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  1. mustangvsix

    Which mustangs are currently at their lowest value/best deal

    The 07-09 Gt500s are trading mid 20’s. A steal for a straight line platform car with easy potential.
  2. mustangvsix

    Gun Safes

    I converted a linen closet with gallow tech modular panels. I went down the safe route but ultimately wasn't as concerned about theft as i was keeping my kids away and putting the guns out of sight. Using their product you can pack a shit ton of guns into a small space and have it be very...
  3. mustangvsix

    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    Thats purrrrty. Curious how well it conceals with that full size grip.
  4. mustangvsix

    Anxiety and Panic Attacks

    Find a psychiatric/mental health doc to talk to. My wife couldn't sleep, near pass out while driving type anxiety over mortality and life and such. Helped her a lot and was able to avoid meds.
  5. mustangvsix

    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    A little xmas present to myself, built a 2nd upper and upgraded the lower. 20” .223 wylde bull barrel 1/8 twist, larue 2 stage trigger, Heavy buffer, and a Vortex 4-16x50mm. Hope to get her dialed in a week or two at the range.
  6. mustangvsix

    2014 Viper on BC Forged Wheels

    Absolutely love those cars!
  7. mustangvsix

    My life is changing

    Congrats. No one knows what they are doing. You will learn as you go and it really is not as hard as you think. Wait till you add number 2...
  8. mustangvsix

    My 2020 Shelby GT500 video and review!

    I spent all morning watching reviews and drooling. Thanks for sharing your perspective. An absolute monster of a car that delivers from start to finish from the sounds of it.
  9. mustangvsix

    HOT ONES, anyone follow?

    I love that show. Skip some celebs but overall enjoy it.
  10. mustangvsix

    My GT40 Build

    Subbin for a badass build.
  11. mustangvsix

    Hit By Lightning......almost

    I was outside once under a patio roof when lighting struck in our yard probably 20-30 feet away. It was raining out and the temp change was distinct as was the shattering of every rain drop. Very distinct memory for me.
  12. mustangvsix

    Pro-commuter? My budget 5sp swapped Crown Vic

    Something bout that shifter just says fun. Nice work!
  13. mustangvsix

    Vote which photo I should choose!

    3rd from bottom
  14. mustangvsix

    List the cars you've owned - It doesn't matter if you still have them or not....

    2000 Mustang 2001 Mustang Cobra Vert 1993 Jeep YJ 2008 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2014 F150 FX4 Ecoboost 2003 Mustang Cobra 2013 F150 Raptor
  15. mustangvsix

    Are Terminators worth it?

    I drove a 00 v6 coupe as a daily for 3 years an 01 cobra vert as a daily for 8 years and had an 03 coupe as a weekend toy for 3 years. Great cars to own, mustang guy forever but after a decade in that cockpit I was done. I think the 03/04 cars are certainly worth owning to have the experience...
  16. mustangvsix

    Do you like vacationing on cruise ships?

    I love them. Wife and I are doing my 4th and her 2nd next year. I enjoy the fact that I have no responsibility on the boat and only have to decide ‘do I want a drink with that’.
  17. mustangvsix

    When's Your Day Start?

    God some of you all are up early. Up at 615, kids out of the house by 7 with the wife, online by 715 (work from home) off by 515, drink beer ;)
  18. mustangvsix

    New TV time

    I have two samsung 65 inch 8 series TVs. Absolutely the best. Go stare at best buys giant wall of tvs. Blacks and contrast make and break your Tv experience. I wasnt sure on the extra coin for an 8 series vs 6 till i saw it in person. Swipe that credit card. Lol.
  19. mustangvsix

    Back in another 5.0

    Exact car I would get. Love it!!
  20. mustangvsix

    Hellcat Replacement: SVT Raptor

    Nice choice! I swapped my 03 cobra for my 13 screw raptor and love it. A beast of a family car with major cool factor.
  21. mustangvsix

    Comparing cost of home ownership

    Home: 330k Property tax: 2800 Insurance: 660/yr Water: 120/mo Trash: $20/mo Gas/electric: 120/mo
  22. mustangvsix

    So my buddy raced a ugr TT Lamborghini in his nth moto viper

    God my face hurts from here. Cars scoot along dam good!
  23. mustangvsix

    New show coming, Tacoma FD

    Omg looks hilarious.
  24. mustangvsix

    Nice job jeep!

    God dang what a great commercial!