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  1. 02Toner

    Recommend me an exercise watch :)

    Garmin Instinct is a nice semi smart option I wear a lot. Lasts 2/3 weeks between charges, has heart rate, music controls, ABC functions, weather, stop watch, smart notifications, etc... Plus it's waterproof and so far been able to stand up to some good abuse.
  2. 02Toner

    How old is too old for a tire?

    Right now I'm guilty of running a 2010 date code tire on my SRT Jeep. In my defense the 2nd owner who put these on didn't drive it much and was stored in a climate controlled garage. No rot and they don't flat spot after sitting for a week or longer..... Probably not the smartest idea, oh...
  3. 02Toner

    Lets see those trucks!

    Got some new rubber on the ol’ 6.0. 325/60r20 General Grabber ATX. They ride smooth and look great. Just ordered some Carli coil springs to get rid of the 2.5” coil spacers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New rubber, new look!

    Thanks for the link Bob!
  5. 02Toner

    New rubber, new look!

    @NastyGT500 what are the details on that wheel stand?
  6. 02Toner

    Let's talk grills

    I have a Weber genesis and a Pit Boss pellet smoker. Best of both worlds. Quick propane for burgers or brats, but then the pellet smoker for all of our real BBQ (ribs, butts, STL style pork steaks). Using the pellet smoker almost seems unfair, it's so easy and makes amazing BBQ, set it on 225...
  7. 02Toner

    Does anyone still use a clock radio or traditional alarm clock

    If you use the iPhone stock 'Bedtime' app, located in the factory 'clock' app, you can set a nice slow ascending volume alarm. It was a game changer when my daughter was born and sleeping in our room in her bassinet.
  8. 02Toner

    Fun SUV

    Ya, if you’re looking at WK2’s the 2014+ with the 8 speed are definitely the way to go. The interior is definitely an improvement over the WK1. I just couldn’t justify the price difference. Either way, they are a blast on the street. That 14’ with 62k is a good deal at $31k. The other big...
  9. 02Toner

    Fun SUV

    I just went through this same search. I backed out on the Trailblazer SS after realizing the issues with the transmission and transfer case. They also didn’t age very well in my eyes. I just picked up an 07 Jeep SRT8 with 60k miles and I absolutely love the thing. The 6.1 and NAG 5 speed have...
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    Thank you Zak!
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    Carfax request please: 1J8HR78397C617222 [email protected] Thank you in advance!
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    Lets see those trucks!

    @Roush9703 great taste in trucks, love the variety. Is that 18 RAM an auto? How's the trans in the new HD Cummins trucks? Will it hold up long term to the power you're putting down with a turbo and tune?
  13. 02Toner

    I would like some help..

    Done! Now spill the beans on the Bronco...
  14. 02Toner

    AR here

    Good point @Dip Dungles, if going with 300 blackout I would just build the AR as a "pistol" and use an SB Tactical brace setup instead of a buttstock, and get a 9 to 11 inch barrel.
  15. 02Toner

    AR here

    My best advice is to spend money on the barrel (Ballistic Advantage, Faxon, BCM), BCG (BCM, Toolcraft, FailZero) and trigger (Geissele, Timney, Rise). The receiver set, handgaurd, buffer tube, etc can all be had for good deals at places like PSA, Tom's Tactical, Midway, and Primary Arms...
  16. 02Toner

    Help Choosing a New Bullet Thrower

    CZ P07 with a few Cajun Gun Works trigger upgrades is about as good as it gets in the polymer world. I've only held a Sphinx, never shot one, so I can't compare, great fit and finish though. Never was impressed with the P226. But like @CV355 stated above, a nice 1911 will be my next range toy.
  17. 02Toner

    50....errr...Two Shades of Grey. An Encore Build Thread

    Amazing progress! God I love Mineral Grey.
  18. 02Toner

    Zero Turn Mowers

    I took multiple mowers for demos and test rides just this spring. I landed on a Gravely ZT-HD 60 with the 26hp Kohler for my 5 acres. This mower is a tank, beefy frame, rebuild-able/commercial hyrdros, plenty of power, and a very nicely designed belt tension system. Actually just got back...
  19. 02Toner

    96dreamers never ending build threa

    Great write up! It's been quite the journey that's a fact. Can't wait for you to finish the next step.
  20. 02Toner

    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    That's a lot of gun for the money. Looks like a great entry into the bolt world, make sure to let us know how you like it after you get it out a few times.
  21. 02Toner

    Which AR would buy?

    +1 on Aero Precision and if you have the budget, BCM is top notch. edit: Just make sure to budget in a good optic, iron sights are absolutely no fun to shoot. I highly suggest a good 1-8x scope. They are very versatile and fun in many situations. I personally built my first AR with a bunch...
  22. 02Toner

    What is your daily beater? Do you enjoy it?

    I was lucky to find a 2004 SVT focus that "didn't move". Started fine and went into gear just fine, so I bought it for $900. Once I got it home and up on jack stands, I realized the drivers side CV was exploded. So $100 later she was up and running great. At 185k miles the PO had the entire...
  23. 02Toner

    Acrophobia sufferers need not apply!

    Wow. My hands got sweating watching that from my desk. Crazy/Impressive/Idiotic all in one.
  24. 02Toner

    Anyone own or uses a pellet grill?

    My father in-law has a "Pit Boss" and we love it. It's crazy simple to use and it seriously takes effort to mess anything up. Perfectly juicy steaks or ribs or pork. It is literally a set and forget type of thing. It regulates everything for you. Plus with this Pit Boss you can open up the...
  25. 02Toner

    New bike pics... something different

    Great looking bike! I loved my XB12r, regret I ever sold it.