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    Toxic Masculinity

    Gentlemen, Don’t forget to get you and your sons a nice sized dose every day...

    SIG P320 - Good thing he wasn’t AIWB.


    Young Chaps, DON’T let this be you...


    Active Shooter Lackland AFB

    Let’s see how this one develops...

    2A Idiots


    What American Needs...

    Dark cup of coffee.


    Yup yup

    Street Racing Action

    In an effort to combat the heavy influx of faggotry that has hit the street racing community as of late. With all this digital diarrhea being put out on the Tube, full of gays selfie recording, blabbing about themselves and trying to propel to stardom while disguised as part of the street racing...

    Demon VS GT500 and Redeye VS GT500

    Crate Demon (sans wheels and tires) VS. “worlds fastest” bolt on / e85 500. Stock Redeye (sans tires) VS, Stock GT500 (sans tires)
  10. ZYBORG

    2020 500 already broken?

    Found this gem... have at it boys!
  11. ZYBORG

    Feel good pictures / videos

    Post them up!
  12. ZYBORG

    C8 Corvette making potential GT500 buyers rethink their options

    In this video, well known Stang tooner extraordinaire discusses some data that is hurting the feels of many...
  13. ZYBORG

    That guy from Friends can fight!

    Oldie but goodie...
  14. ZYBORG

    Can I haz a complaint form? Plz

    Saw this video tonight and was absolutely disgusted. Very scary.
  15. ZYBORG

    Must have been the good stuff... I can only imagine the level of the high, to rip your own eyeballs out.... Savage. Must have been the good stuff!
  16. ZYBORG

    Didn't know the Hellcat boys were such pussy cats

    Since I am a huge fan of the Hellcat cars, figured I'd join the site. Everything seemed to be going well for the couple of months of my stay, until the below thread happened: I was not aware that people could get offended by such...
  17. ZYBORG

    14' GT500 vs C7 Z06 Auto

    Was out cruising with my lady, when I noticed an auto C7 Z06 roaring by me. I knew it was on. We got on the highway, waited for our 2 lanes to clear and go straight. I honked it and off we went... After the run, I slowed down and waited for him to catch up so that we could maybe run again or...
  18. ZYBORG

    KB 03 Cobra vs 14 Shelby

    Went to a couple of car meets with a buddy and some of his friends. Did a couple of runs against his new KB 03. We did a 20 roll (neither of us had traction)... Then did a 50 roll. He is still getting used to the car. My 14' is basically stock, sans the new air filter. His is a 2.8 KB with...
  19. ZYBORG

    14' GT500 vs Cammed C6 LS3 Corvette

    After a long hiatus, decided to get together with a buddy who has a real nice and mean C6 LS3 vette. GT500 is bone stock. Vette is BTR4 cammed/bolt on. We did a 50ish - 140+ish roll...
  20. ZYBORG

    Full desktop view on mobil phone / iphone

    Any idea on when we will be able to have full desktop view on mobile devices / iphones? Sick and tired of not having full view, nor being able to see pictures (most of the time). Have to refresh the page 4-5 times to maybe get to see some pictures.
  21. ZYBORG

    2013-2014 Intercooler Pump question

    Hello gentlemen, While looking over my 14', I happened to notice that the IC reservoir/degas bottle did not have much "movement" of fluid/coolant (with car started). As far as I knew, when opening the reservoir and looking inside, one should see quite a bit of movement, like a little mini...
  22. ZYBORG

    14' 5.0 vs 14' camaro SS 1LE

    With the current "squabble" with the ol' lady, I was able to get away and go cruising for a bruising... Ran into a guy with a 14' M6 5.0. Was able to get a couple of runs with shit traffic, but we made it work. I did some small changes since last time I ran the car. Seems to be a little...
  23. ZYBORG

    11 Mustang GT vs 14 Camaro SS 1LE vs 15 Mustang GT

    Met up with some car guys and had a couple of runs. 14 Camaro SS 1LE: LTs, Ported TB, CAI, tune. 15 Mustang GT: X-pipe, Straight-pipe Axleback, CAI, tune. 11 Mustang GT: Boss Intake Manifold, X-pipe, Catback, CAI, Drag Pack, tune. c-SNgCxjHgU
  24. ZYBORG

    14 Camaro SS 1LE vs 15 Mustang GT PP

    Went to a meet, agreed on a couple of runs with a 15 5.0 guy... 5.0: CAI, tune. SS: LTs, CAI, ported TB, tune. We did a 35ish roll, then a 55ish and finally another 35ish.. Sorry for the poor quality, two black cars, middle of the night, yeah quality sucks... xYbHzqzGzkE