftover to sell after the car sold? It’s an indoor only cover for an 03 cobra. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using the...
  2. geoffmt

    Cleaning out the garage, ported 2v heads, spec 3+ 26spline disc, used ram stage2 26 spline clutch...

    victor jr powder coated upper plenum$100 MHS stage2 Hand ported heads. Was told only 1kmiles. Has Ford GT lifters and followers, and cast chain tensioners $1100 New spec stage 3+ 26 spline, disc only Ram stage 2, 26 spline, used $200 Stock intake, aluminum coolant crossover $100 All prices...
  3. geoffmt

    Used HPP twin turbo 57mm hotside, rebuilt turbos(0miles)$2200 plus shipping and PayPal fees

    Comes with headers, down tubes with 38mm tial wastegates, rebuilt turbos and the exhaust exit(midpipe). Also braided oil pressure feed lines, scavenge pump and original air filters. You will need an intercooler, cold side and a few misc parts Sent from my iPhone using the
  4. geoffmt

    My NRE turbos arrived last night!

    I was installing an HP Performance twin 57mm kit that I bought used. Turbos were not as advertised so I sent them out and had them rebuilt and balanced. I kept running into suspension clearance problems since I have a Maximum Motorsports K member. So I may have made a late night decision after a...
  5. geoffmt

    NRE turbo cars

    Any 99-04 twin turbo mustangs using Nelson Racing mirror image turbos? What size, what engine combo? What power and please show pictures Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  6. geoffmt

    5.0/6.2 questions

    So I am a 2v guy and I watched the budget coyote vs LS video and had a question. Will coyote or gt350 heads work on a truck 6.2? Wondering if it similar to how 4.6 heads are the same as 5.4? It would be nice to see a fair fight and to see a larger CI Ford.
  7. geoffmt

    coolant filling up spark plug holesin a 99 4.6?

    What would cause antifreeze to fill up the spark plug holes 2 back cylinders on the drivers side? my mustang did this (it had new manifold gaskets and proper tq) before the motor came out and I am seeing it on an explorer with same intake 4.6. anyone else have this problem?
  8. geoffmt

    I need a little help, tps for 90mm TB for 99-04 mustang

    Hi All, I am trying to use a 86-93 90mm Accufab throttle body on my tt 4.75 project. does anyone modify or build a tps sensor for the 86-93 to the 99-04 harness? Thanks in advance, Geoff
  9. geoffmt

    What are the differences between the t56 and t56 mag?

    I just bought a TUET1259, its new and hat the bigger output shaft and yoke, we are putting in the 26 spline input shaft in as well. other than that, what are the internal differences? the mag has a 7800 rpm shift point, but I cant fine anything from tremec on shift points of the 1259. Are there...
  10. geoffmt


    Hi All, I am new to this forum so I am introducing myself. I am from Montana, have my 99 gt convertible for several years. started with all the bolt on stuff underhood. did the Baer brake gt kit, 13in rotors all around, have almost all of the maximum motorsports stuff, k member, coil overs...