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    health insurance

    Does anyone have a health insurance plan that lets you control where you go to get care? The last two times I needed to get care, I could have gone to the orthopedic center and had my surgery done with less headache and at a much lower cost. Insurance wouldn't pay for their care facility and...
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    build or sell

    I've always wanted a saleen s-351, but I always knew I'd pay a huge premium and never keep it stock anyway. Last year I decided to build one instead. I had a black 95 gts as my second mustang and always miss that car. When I started my search, a laser red 95 gts with 90k miles popped up and I...
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    Which wheels for a 95 laser red

    Does anyone have pics of these wheels on a laser red sn95? SVE Mustang Series 3 Wheel Kit -18x9/10 - Satin Bronze (94-04) SVE Mustang Series 2 Wheel Kit - 18x9/10 - Satin Bronze (94-04)
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    This is the ugliest ford ever

    I saw one of these yesterday, I couldn't believe how ugly it was in person. Ford, you suck for producing this gay ass shit.
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    douchebag got served justice last night

    You know how there are areas in your town where two lane merge to one and everyone tries to speed around you and cut you off? Last night we were at one of these spots, and there was just us and one other truck on the road. He had all day for a couple of miles to get over either in front or...
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    Do you think insurance is a scam

    I didn't want to derail the other thread anymore, so let's discuss it here. Here is my take on it. I've known several insurance brokers over the years and they all are living in expensive homes. I believe every bit of insurance is one big scam and we would all be better of self insuring...
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    Broke my toe tonight

    So I came home from work and took a shower. When I got out of the shower, I went to the bed room to put on some clothes. I didn't turn the lights on and my wife left a square flower pot in the hall, and I jammed my little toe into it, and my toe went side ways. She hasn't made it home yet and...
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    Is anyone else completely pissed off that Photo****et has destroyed 20 years of automotive information. Damn near every how thread I read, that is over a couple years old, is now missing all the pictures. I understand it is a private business, but when you offer free hosting for pics, you...
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    9 mph over ticket on insurance driving record

    I just got my insurance renewal and my insurance just about doubled. Here in Georgia, tickets 14mph and under were never went on your mvr. About a year ago my wife got a ticket for 9mph over in South Carolina. The officer showed us where we could mail it and it was a $70 ticket. Obviously we...
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    Best place to sell car parts

    I have had some parts for sale for a while on a couple of forums and on Facebook groups. I have them priced about half price of new. They don't seem to generate any interest. I'm guessing either enough people have been burned on used forum parts that they buy new or people just are modding...
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    Contractors and project managers in here

    I'm having a bit of a problem in my area, and I am wondering if this is nations wide and what is the solution. The problem is not just finding quality subs, but finding any sub to do drywall and roofing. Roofing is kind of messed up right now because of the damage from the recent hurricane...
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    Home A/C pros in here

    I am having a problem with my heating and air. It will not switch between heat and air without flipping the breakers. When I switch it from heat to cool or vice versu, the fan will come on, but It will not heat or cool until I turn the breakers off and let the unit reset. My unit is a lennox...
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    what to do for the next year or two of my life

    I just quit a job 2.5 years ago because I didn't get a raise for 7 years. I summed that up to the economy. I was planning on going in business for myself, but I got a job offer that passed on an opportunity that I couldn't pass up as long as I stayed for 2 years. I have been eligible for my...
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    anyone know how to change colors in windows 10

    I am having a hard time figuring out how to change the color for my slide bar and the top of my internet page? Right now it is a very light beige color that is so close to white that I can't ever find my slide bar. It is extremely annoying. I can changed the taskbar colors, but it doesn't...
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    truck electrical problem

    I think my truck is about to start having an electrical issue. It is an 02 f250. The power windows and radio do not work when the truck first cranks up sometimes. Then about 30 seconds later it will work. They never quit working after they start so I don't think it's a short. Any ideas on...
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    My mortgage was sold to a scumbag lender

    My mortgage was recently sold to Nation Star Mortgage. I received a welcome letter and that was it. I get my first call from them telling me I need to pay my bill before it was even due. I informed the rep that I had not received a bill and he told me that is ok, I have 60 days to make my...
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    Dog wisperers needed

    I got a new pup a couple weeks ago. She rides with me everywhere I go. I do a lot of driving for work. I started out making her ride in the passenger seat, but she would shake, foam at the mouth, and puke. I started letting her ride in my lap because she was much calmer. Now she sleeps in...
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    A/V guys

    My tv where I normally watch finally crapped out on me (bulb burned out again). I have a brand new tv in my living room that I never watch because I have been too lazy. Now I need it to work. I have everything wired into a cabinet in another room. I need either a wireless remote or an...
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    Ever have one of those weekends

    I bought a 87 fox coupe a couple months ago. I really just bought it to put some suspension on and to some HPDE with it. It started with new motor mounts. I lifted the motor, and when I set it back down coolant started leaking from what looked to be the outside of the head gasket. I go to...
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    Silver 04 lightning in GA

    I'm selling my 04 Lightning with 83k miles. It is mostly stock. The only mods are, K&N cold air, Bassani exhaust, Predator tuner, 2" lowering shackles, and Centerline billet wheels. This lightning was my daily driver up until last year. I took a job where I needed a truck I could use for...
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    Are there any jag officers on here

    If anyone on here is jag, I could really use some guidance. My wife is military and I am not, so I don't know a lot about military justice or how it works or who to even contact.
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    mobile homes investment

    My friend lives out in the country on a 3 acre piece of land. It has the modular house he lives in and it has 2 more water and electric hookups on the property. He wants to move from there. He said if I bought two more trailers and put them on his property we would also rent out his home and...
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    Going rate for a costruction project manager

    I have been working for myself for the last year. I got a call today from a architect/ general contractor, and he is trying to hire me. He got my name from the electrician that subs from me, my painter also subs from him. Both of them vouch for him as a real standup good guy. I wouldn't even...
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    Which one will be the easier sell

    I'm buying a f250 so one of my vehicles have to go. Which one do you guys think will be the easier sale. My silver 04 lightning has 81k miles and mods are cold air, bassani catback, predator tuner, and centerline billet wheels. I am thinking it is worth around $14k. My wife's stock...
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    Bikers who quit riding then stated again

    I sold my Ninja 636 about 4 years ago because I got tired of having a sore back after riding. Last fall I started getting the bug to get another bike. I brushed it off for winter, but as soon as spring got here, I got the bug again. I find myself searching classifieds all the time. Anyone...