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  1. X3FBrian

    WANTED: Kmj or js alternator

    I run a J2 300 amp alt for my 04 car with twin 440s and tons of electrical draw. Works great. Was like $650 shipped though. Also upgrade your battery too, I run a XS Power D3400.
  2. X3FBrian

    Someone school me on expansion tanks

    My intercooler fluid is cold too, to the blower, but I have a big tank, high flow pump, and some fans that are on full blast all the time. My IAT's were 60* on the way home, 70 mph in 50* outside temps help hold that temp. I recently did all these cooling changes a few months back so sometimes...
  3. X3FBrian

    Someone school me on expansion tanks

    Ok so as the car gets warm, like on a hot day, the air expands into the tank forcing the coolant down in its place into the cooling system. So that coolant being COLD is normal? Thank you so much, peace of mind.
  4. X3FBrian

    Someone educate me on expansion tanks

    double post somehow. Apologies
  5. X3FBrian

    Someone school me on expansion tanks

    I'm kind of confused here about the expansion tank on my car. I just drove it an hour home (50 degrees out, interstate ride home) and I got home, checked all my fluids like I do from time to time. I opened the expansion tank cap, and the coolant in the tank is COLD. Does the fluid not...
  6. X3FBrian

    Knocking under the car when slowly releasing clutch pedal?

    Hey, we fixed my buddies car. It was a bolt that ran from the drivers to the passenger side, into a bracket that bolts to the rear end. There's two bolts that run from the passenger to the drivers side, that bolt the diff and the bracket together, then the other bolt. The other bolt, had a...
  7. X3FBrian

    Knocking under the car when slowly releasing clutch pedal?

    Where are these bolts? Got a pic of them? I need to check them on my car too
  8. X3FBrian

    Knocking under the car when slowly releasing clutch pedal?

    Cheers folks, I am trying to help a friend solve an issue. He has an 03 cobra, stock t56, some bolt ons, IRS car, nothing wild. The issue is, when you're in first, and at a stop, when you let out of the pedal to get moving there is a loud, almost hammer slapping the bottom of the car, noise...
  9. X3FBrian

    FOR SALE: 18" AFS 03 Cobra wheels (New Offset)

    Hey folks, these are sold. Thanks to those interested.
  10. X3FBrian

    FOR SALE: 18" AFS 03 Cobra wheels (New Offset)

    I can ship. I have 2 of them boxed up already, 2 of them will need boxes and some packaging. I have no clue what shipping rates are these days for wheels however. I would guess in the 200-250 range. I rarely check these boards, I'll shoot you a msg with my # if you're serious, if not just...
  11. X3FBrian

    FOR SALE: 18" AFS 03 Cobra wheels (New Offset)

    NO TIRES!! I have a set of 18" AFS 03 cobra wheels, they were purchased July 2023, have about 200 miles on them. There is one very small scratch on the back wheel that is pictured, it's hard to see. These wheels have OEM SVT center caps. I have $2300 in these wheels (Center caps were $100)...
  12. X3FBrian

    FOR SALE: Amber tail light

    PM sent. I rarely check these boards anymore.
  13. X3FBrian

    FOR SALE: Misc Terminator Parts - New H&R Race Springs— MM CC Plates, OEM shift knob w/ 9500 miles, 2022 AFS Reps w/ Nitto’s NT-01 w/ 100-150 miles - Houston, T

    He was talking about the exhaust, but yes this is the way to ship the wheels with cardboard on the face and wrap the hell out of them.
  14. X3FBrian

    WANTED: OEM shift knob

    I just purchased one to replace my stock one from LMR, it looks identical. I have my OEM one but it isn't perfect, 80k miles on the knob.
  15. X3FBrian

    Let's see those rear shots.

    I want to see some rear shots, post em up! (I know my tires are bald, I got 335's installed earlier today)
  16. X3FBrian

    Help me find these tail lights

  17. X3FBrian

    So I got my custom tag finally

  18. X3FBrian

    TMI seat replacement covers?

    Anyone have these or know of anyone who does? For only $350 I would be game at the vinyl/microsuede black center covers. Just wondering what they look like compared to the stock seats. I have graphite...
  19. X3FBrian

    Lost lug key

    What's the steps to get a lug key (Stock 03 Ford key). I have CCW's and don't want to take a chance at beating a socket onto them. I'm going to take the lugs off and toss them in the trash.
  20. X3FBrian

    Yet another dyno video

    Haven't had my car on the dyno in a few years. 2.76 upper, JLT short ram and bassani x pipe and 3" catback. Made 445 and 428.
  21. X3FBrian

    Exhaust porn

    So I decided to finally get a catback. I went with the 3" bassani SS catback with 4" slash cut tips. I had the pipes ceramic coated because **** polishing my exhaust and maintaining that. Turned out well! Midpipe is a Bassani Xpipe, no cats. And here is a short sound clip...
  22. X3FBrian

    WOT Box guys

    I hate shifting into a wall. I need some personal reviews. How hard was the install? What delay do you have it set to?
  23. X3FBrian

    License plate frame

    So my license plate is rubbing the paint on my car and I want to hide that, I can't for the life of me find an acceptable license plate frame. Please post yours and where you got it. I searched for this and got a bunch of old results with nothing but dead links.